Kanars Everest Whiskey Glasses Review

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Score By Feature Based on 22 ratings

Durability 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Value for money 4.3 
Easy to hold 4.2 
Giftable 4.2 
Comfort 3.5 
  • Thick walls provide excellent grip.
  • Durable and heavy; dishwasher safe.
  • Can be a bit heavy.

Kanars Everest Whiskey Glasses Product Description

Although these are funky and stylish glasses, they aren’t novelty frames. Featuring a wide diameter and lead-free crystal construction, these wide-mouthed glasses are perfect for enjoying the nose of whiskey-and their heavyweight and contoured shape make them an ideal party favor.A whiskey drinking glass is a perfect gift. Our whiskey glasses come with a presentation box that makes them a great gift. They are an amazing value and a delightful gift for any celebration. These whiskey drinking glasses come in a beautiful presentation box which makes them appealing as gifts, which makes them perfect for all occasions, be they birthdays, Christmas, weddings, or festivals.

  • The whiskey glasses are made from crystal that is lead-free and ultra clear giving them maximum brilliance and clarity. Each glass weighs one ounce. This item weighs 16 pounds (530 grams). It feels nice to carry and has a nice.
  • Our oversized rocks glasses have thick walls and heavy bases, and are not designed for people with small hands. We only offer large rocks glasses for enthusiasts who enjoy large glasses. More than 2 can be stored on it. Spheres of ice 5 inches in diameter.
  • These stunning old fashioned scotch glasses have a unique design, are elegant and gorgeous, have grooves and are slightly oval in shape to help to keep them from falling.
  • We offer whiskey glasses in a gift box that make them an ideal gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, or festivals. These glasses make excellent gifts for holiday and festival season.
  • WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFIACTION - Our brand values are Quality, Trust and Integrity, Customer satisfaction has always been our number-one priority, and we guarantee absolutely 100% satisfaction with all of our products. Our 30 days money back and free replacement policy with professional after-sales service is guaranteed.

Questions & Answers

Greetings and thank you very much for your interest in KANARS Whiskey decanters and glasses. It is expected that Amazon will start selling the Everest decanter at the end of May.
You asked a great question. Thank you. 17 ounces is the capacity of each Everest whiskey glass. I wish you all the best.
Inside base is flat with a slight dip in the center.
Glasses inside diameter of this KANARS Everest Whiskey Glasses Set is 3 inches. Three inches on either side of the middle and 11" on either side. At the top, it has a diameter of 19", so it can hold two laptops. In each one is an ice ball that measures 5".

Selected User Reviews For Kanars Everest Whiskey Glasses

This is the Manly Glassware brand (5/5)

This is a gift I bought for my son for Christmas - It is legal. One who enjoys drinking Scotch. His favorite features of the glass are its size, weight, and overall appearance. It is notable that each glass has a thick "molding line" running down both sides. It really looks like a flaw at first glance and is very noticeable. It greatly affects the aesthetics of the glass for me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. It really affects the aesthetics of the glass for me.

Zoe Roy - 16/06/2021
This is one of the best glasses available They are great for whiskey as well as other stronger alcoholic beverages As well as whiskey (and whiskey), bourbon, and some of the finer rums in my collection, I also use them for wine (5/5)

I really like how they fit my hand perfectly and how heavy they feel. They have a quality feel to them that I like. I have ordered two more sets as I am so pleased with the product. Although they are not the cheapest whiskey glasses on the market, I would go so far as to say they are the best, and we use them quite frequently at home.

Matias Rangel - 10/06/2021
This is an imperfect but still beautiful pair of glasses (3/5)

You feel like they're made of metal and are quite heavy (substantial). The pictures are generally in good condition, but they have some minor imperfections. There are only a few things that we found. Some of the foot rests are not perfectly flat on the bottom, so they shift back and forth a little bit. In one case, there was a significant amount of glass left on the bottom, which caused it to rock In some cases, the glass has tiny bubbles inside. Our overall impression is that the glasses are great. However, if you are a perfectionist, you might want to consider He is similar to what I am The know ahead of time there are some things they aren't good at.

Ashlynn SANDERSON - 16/04/2021
Gift-worthy - Ideal for any occasion I hope this is something you'd appreciate as well! In addition to this glass set, I bought a decanter as a gift for a colleague (5/5)

It was a hot commodity at the party and by the end of the night everyone was after it. It is one of those things that almost anyone would like to receive, even you The glasses look great, and I think I might get them myself It was packaged well and arrived in one piece when I ordered it, which is unusual for me to order/ship glassware.

Oakleigh Chandler - 05/04/2021
I did not expect the quality to be so bad (1/5)

This product was bought based on the photos, which offered an indication of quality and durability. Arriving at the address and having them unpacked, the glasses appear to be clunky. The finish looks like it is seamed together, and the shape of the glasses is more oval than circular. The presentation was not impressive. I think Kanars is a good company, but these products don't quite measure up.

Asher Lin - 21/02/2021
There is no shine on the seam (4/5)

It surprised me with its weight and durability (at such a low price). A very strong and heavy object. The seam is the only visible part of the semi gripe. It's almost like two halves were put together and polished a bit. However, I have no regrets I just wanted to give future buyers a heads up in case they have higher standards than mine.

Reid Barton - 27/07/2021
I really like these glasses - Persons having difficulty holding regular glasses should consider buying a pair of special Because my husband is affected by Parkinson's and cannot grasp smooth glasses, I purchased these for him (5/5)

It is amazing how good these glasses are. Their beauty, thickness, and unusualness make them a very desirable item. My next purchase will be of this product.

Hank Berger - 13/04/2021
There is a need for a large hand (5/5)

Your fingers fit into grooves on the glass due to the way it is designed. A slippage does not occur. In spite of the fact that my hands aren't that large, I have fairly thick fingers - The ring is size 8 only thin bands are available. Besides the look, I like the feel of it as well.

Payton GODFREY - 28/07/2021