JOLLY Jello 500 Plastic Shot Glasses Review

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Sturdiness 5.0 
Durability 4.9 
  • Can re-used several times.
  • Crystal-clear glass.
  • Fragile.

JOLLY Jello 500 Plastic Shot Glasses Product Description

Jello shot glasses are made of the highest quality thick plastic material that’s fully recyclable and BPA-free, making them safer to use than ordinary shot cups. They are ideal for displaying colorful jello shots, elegant liquors, and delicious food samples. With these double-walled plastic shot cups, you’ll be able to supply your next event with style. Our hard plastic shot cups are durable enough to be refilled and easily cleaned. These plastic tumblers are 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic. You can drop them directly after each use.

  • This jello shot cup is made of sturdy thick plastic that is 100% BPA-free, Eco-friendly, Reusable, and reusable. [500 Pack] Our jello shot cups are better than usual shot cups because they are constructed of durable thick plastic.
  • They're perfect for serving colorful shot glasses, fancy liquor, delicious food samples and more. They're clear and lightweight to allow for easy display. Don't let those mini cups go to waste. Be stylish and provide them at your next event!
  • Disposable & Reusable Our hard plastic shot cups are durable enough to be reused and clean up easily. This plastic tumbler is 100% Eco-friendly and disposable, so you can put it straight into the trash after use.
  • We carry clear shot glasses for all occasions. Whether you are planning a wedding, thank you party, Christmas party, Halloween party, picnic, family reunion, or simply using them every day. For wine tasting, whiskey and tequila shooters, and more, they make great party cups.
  • Every package comes with 500 individual plastic shot cups that can be used for home, for office, or for commercial purposes. If there are still shot cups left, you can put them in a box and save them for future events. may be cleaned and disinfected after each use so it can be used the next time around. You can reuse these jello shot cups again.

Questions & Answers

I wouldn't use a straight edge shot glass with a lid, they wouldn't stay in place.
They're very high-quality shot cups, and they have a really nice design too The plastic is BPA-free and of high quality It's free, non-commercial A toxic substance. You don't have to worry about that.
We use hard plastic to make these plastic cups, which are sturdy and thick , so they are suitable for parties.

Selected User Reviews For JOLLY Jello 500 Plastic Shot Glasses

If you want to reuse them, you can wash them (5/5)

They are made from plastic that is a lot stronger than wood. As they are so well made, I almost feel bad about using them as disposables. They could be washed so they could be Although perhaps not the most environmentally friendly design, this is definitely one of the most stylish ones. Their construction is high-quality and they are incredibly stable.

Marlon Campbell - 11/01/2021
I ordered this for my backyard wedding in Covid 19 (5/5)

It is very nice and looks really great. The products I received were sturdy and worked well!.

Nathanael Huynh - 09/03/2021
Thanks for reading! We used these in our bar for shots of tequila! (5/5)


Chris Suarez - 11/07/2021
It is sturdy (5/5)

This is a solid product! Straight shots are possible with this.

Bianca Savage - 13/02/2021
An excellent value for the money (5/5)

The price is fantastic and the service is great A quality product. I would not describe it as frail at all! During the holidays, I like to make little desserts in these I love how small they are!.

Remy Melendez - 24/04/2021
I found it to be very This is exactly what we need to have a few drinks We wanted something a bit bigger looking and these shot glasses fit the bill (5/5)


Mccoy Lehman - 16/06/2021
Plastic of a thick consistency (5/5)

More of these are definitely on the way!.

Tyler Hughes - 20/03/2021
Having a shot at Okastic Cups (5/5)

However, I have a problem!.

Jaylah REES - 21/04/2021