JoyJolt Aqua Vitae Martini Glass Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.9 
Easy to hold 4.8 
  • Durable and sturdy built.
  • Lead free.
  • Quite expensive for a set of two.

JoyJolt Aqua Vitae Martini Glass Product Description

You’ll notice the off-set base of the Aqua Vitae Collection of lowball glasses right away. Each one of them is handcrafted for someone who likes to stand out. We offer four distinct martini glass sets and other glassware to choose from, so you can make a set unique both for you and your significant other.

  • Aqua Vitae Collection, one of the most unique lowball glasses you could ever imagine, comes with an These hand crafted items were made for people who are attracted to unique items. Featuring four distinct martini glasses and a host of other glassware, it's easy to find a unique set that's perfect for you and your loved one.
  • Shook, stirred, or shook up Crystal martinis are the perfect way to say "cheers" to your friends. There's more - all barware is not durable enough for a toast! Each 10-inch octagon glass is 4 inches wide, making it wide enough to rest big ice cubes on the edge if a short mojito is what you like to drink.
  • Due to the diamond sparkle of our polished crystal, these margarita and martini glasses dance under lights, bringing out the party in all kinds of modern and traditional Whatever the flavor or mood of your drink, these crystal alcohol glasses bring out the best of its color and atmosphere.
  • A GREAT DRINK FOR EVERYONE There is 1 fl. oz. in 1 bottle. This stemless martini glass weighs 12 pounds and has a round edge as well as an octagon base, making it easy to hold and comfortable An awkward, slightly offset base with an impressive ‘conversation-starting’ appearance is in keeping with the balance and perfect weight of the chair. This is a perfect instaworthy decoration for the upcoming holiday season.
  • AN UNBOXING EXPERIENCE AS IMPRESSIVE AS THE FIRST SIPP The Aqua Vitae 2 PC Martini Crystal Glass Set comes in a sleek, black box. Magnetic closure makes it easy for you to open the box. The dishwashing safe mugs are a very easy gift to give to anyone who enjoys drinking joy, and they have a 12-month warranty.

Selected User Reviews For JoyJolt Aqua Vitae Martini Glass

Glasses that are absolutely stunning (5/5)

It seems like these glasses are incredibly durable, and they're gorgeous too. I really like the way they display the gin cocktails you make. As of late, I've been using them to store wine, and my aesthetics also match up with them.

Ruby SCHOFIELD - 19/02/2021
I love it (5/5)

My daughter was given this. Her love for them is overwhelming! The gloves fit comfortably on your hand! Presented in a beautiful box! A great gift to give to someone who likes to drink martinis!.

Colt Savage - 04/05/2021
A quality product (5/5)

We were very happy with the quality, look and feel of this product. We will definitely do business with It was so nice to receive the box containing the glasses.

Moshe Parks - 04/01/2021
It's a beautiful set of glasses (5/5)

It was a great package and the glasses were awesome.

Keenan Shepard - 06/02/2021
This cool alternative to stemmed glasses is perfect for summer (5/5)

It's a very cool looking car. It turns out they're much bigger than I imagined.

Otto Farrell - 24/04/2021
Martini glasses that are really cool (5/5)

The style of these glasses is very appealing to me. Despite being so flat on the bottoms, they can stick to smooth top table surfaces, but they are pretty.

Wesley Valdez - 26/04/2021
I am in love with I like that it has a unique design and it is heavy (5/5)


Berkley Parrish - 20/04/2021
Glasses with a great look (5/5)

With a modern design, these glasses are of the highest quality. The fit of the outfit was perfect for me since I wanted something a little different. I think they would make fair gifts as they have a nice case.

Promise Dudley - 22/04/2021