JoyJolt shot glasses Review

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Easy to clean 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Leak proof 4.8 
Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
  • A traditional heavy-sham design.
  • Suitable for use by the pool or in the garden.
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher.
  • N/A

JoyJolt shot glasses Product Description

There is no doubt that slamming the glass down is one of the most satisfying parts of taking a shot. The JoyJolt shot glasses are designed for just that. They feature an extra-thick base that protects against breakage and reduces spills-these are nearly unbreakable glasses. In addition to feeling and looking stylish, the sophisticated design is also sturdy to hold in your hand. The square shot glasses also contain a 2-ounce capacity, making them ideal for measuring out alcoholic beverages. These glasses cannot be stacked, so you will need to take note if you need to save space. Each glass measures 1.75 by 2.5 inches and can be placed in the dishwasher.

  • The heavy-sham design on this heavy sham makes it an essential bar accessory.
  • When breakage is a concern, you can use it at the poolside or outdoors.
  • Featuring 2 oz capacity double shot glasses that are clear and ideal for vodka, tequila, cordial, coffee liqueur, and cordials.
  • The dishwashing machine is safe to use.
  • Six shot glasses are included in this set.

Questions & Answers

A set of 6 glasses comes packaged in a box with dimensions of 6 x 4 x 3. An average shot glass measures 1 inch tall by 1 inch wide. The sum of 5 x 2 is 8. There are 5 X 1 in this equation.
It is 2 Oz in size and filled to the brim.
There is some truth in the idea that you could stack 2 glasses, but as others have pointed out, they would not fit together and it would be hard to keep the glassed from sliding when stacked. While we wouldn't stack them, the packaging is very compact (space saving) so we store them in stacked boxes (6 per box) in the cupboard. Not the prettiest or most convenient view, but space saving, clean and don't get dusty. The likelihood of being able to survive earthquakes.
You are welcome to ask this question. A deceiving seller makes it appear as if it is from the U.S..

Selected User Reviews For JoyJolt shot glasses

issues with this glass shot glass, simply a well-made, well-designed product (5/5)

As for the few others who have reported to me having received damaged products, I believe they cannot understand as the well-made and sturdy shot glasses (with solid thickness and no flaws or chips) did arrive intact, as they were packed securely and nicely. They were packaged in a container that kept them secure and isolated during shipping. There may have been a "quality control issue" in the past, however, this is no longer the case, so my position is to encourage you to consider buying this item if this is what you are looking for, as I am a very satisfied customer.

Alonzo Fox - 11/03/2021
These shot glasses are so cool! There's just something I love about My favorite thing about this type of ring is its unique shape (5/5)

I have had round shaped ring before but I really like this one. Their appearance is a little more sophisticated. Additionally, this deal was a good one for this price. The movie is well worth the money. Because there are 6 shot glasses in this pack, I always have enough shot glasses for when my crew comes over, as I only had 3 shot glasses in my house previously.

Barrett Castro - 15/06/2021
I needed these for what I needed (5/5)

I needed them for a specific purpose, and they are perfect! These are being customized for a 21st birthday gift. I wanted them to be sturdy, but still look nice to give as the gift. The seller also contacted me to ensure that everything went well and to see if anything needed to be fixed, which is why I wrote In my book, customer service that is friendly and attentive, combined with a quality product, always gets 5 stars!.

Keenan Short - 11/03/2021
The glasses are designed nicely, and they are of high quality (5/5)

I would recommend this seller to anyone! Buying these was part of a birthday gift for my 21-year-old daughter. I liked these shot glasses a lot! They were different from the usual This design weighs a lot and is distinctive. It will look classy and add an element of elegance to any party, even if it is a small one. This is an extremely high-end product. There was a problem with one of the glasses being chipped (they are glass, it happens) and the seller contacted me promptly to resolve the issue! This was an excellent purchase! The seller and product were fantastic! I will be purchasing more as I have more requests and orders for Please accept my sincere thanks.

Kailey Maddox - 19/05/2021
A pair of shot glasses (5/5)

My collection is now complete with these wonderful pieces. Parties and rounds of shots will be a lot of fun with this one.

Lena Moon - 25/04/2021
It is exactly what I wanted (5/5)

Very nice work. There's just something I love about I could not have found a better match for my needs. My reaction to them when I first saw them online was not exciting but I was thrilled once I got them. This design falls much more in love with the hand than in the mage. The patterns in them also have a subtle design that gives them a bit of They would definitely become a regular purchase for me.

Santiago Pennington - 31/01/2021
It is a misrepresentation of size! There should have been a little more height to these (1/5)

The truth is that you have to pour until you reach the top of the glass to get 2 oz of content in them. As long as you don't plan on spilling your drink, plan on short pours. I won't be buying.

Raymond Jacobson - 04/06/2021
This is exactly how it is Shot glasses that fit the description and are a great value for the price (5/5)

A nice, thick piece of It's the perfect shape to customize.

Elliott Frederick - 31/01/2021