Juvale Tropical Hawaiian Wood Cocktail Picks Review

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  • It is big in size and has a lovely appearance.
  • Well-constructed.
  • Excellent quality.
  • High price.

Juvale Tropical Hawaiian Wood Cocktail Picks Product Description

You can grab them easily and store small pieces of food, like fruit slices or sausage bits, in them. To discard them, simply put them in the trash after usage. Cocktail pick set with 120 durable wooden picks and pineapple top includes a large selection of cocktail picks perfect for large gatherings. Featuring a lightweight and a tiny pineapple to help you grip the stick, the Swizzle Sticks are a great addition to any party. Whether you’re staying in for a tropical happy hour or an afternoon celebration, these are impressive options.

  • With wooden toothpicks, you can easily pick them up with a convenient pineapple shape for holding them.
  • They can be used for a variety of events such as buffets, cocktails, dinners, or even a tropical or Hawaiian theme party.
  • Quality Each pick is lightweight and shaped like a pineapple for a grip that will not go away. The smooth wooden surface makes it easy to remove the food.
  • Disposable wooden toothpicks make cleanup easy The wooden toothpicks are made of wood to provide comfort and support.
  • It's the Perfect Size Each toothpick measures 5mm in diameter. A 5 x 0 is equal to Putting 16 x 0 together gives 16. The width of six.

Selected User Reviews For Juvale Tropical Hawaiian Wood Cocktail Picks

What a cutie! My favorite little picks of all time! My initial expectations for the size of the dolls were not met, which actually turned out to be a positive (5/5)

I love how cute and sturdy they are For tropical parties, this is a great purchase. Never hesitate - it's the right thing to do It will be worth it if you get It's so cute that the ends have the pineapples on them!.

Alonzo Golden - 27/05/2021
THESE COCKTAIL STICKS ARE TOO CUTE! These are adorable and I'm in love with all things pineapple (5/5)

The bracelets arrived in good shape, on time, and I am 100% satisfied. We can't wait to put them to use at a party. In addition to their use for craft projects, the wood could also be used to create a stained glass window.

Hazel Washington - 05/05/2021
The quality of the product is superb (5/5)

There is nothing better than a good quality product like these. It was a lot cheaper than the cheaper looking ones, so I was skeptical about it!.

Yamileth Massey - 26/02/2021
The cocktail you're most likely to find on the cocktail menu is not your average! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the goods! Picks of this quality are great to use (5/5)

This is a nice enough mini skewer that can be used as a fruit skewer.

Camilla Gill - 13/01/2021
I give this a 5 out of 5 (5/5)

I was extremely pleased with the product and service. I received my order within 24 hours.

Kace Salas - 29/06/2021
It is surprising how good it is (5/5)

I thought these would be great for a tiki party An event themed around a particular theme. It's sturdy, looks great, and it works well. As swizzle sticks in cocktails as well as as appetizers, they held up well.

Jeremy Morton - 14/06/2021
You did a great job! I was surprised at how well they were A mob of kids around the age of four kept looking at them without losing a single (5/5)


Zoe Winters - 24/01/2021
The results were beyond The compliments are coming in thick and fast (5/5)

You have done a terrific job with these This is a nice product.

London Herring - 20/02/2021