JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 5.0 
Giftable 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.6 
  • Sleek and sturdy.
  • ideally weighted.
  • Common look.

JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses Product Description

Introducing our new set of 2 stemless cocktail glasses that offer the most innovative alternatives to the classic cocktail glass. Decorative and edgy, this stunning glass has a heavy base and rounded bottom that will make any drink look stunning. Crystal is a fine material that gives these home accessories a delicate, elegant touch. Cosmos cool cocktail glasses are made with crystal, a durable and fine option. Margarita glasses made from these sturdy bases would last a very long time and ensure comfort when drinking. An elegant and thoughtful housewarming or wedding gift, this Martini glass drink set is sure to be a hit. You can surprise your favorite couple with stemless cocktail glasses they can use for the next family get-together.

  • DESIGN INNOVATION Our amazing set of 2 stemless martini glasses are a unique alternative to the classic cocktail glass. In addition to the rounded bottom design and heavy base, this glass adds an element of elegance to any drink.
  • COSMOS COOL COFFEE GLASSES These stylish cocktail glasses are made of crystal, a durable and elegant material that gives these home accessories an air of elegance. ensures that these margarita glasses are long lasting and reliable due to its quality and durability.
  • UPFRONT GLASSES A family of eight lenses. Using a crystal cocktail glass of 5 ounces is ideal for all types of drinks. You can serve any type of fancy drink that you like with these crystal glasses, whether it's a classic martini, Manhattan, or margarita pitcher. You can also serve a crazy cosmopolitan with these crystal glasses.
  • This martini glass gift set portrays a unique and thoughtful gift that goes with any occasion, including housewarmings and weddings.
  • STABILITY IMPROVED The Big Martini Glasses feature stemless bases and a wide, round base that makes it more stable. The cocktail set can be washed in the dishwasher, saving you energy and time.

Questions & Answers

Neither I nor the etching are familiar with it. Despite that. These glasses are perfect! We are very pleased with them! The best of the best!

Selected User Reviews For JoyJolt Cosmos Collection Martini Glasses

This martini glass feels good in the hand (5/5)

For a stylish, functional martini-glass It was impossible for me to come up with a better style of glass. In addition to being made of crystal, it has a sturdy bottom with a "ridge" that is not only visually pleasing but also Tips are less likely to be given. The size of a drink is good for an average size. Certainly you may be willing to pay more. The product reflects quiet, good taste. I will order more in the near future.

Zachary Mendez - 16/04/2021
It's a great product, and I ordered The first set I ordered was a very similar set of 4 joy jolts from you, but one that was less expensive and slightly lower quality (5/5)

I thought we'd benefit more from upgrading to the Cosmos Crystal. The answer is yes! As a result, we are returning the Set of 4 and ordering three additional sets of It was only a concern that the 2 pack came in a puffed envelope but everything else was fine.

Willa Krueger - 05/05/2021
I like it a lot!! The stemless glass is the perfect size to serve martinis and cosmos! Despite being simple yet elegant, they have a lot of personality The colors will coordinate with both modern and classic decor Serving ware traditionally used for appetizers or dinner (5/5)

I have a good feeling in my.

Ishaan O'Brien - 23/02/2021
A sturdy and classy bag (5/5)

The one thing I wanted for my husband's cocktail glass was to be sturdy and classy at the same time. Designed to hold drinks "on the rocks", this glass is nicely weighted and is easy to hold. Even though I think it's ok to put it in the dishwasher, I Slotted racks designed for under counters cannot be installed on this base.

Kara Barber - 10/01/2021
The Cosmo Glasses are awesome (5/5)

Two of these cosmo glasses have been purchased by me. Several friends received a pair of these shoes as a Christmas gift last year. It was such a pleasant surprise to discover that they loved them so much I had to buy It's a very good looking, stylish and sturdy bag, the perfect size, and very comfortable you can hold it comfortably. The Christmas presents I'll give this year will probably be more.

Savanna Good - 06/01/2021
Linda @ Joy Jolt (5/5)

A new update I am delighted with the glasses that arrived today - they're amazing. It has been a pleasure working with In an e-mail I received, I received an invitation to a party In fact, I didn't receive my martini glasses despite an email from "Lisa" indicating I had received my order.

Jovie Moses - 02/08/2021
design, but it has a machine made look to it (4/5)

It wouldn't have been an unreasonable expectation for the price I paid to receive a slightly more refined look and better-quality I am not at all dissatisfied with this product. The frozen martinis can be used immediately after being prepared. This worked well for me.

Oakley Rosales - 22/02/2021
It is hard not to be impressed by these glasses (5/5)

It would be nice to have martini glasses which would not This is a deep, stemless pool. The designs are stunning, the heavy bottoms are great, and the quality is excellent. It is hard not to be impressed by these glasses.

King Callahan - 04/05/2021