Kegco K309SS-1 Keg Dispenser Review

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Easy to install 5.0 
Temperature Control 4.8 
Noise level 4.7 
Easy to assemble 4.6 
  • Supports deep chill function.
  • Offers extra space.
  • Dispenser is liable to get break.

Kegco K309SS-1 Keg Dispenser Product Description

It is impossible to satisfy some beer lovers by supplying them with large-capacity cans. Some beer lovers require a kegerator in order to enjoy their favorite beverage. With this black stainless steel digital beer keg cooler from Kegco, you’ll be able to serve your guest’s beer to their hearts’ content while earning your bartender bragging rights. The Kegco kegerator can hold one full-sized keg, as well as up to three homebrew kegs with Cornelius ball locking systems. The unit is mounted on caster wheels with reflective surfaces to blend with any decor. KegBrix has two spouts, a drip chamber, and chrome guardrails so it will look nice at cookouts and sports nights, and it will also be the perfect option for homebrewers.

  • There is an empty container of 5 lb. in the dispenser kit. We have an aluminum co2 tank, a dual gauge regulator, and ball lock keg components.
  • Three home brew kegs can be stored in the interior that is spacious, or it can also be used as a fermentation chamber or as a kitchen refrigerator.
  • It allows you to quickly cool down your keg's interior temperature using deep chill technology.
  • Push-button controls provide easy access to an LCD display of temperature.
  • This kegerator offers an impressive temperature range that is among the coldest of its kind.

Questions & Answers

The size of the refrigerator varies. It is more like a mini-fridge with hook-ups. If you can fit a keg and it inside, then yes. Still, i'm not too sure a 10 would go with it. I'd suggest two 5s. In all honesty, I have emptied at least 8 kegs and still have not changed my 5 lb.
It does come off when the guard rail is removed.
The answer is yes.
There is a beer line of 3/16" and a gas line of 1/2". The Beverage Factory Customer Support team thanks you.

Selected User Reviews For Kegco K309SS-1 Keg Dispenser

Putting it together is easy peasy! I enjoyed my overall experience very much! My garage was the appropriate place for the kegerator to be delivered by a local delivery company (5/5)

It was a straightforward and straightforward process to set up the system. At my local Airgas store, I was also able to purchase a red Kegco CO2 tank. Every hose, clamp, and piece of hardware necessary for hooking up the lines were provided. I went to Macadoodles and picked up a quarter barrel of Modelo Especial and had cold beer flowing in 5 minutes after the keg was set in the machine. I adjusted the CO2 according to the video at Kegco's site, and all was well! You might need a few cold beers. For those in the market for a kegerator, I highly recommend this model.

Jada Ferguson - 07/07/2021
There's nothing more beautiful in the office than a kegerator (4/5)

From The Beverage Factory, I purchased this in January 2015 and had a great experience - the product was great, and the service was outstanding. As soon as my review is complete, I'll review them too! An excellent addition to the office or the home, this kegerator will keep drink cold for hours. It comes with everything you need to get started, except the keg, so I bought it for the office. No matter what temperature you set it to (it displays temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit), it keeps it that way. It is very easy to keep clean because of the drip tray. While it is dishwasher safe, I usually just run it under the sink for a few seconds and occasionally scrub it with some dish soap. The beer is too good to wash dishes when there is so much fun There is only one thing I would change about this set - the wheels would need to be larger and more robust. On the little wheels of a kegerator, moving a full keg is probably asking for trouble, but we had to move the beast from one side of our office to the other and sadly, one of the wheels snapped Even though we only needed one new wheel, The Beverage Factory was gracious enough to send a set of four new caster wheels, after they apologized. The keg has since been moved around a few times and no issues have arisen (although the keg isn't full yet). Can you imagine a beer cup with foam in it? I hate it when buzz kills! The following are some tips I learned from using this program to reduce foam Foam can be caused by a variety of factors. The general rule is that most beer is best served at 40 F with 1 to 12 oz of alcohol The amount of CO2 is 10 pounds. Basically every time you pour your first beer (or first beer in about an hour or two), it's going to be foamy, so either pour one and let the foam settle while you pour another, or dump it into a Make sure your beer cup is tilted as sharply as you can without spilling any beer, and you'll end up with a perfectly poured drink that has almost no You can see an example of the angle to be used in the attached photo of my coworker pouring. The office will be in awe of how well you pour with this if it is in the office. *br>*br>We have gone through three kegs in the last three months, and company morale has been on the rise ever since we bought it. I would definitely recommend it.

Bruce Wall - 07/06/2021
The whole experience has been disappointing (2/5)

Despite the fact that it claims to be stainless steel, only the door is made of that material. In addition to the unit, there are some plastic pieces. When the unit arrived, it was missing instructions on how to set it up. "Here you go!" just to give you a heads up. We wish you the best of Now that we have your money, you will have to handle it on your own! In the past, I asked if the unit could be used with a nitrogen gas, and I was told that it works perfectly with a nitrogen gas. No, it is not! To have the valve of the CO2 cylinder replaced with a nitrogen valve, I have to take the tank to a cylinder shop. Due to its ability to stay cold, it gets 2 stars. Nevertheless, I have only had it for less than a week, so I guess it's a matter of time before we find out if it works.

Alexia Donahue - 28/06/2021
A temperature readout (5/5)

I can see which temperature I have selected in the display I'd like to see the actual temperature displayed. There is a lot of head on every pour I make, and I have no idea why or how to solve the problem.

Kyle Montoya - 03/03/2021
There are some beers that use European taps, such as Heineken, but the most common is American The handle is not shown in the picture (5/5)

This device has everything you need except a keg (you may use a keg up to and including a half barrel) and a gas tank charge. Even at 32 degrees F, this beer keeps its freshness. We have a cold beer dispensing machine. Of course it is.

Oaklynn Oneal - 14/06/2021
Returning to work (3/5)

The refrigerator is quiet and great. Regulators posed a problem. It was replaced by the replacement sent by the company, so that was great. The replacement is also not working properly. Hope to replace my old upgrade with a new one. I didn't want any problems in the future. There was no desire on the part of the company to do so. Taking the boxing field for a.

Kinsley Garza - 15/06/2021
I like this Kegerator a lot (5/5)

Despite living in Texas, the kegerator can often be found in the garage without any air conditioning. The beer stays cold for a long time in this kegerator. All the way up to the tower section it I would highly recommend this product. It is easy to reset the temperature back down before having a party, but there is an issue with kegerators going back to their default settings, which is 41 F. Not a big deal since you can easily reset it back down, but you.

Sierra Alexander - 15/06/2021
Beer dispenser of the highest quality (5/5)

An older, less expensive model has been replaced by this one. Despite its quietness, the room is extremely warm. Several of the components are of high quality, like the pressure regulator. It is nice to be able to adjust the temperature from the lamp (no more pulling out the old one from the wall to adjust it). You can designate a temperature for the beer so it cools exactly to that amount. use any type of tall keg, KegWorks' Keg Coupler Elbow - also comes with a coupler adapter The bore is 3/8" and the angle is 90 degrees.

Bryan Herring - 06/01/2021