John Boos Block BBQBD Reversible Chopping Board Review

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Value for money 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Giftable 4.3 
Sturdiness 4.3 
Durability 3.8 
Craftsmanship 3.8 
  • Hard Maple Edge Grain Construction.
  • Reversible.
  • Big size allows using both commercial and home kitchen.
  • Wood cutting boards are not dishwasher safe.
  • Need to apply natural oil minimum twice a month.

John Boos Block BBQBD Reversible Chopping Board Product Description

We design our products to meet the latest standards in commercial kitchens and to exceed the highest levels of quality and food safety. Boards and blocks are crafted from sustainably harvested North American hardwoods that offer a cutting surface that protects fine cutlery against sharp edges. Boos and Co., which was often imitated, has a long history. Decorative Arts are known for their ability to create products that are beautiful, durable, and of high quality.

  • A BLEND OF MAPLE AND WOOD The maple wood design of this cutting board will complement any type of kitchen décor and is perfect for cutting meat, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Features a flat cutting surface and a reversible design.
  • Hand grips are integrated into both ends of the rod.
  • PROTECTION A natural cream finish combined with beeswax sealed the cutting board and protected it from bacterial growth.
  • DO NOT SOAK. To wash, hand wash with a mild soap and warm water. Dimensions (L x W x H) 24 x 18 x 1 inches. The weight is 17 pounds and the height is 5 inches.

Questions & Answers

There is no warranty expressed or implied, other than the 1-year limited warranty A guarantee of one year is provided against defects in materials and workmanship. In addition, the warranty does not cover any damage caused by neglect, such as accidental or intentional damage, exposure to extreme temperatures or humidity, and alteration or abuse of the product. Wood products ordered 'unfinished' do not carry As the others have suggested, you should oil it often if you want to prevent After it has dried to the point of cracking, it begins to crack. Therefore, it must be oiled regularly, but not too often, since that will make the board lose its elasticity.
Yes, the grains run lengthwise, and yes, the longest sides run horizontally.
It is a good idea to choose an American hardwood cutting board over any other.
A board of mine is no longer flat and has split. As far as this board is concerned, I followed everything correctly.

Selected User Reviews For John Boos Block BBQBD Reversible Chopping Board

Be sure to read this before you look at You need to understand there are several responsibilities that come with owning this magnificent addition to your kitchen as an experienced Boos block owner (5/5)

A beautiful new block has been added to my stash! In the past, I owned a Boos block that was well maintained, but then neglected after many The one I had cracked after a while. With this sad experience I can share with you what I have learned both as a good and an eeevil I. *br>1. It is not necessary to purchase their cream or oil, food grade mineral oil is fine, at the end of the day, any type of 1. . 2. It is crucial that you avoid washing with water in the first year (see bullet below), and if you put it in the dishwasher, you will share the same fate as the rest of us. Lastly, 3. You get it when it first arrives Make sure to use your chosen oil or cream regularly. 4. *br Make sure to oil your kitchen every time you clean it. The sixth point. The following may be used When you are done using it, clean it with a scraper and oil it. Water should never be used on this board- scrape off any food particles, seal it, and then get rid of it. Whenever you own this board, do this EVERY TIME for as long as you own it. Oil has been used for generations as a sanitizer and cleaner. Please see below. When using soap and water (hopefully not before the end of year 1), start with a spray of cold water and a small amount of detergent and scrape. Following a thorough rinse, pat the skin dry and oil the surface. Remember, hot water and detergent are intended to remove oil from surfaces As a result, you will need a double or triple dose of treatment after committing the dastardly act. If you think of it as "dehydrating wood and kicking kittens," that is what it is. Your innocent dependable kitchen mate just felt some serious anguish because of the distress you just inflicted. It's deplorable that you're 5! Every month on the 1 year anniversary of the appliance, oil it once, but always clean and scrape it with oil after using it. the third year, it should be oiled once a month or as required.

Darren Case - 12/06/2021
You should be careful when buying It was an 18x12 Maple edge grain cutting board that I bought for my wife, received it very quickly, and appeared to be in good condition (1/5)

I was pleasantly surprised by the board's visual appeal. I read the reviews prior to purchasing, and knowing how much a wooden cutting board's care makes a difference in quality, I am confident that I will not have any issues with buying a Booz blocks item. My mistake was that I used the wrong term. I found a clear gap in the joint along the end of the cutting surface after examining the board. A card stock insert that came with it fit nicely into the gap in the plastic (as shown in the picture). Since I didn't want anything to get into this joint, I turned to the manufacturer for advice on how to properly seal it and prevent liquids from getting inside. I was shocked to receive back what I ordered from the manufacturer. The problem is with Amazon. Take it up with them. *br> *br>That is what you get with this board. I am not confident exchanging would even improve the situation, I think Boos is having quality issues, and they are aware of the problem. A. LATEST UPDATE The joint on the other side has opened up after 2 months. We've never allowed it to come in contact with The machine is oiled almost every day. It is not worth the money to buy these boards. This was a very disappointing experience.

Carmen Walker - 17/06/2021
Don't buy any of the Boos Boards (1/5)

A single time. finally started using this board today and have returned and exchanged it six times. I was hoping to love it, but I haven't even started using it yet. The other 6 times were because I believed it to be a fluke, the other 6 times were because everyone kept claiming that this board was the only good board you will ever need, and the last time was There were either huge dents and cracks on every board, or the surfaces were wrapped so that they did not While it seemed that Amazon was just selling me factory seconds, I found that all the stores in my neighborhood that do carry Boos have similar problems. I am done now. In the store, they do this with their expensive wnd grain boards as well. I asked the associate to take me a few new ones from the back for me to look at, and she did not disappoint me. There were also cracks and dents on 4 of 5 of the new end grain boards we looked at. A store associate reported that recent customer warranty replacements have gone through the store due to a problem with Boos quality. Thanks a bunch! My advice to anyone who wants to try is to not try it! Search for another brand instead of spending time and money on one.

Carmen Sawyer - 31/01/2021
An imperfection is We found what they were trying to hide with ease (1/5)

I had a Boos 24 x 18 x 1 in my possession. I used a Maple 5" cutting board for three years before it cracked. Although I didn't oil it as often as I should have, and I sometimes failed to maintain it as dry as it should be, I figured it was my fault. The Boos cherry board arrived with a gash beneath the manufacturer's flyer, which was under the cellophane covering. I decided to replace it with a new board of the same size. This seemed to be a second part of the series, and they were trying their best to hide the imperfections. This is not what I would expect from a $200+ cutting board. I returned it, which was made very easy (and free) by the Amazon team, and replaced it with a more substantial 24 x 18 x 3 maple edge board. Its thickness is twice that of the Boos board, and its price is actually less than it. Customers have reported that it arrived in perfect condition without corner burns as some of its reviewers had experienced. When we have had a chance to use this board for a while, I will provide a detailed review. By the way, I would recommend using plastic bumpers (e. g. Lowe's, for example, sells Softtouch 3/4" bumpers) on the unused bottom surface of any of these boards to raise them above the counter, as moisture tends to collect and can result in mildew or mold growth. This is something that should not be kept around.

Rivka Pittman - 26/01/2021