KAF Home Pantry Flamingo Kitchen Dish Towel Review

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Score By Feature Based on 32 ratings

Giftable 4.4 
Value for money 4.2 
Durability 4.0 
Absorbency 3.8 
Wrinkle-free 3.5 
  • 100% cotton.
  • Aesthetic wise.
  • Thin fabric.
  • Not well aborbent.

KAF Home Pantry Flamingo Kitchen Dish Towel Product Description

This towel doesn’t have as much absorption power as other towels, but it looks excellent as a decorative item. Besides using the towels as ornaments, you can also give them as gifts.

  • - a 100% cotton fabric.
  • This is an essential product.
  • There are four towels included in this set including a Flamingo print towel and three yarn dyed towels.
  • A few minutes of washing / drying may cause minimal shrinkage on each towel, which is 18 x 28" in size unwashed.
  • is sewed with a convenient loop so it can be conveniently hung up.
  • available all year round, so this Kitchen Dish Towel Set of 4 is ideal for your own kitchen or for housewarming gifts.
  • The cotton is made in India, and it is 100% cotton. Put like colors in a tub of cold water put a warm dryer on them.

Questions & Answers

- a 100% cotton fabric.

Selected User Reviews For KAF Home Pantry Flamingo Kitchen Dish Towel

The quality of the product is not as high as it should be This was a disappointing purchase for me (2/5)

While they came in the package looking like the photos, when they were pulled apart, two of the towels did not match in size, and one of the towels was so misshaped that one side is longer than the other Loosely folded, it appears unbalanced. Moreover, I did wash them once and followed the instructions on the label to "T," and they have already shrunk a considerable amount. It would have been nice to have some fun towels, but I won't be purchasing anything There is very little absorbency to them.

Ayan Potts - 21/04/2021
Those are some cute dish towels (5/5)

When it comes to finding a "Flamingo" dish towel, I am really picky. The set came with four dish towels, three of them matching this one. The purchase I made is perfect for me.

Boston THOMSON - 07/06/2021
Adding this to my kitchen was a great decision (5/5)

This is a great set of towels! Although the reviews said they weren't usable towels, I don't mind by the fact that they are not as absorbent as other towels I have, since they do a great job and they're I like the bright colors and how they look in the picture.

Jeremy Lindsey - 20/07/2021
The sun is shining brightly this morning! I love the vibrant colors of the flamingo! Rather than use it for functionality, I use it for decoration (5/5)

I really like it and find it exactly what I need.

Nadia McNeil - 01/01/2021
This kitchen towel is fine (5/5)

I like it a lot. The results I've received thus far meet my expectations. They cleaned up fine after being washed and dried.

Cesar COLES - 13/01/2021
I like it (5/5)

This was made to give to my granddaughter who just moved into her.

Rose Rodgers - 11/02/2021
That's pretty decent (4/5)

The only use I have for these is as decor. As they are only for looks, that makes sense, even though they are relatively thin.

Aurelia Fields - 17/01/2021
There are a lot of these, and they look lovely (5/5)

The towels are excellent quality, and there are many cute designs included. Originally purchased as part of a gift package, but would like some myself as well.

Trace Boyer - 07/06/2021