JoyJolt Carre Square Bourbon Glasses Review

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  • Manually designed.
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher.
  • Costlier.

Selected User Reviews For JoyJolt Carre Square Bourbon Glasses

The liquor I like to drink is brown, and the glasses I like to wear are The square cups would be unusual for me and I wanted to enjoy my Scotch in that Neither I nor anyone knows why this is happening (5/5)

It was exactly what I needed. I'd appreciate it if you would not They were nowhere to be found. My daughter turned 16 and I took her to Great Britain for her Harrod's was on our list to visit while in London. In Harrods, the cost of 2 Triple A batteries was 28 American dollars. On the way out, I went to their crystal section. I knew it wouldn't be cheap, but I was willing to pay for the outcome I desired. Square is the furthest thing from the truth. Square glasses may not seem 'usual', but I moved to a new place and now THIS MUST be there. As soon as I moved into the new apartment, I decided to fix my bar equipment. A square glass was found on Amazon when I searched. I was surprised to find JoyJolt had exactly what I was looking for. Besides the great price, it's well worth it. They were acceptable in my opinion, so I ordered them. It turns out that they are better than I anticipated. It feels like a piece of crystal ware in the hand, and it is heavy in the hand. It's wonderful how the base is positioned off-center and also the shape of the bowl A center is created from the actual Making it much more interesting to drink from. In my old age, I am wearing a lot of clothes. It's not cool to be me. As far as hipness goes, I don't care. It is true that I know what I enjoy. Quality and style are both important to me. It's not flashy or cool or anything like that. Any bar that offers simple, unsophisticated drinks such as scotch, bourbon, whiskey, rye, or any other such beverage will enjoy these extremely well. I wanted to let you know that I have a note to make It tastes great in these tumblers when you drink a 25 year old Macallan. I just thought you should know this.

Kade Haynes - 08/05/2021
They are heavy, but only come in 2 boxes (5/5)

There are some impressive glasses here that can be used with a wide variety of distilled spirits, or anything else you'd like to swig from them. When I grasp them, I feel like a suspect in a "Clue"-type mystery they are heavy I know I'm going to lose my life when I catch one There was a man in the kitchen with a Scotch glass while it was Mr. Grey. I swear, these things feel heavy enough to bludgeon someone's skull with if they were to use them You can just attach a bow or ribbon to the box and put the label on it when giving them as a gift instead of wrapping paper. The box is sturdy and attractive enough that you don't require wrapping paper. I only have a gripe regarding the quantity. You only get two It was a few hours before a "spend money to save money" day, maybe prime day? So I was pretty buzzed on tequila when I ordered these. It was Cyber Thursday, or was it something different? Do you have any idea what cyber Thursday is? The Thursday of the actual sale day when you realize you only have two Scotch glasses and not four because you were too drunk to order properly because you were too drunk on tequila during the actual sale. I mean, That's right, it's You will have plenty of opportunities to use the glasses drinking with your attorney and working on the defense case, then drinking yourself to sleep, because crying yourself to sleep is better than drinking yourself to The darkness has really picked up. *br>*br>As an aside, I would not give these as a gift to anyone intent on minimalism In order to understand these glasses, you must understand two completely opposite In addition, these are probably not the most appropriate choice if you plan on drinking with a pot dealer down the street, he is just 14 years old Make sure you have a paper cup with a dram or two in it so that you can take advantage of the Day Drunk Discount, and stop pouring that little grape juice It's like he's drinking rubbing alcohol, because he's smoking like a chimney, taste buds blown. . . You could mix rubbing alcohol with iced tea and he wouldn't even When he is tipsy, buy the QP from him, but pay him for a quarter, and moan about how expensive and rare it is, and make up some Glenn LeMach sounding name single malt aged 70 years old. Nonetheless, I thought I was in the middle of something? Scotch gasses, yes, I remember. It's nice, you should buy it. *br>*br>TLDR If I tell you one really embarrassing story about you that you never wanted anyone to know, you should totally listen.

Melina Palmer - 08/03/2021
This is cool but hard to do (4/5)

Glasses like these are cool, but actually it is difficult to drink from the square shape. I was also surprised that after only three uses, one of the bottles suddenly cracked for no reason, was in my hands, and empty (luckily). There is no doubt that asymmetrical glass can still have residual Here's the update I was glad that Joy Jolt responded promptly to my complaint and sent a new set of replacement glasses along with an extra gift even after the return window had The glasses are some of the coolest I have ever seen and my whiskey ice cubes fit on top of them perfectly. My hope is that the cracking was simply a result of a bad batch. They are extremely heavy and feel amazing in the hand. In the opinion of my wife, they are just fine to drink from.

Karson Aguirre - 20/01/2021
I am very happy with the Gifts like this are often given as gifts (5/5)

Arrived on time and I liked the look and feel of the product. I thought it was cool, different, and entertaining. As a result of giving these glasses as a gift, I got a thank you call today about how the gift was loved and how fun the design was. Buying from this company was a great experience, and I would buy from them again.

Dalary Dominguez - 17/03/2021
We had a problem with one of the glasses, but your customer service was even better (4/5)

These glasses are stunningly beautiful, but we had a problem After unpacking, we rinsed them off and promptly put a bit of clear ice in them as well as pour a sip of single malt. A crack appeared in one of them and it began leaking immediately. As a result, I am paying the seller a credit card credit as follows The company responded right away and offered to replace the glasses, indicating that this must have been from a defective batch of glasses. The seller is willing to fix any issues, so while I cannot give them 5 stars due to the defect, I still feel that ordering them is worth it due to the way they look and feel and the fact that they are heavy in the hand. *br>*br>Final Our replacement glasses arrived (during a short period of time) and they are stunning. The bottles function as well as they should (we tested them with ice and water of varying temperatures).

Parker MISTRY - 28/04/2021
I love it (5/5)

I love it. I like the weight of it. It fits well in my hand.

Rory Proctor - 08/07/2021
I am in love with These are so cool -I will keep them, but they would make an awesome classy gift as well (5/5)


Melina Vaughn - 05/05/2021