JoyJolt Stella Lead Free Crystal Highball Glasses Barware Collins Tumbler Review

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Light weight 4.7 
Easy to hold 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
Durability 3.7 
Sturdiness 3.7 
  • Awesome content capacity.
  • Comes in a box and can be gifted.
  • People have received damaged box.

JoyJolt Stella Lead Free Crystal Highball Glasses Barware Collins Tumbler Product Description

The elegant elegance of our crystal barware will enhance the taste of your drinks. With its classic design, this piece is great for the home, the bar, or the kitchen, and it is equally adept at entertaining as well. These brilliant tumbler glasses boast brilliant clarity, heavy sham bottom, and a sleek silhouette that are sure to make a statement displayed in your home. As pleasing to hold as they are to look at, these glass kitchenwares are sure to delight! Glass cups have a cylindrical shape that makes them easy to grasp, and their lightweight construction lets you hold them for extended periods of time without ever feeling the need to rest your hands.

  • We provide our customers with an exquisite collection of crystal barware that will elevate their drinks to the highest level. It is well suited for everyday use as well as entertaining, and so it is a classic option for any home, bar or kitchen.
  • Style - With their brilliant clarity, heavy sham bottom, and sleek silhouette, these exceptional tumbler glasses are sure to make a statement on any kitchen shelf.
  • It is an absolute pleasure to hold these comfortable kitchen glasses as well as to look at them! Because of the cylindrical shape, they are easy to hold and their light construction allows you to hold the glass cup for prolonged periods of time without any fatigue being felt in your hands or wrists.
  • This set of glasses are perfect for serving drinks and are dishwasher safe. They don't get scratched like glass and won't cloud like other plastic glasses. It takes quite a bit less time and effort to remove water spots and make them shine than to polish glass endlessly.
  • The best part is that their gift can be given as a gift to family and friends, give them as a housewarming gift, or invest in them for yourself and enjoy them in your home right away! This beautiful gift box makes it the perfect gift.

Questions & Answers

seller has provided the wrong information to the buyer. This glass came from China, not the United States. On the bottom of the box, it states clearly that it is made in China.
Approximately 6 inches high by 2 inches wide, JoyJolt Stella glasses have a diameter of 2 inches The depth is 3/8 of an inch.
Hi, they are lying flat.
Hi, I want to know the size of the outside diameter. It is 2 inches. It has a straight line up and down of 5 inches.

Selected User Reviews For JoyJolt Stella Lead Free Crystal Highball Glasses Barware Collins Tumbler

It never occurred to me that glassware could feel amazing simply by When I ordered this beautiful glassware, I had no idea what I was getting (5/5)

My only reason for ordering them was because I liked the style. What a great idea! It's hard to describe how amazed I was when they The stability of their balance is a result of their desire to stand up. In this case, the sides are extremely thin and the bottom is extremely thick. When you bump them against something or drop ice cubes into them, you can hear the quality. The sound of them rings like a bell, as does that of It had never occurred to me to consider how a glass might feel in my hand before I bought Simply picking one of these up will let you know they are high quality and different. There is a comfort factor that can be hard to explain. This heavier base makes these feel more upright and effortless to hold because they want to be upright. Additionally, they are very clear and beautiful to look at. Although I understand this review may seem harsh and over the top, I assure you I am not one of those fake reviewers. It would be nice to be able to prove that somehow. In any case, if you like the design, don't hesitate to order! Whether you like them or not, they can be returned if you don't like them, but I bet none of you will do so. The only thing I wish is they made them larger for every day use so they could hold more weight. They are available for order. It will be a pleasure getting to know.

Abdullah Petty - 05/06/2021
A very stylish pair of A very stylish pair of In the past, I was a bit hesitant to buy glasses online (5/5)

I am quite picky when it comes to tableware, and I truly appreciate good glass craftsmanship (I dislike glasses with a thin circle on the top). I love these beautiful glasses, they look like they cost a fortune. They are thin, lightweight, but seem to be Furthermore, they are very easy to hold and are of the perfect width. I bought two other sets after I received the first one because I figured they could be used in a variety of situations.

Hunter Valenzuela - 21/03/2021
The design is good and the weight is good (5/5)

I have never owned a set of Highball Glasses before. Despite their classy appearance and heft, these bags have ample capacity and a nice shape. Moreover, they are packaged in a sturdy box and each pair of glasses is individually wrapped. We are very satisfied with our purchase.

Bonnie Hood - 14/07/2021
I love it because it is light and very pretty (5/5)

I liked the shape and the colour of these glasses, but they were nothing fancy (which was what I wanted). As a parent with children who would use these glasses, I was nervous when I first removed them from the packaging. The glass feels very thin and I was nervous about breaking it. Yet I have not had an accident since they have been with me since last week. We put them in the dishwasher every night and have not experienced any issues. We have also placed them in the sink w/other dishes and there have been no incidents. Their work has been very satisfactory to me.

Kiaan DAVISON - 03/02/2021
I really like these glasses! They are tall and slim, giving you the impression of luxury (5/5)

They are made of crystal and are nice. However, when this last part is being said, they should be handled carefully in order not to break them. It's a great addition to my kitchen cabinet and I would recommend it.

Stefan Reed - 28/05/2021
It is a very elegant Great glasses! I love them so much! (5/5)


Dilan Cantu - 20/05/2021
Are there any high school basketball players out there? Glasses with a nice look (5/5)

My hands feel great when I hold them, especially when they're This was purchased specifically for a favorite cocktail of mine.

Porter Blake - 21/07/2021
Purchases should not be made (1/5)

The quality of the film is lackluster. It took only 3 weeks for all of them to break. Save your money and do not waste it. They were bought in early May and by mid-June could no longer be used because of general wear and tear. The glass is chipped, cracked, and broken. This is an extremely fragile and poor quality product. I am not usually one to write reviews. There are so many bad things going on here, that I feel I must.

Gage Roach - 28/01/2021