JoyJolt Carre 2-Piece Cocktail Glasses Review

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Durability 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Comfort 4.7 
  • Designed by experts.
  • Solid built.
  • Attractive look.
  • Extra-weighted.

JoyJolt Carre 2-Piece Cocktail Glasses Product Description

In the Carre Collection, JoyJolt offers an expertly designed, aesthetically pleasing collection that is timeless and unique. The Carre Collection features a number of masterfully crafted items, carefully encased in elegantly embossed boxes that are carefully crafted with an elegant and stylish design. Artisan products in this collection are distinguished by their square bases made with iron or brass, and asymmetrical design that matches the heavy materials used. In short, Carre Collection pieces are in a class of their own and will undoubtedly raise the standards of all occasions they are placed in.

  • JoyJolt Carre cocktail glasses feature a square, handmade design with a strong heavy base fashioned from a strong, heavy material that creates an architecturally designed drink that leaves
  • It is sturdy and strong enough for cocktail or martini glasses in cosmopolitan cocktail bars or public areas that might be concerned about breakage.
  • This set of JoyJolt's Carre martini glasses comes ready to be gifted in a beautiful magnetic closure gift box. It would make a great gift for any occasion.
  • Martinis and Cosmo martinis can be served in the 8-ounce capacity as well as cocktails mixed with liqueur and any kind of alcohol.
  • Compared to others, this martini glass does not require dishwashing. We provide a 1-year satisfaction guarantee. If damaged in any way upon arrival, we will send you a replacement set for free.

Questions & Answers

These were given to us as a gift, and we travel with them all of the time. We love to drink martinis and Manhattans, so these go great with that!
At the very base of the glass the part that touches the table measures 1 1/2 inches. At the base where the drinks end it measures 1 3/4 inches, while the top part of the glass measures The glass is so beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold in the hand too. I hope this information helps you decide on this product
It's most certainly worth it, plus they're quite the conversation starter since they are great with martinis, etc. I hope that helps, have a good day!
This product is designed and produced in the United States The product is made

Selected User Reviews For JoyJolt Carre 2-Piece Cocktail Glasses

This is a great glass to have fun with (5/5)

A couple of days ago, I wrote a review that was positive about the design, which was innovative, but that I did not care for the thickness of the glass. In the meantime, I have amended it. It turns out they will be fine with any drink except wine, so I'll just drink wine from a thinner glass. It turns out I don't think they'll mind with a martini, though they should be fine with anything but wine. We have solved the problem. To summarize, I enjoy them very much.

Neil Holmes - 26/06/2021
This is the most beautiful glass I've ever seen (5/5)

A beautiful piece of The glasses are a part of the decor in any home, either as a dining table or cocktail bar. The gift buying will also have to be done now. These are a great purchase that will not disappoint. In addition to looking great, the glasses feel sturdy and not fragile, and can hold just the right amount of drinks. These look so much more expensive than the old ones.

Trinity NAYLOR - 16/01/2021
I like that it has a contemporary, eclectic feel (5/5)

There is a recipe online for a French martini and these were the glasses pictured with it. My first impression was that they looked absolutely gorgeous in the picture and they even looked The way they are packaged is really nice. These would make a wonderful.

Bellamy Wilson - 22/02/2021
Cocktail glass with a stem that is great! I really like the gift - it's very nice It was so great, I ordered more sets to complete it! The heavy base is very heavy There is no risk of these falling There was also a lot of thick glass If clinked together, the glass is not easily shattered (4/5)

In 2 of the 6 I have, there are minor problems with the glass itself. There may be a small bubble here and Although this may not seem like much of an issue, they are much more expensive than your standard set of four The number of glasses is 6. This is not a big Although it warrants a star loss, it is still a deal breaker. These glasses make cocktail looks stunning. All of these will be done on the go A martini glass to you!.

Helen Barton - 13/01/2021
The shape is lovely, the weight is solid, the base is not tippable (4/5)

I love martinis and while I love the classic-style, I also enjoy different kinds of martinis from time to time Because I knew the stemless glass would be more convenient, I chose the shaped ones. This wasn't what I expected I had no idea how great the drink would look in this new glass with a love heart rim. In the corner is a pick laden with baggage! You can stack two of them on your bar cart if you are careful. The glass feels good in your hands, and it is solid in your hands. Best of all, they are nearly impossible to tip This will be especially crucial by the time you reach the second drink of the night! As I have only used and washed in the dishwasher for a week so far, I cannot comment on how it performs over a longer period. The durability of the product over the long term. However, I think the glasses are elegant and I'm sure my cosmopolitan will be pleased I ordered a martini to go with it They will be appreciated by loving guests as well!.

Blair Saunders - 11/05/2021
The first use of the product caused the unit to fall apart (1/5)

This is a very awkward device to hold, and it is made very cheaply. Sadly, I never got a chance to use it once because when I picked it up after filling it with drink number one, the body just detached from the base so I couldn't use it. It doesn't even seem like the glass itself was broken but that something held the two together and gave. -*br>*br>Looks nice, but I can't give it any more than the minimum number of stars considering I never had the chance to use it.

Bennett Lancaster - 10/04/2021
Present your work in a beautiful way (4/5)

It is sturdy. Martini glasses of this style are very elegant. When filled with a drink and garnished, they make for a beautiful presentation when kept in the freezer. As well as the size, I like it. Despite being lightweight, they are robust. My guests find drinking from these difficult and as a result, they receive a four star rating rather than a five star rating. They can drink from the corner, I tell them.

Tru Moss - 24/04/2021
The design is really cool (5/5)

I was intrigued by these glasses when I first saw them advertised, and they are actually even cooler than they appear. As you get used to drinking out of them, you need to get used to getting used to them since they do not easily aid in drinking, but once you get the hang of it, drinking with the corners, you will love them. These Martini glasses are very durable and you can even put them in the dishwasher, which I would never have done with a regular Martini glass.

Bellamy Rose - 19/03/2021