JOFUYU Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater Review

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Sturdiness 5.0 
Value for money 5.0 
Easy to use 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
  • High quality stainless steel.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Has a case for easier storage.
  • Very sharp and easy to use.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Very sharp and requires special care when handling.

JOFUYU Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater Product Description

On the market, the JOFUYU lemon zester is one of the best products. With square razor sharp edges and premium 18/8 stainless steel, this knife is corrosion-resistant and will never rust. of the type is that much longer as compared to the traditional type (excluding the handle). Easy to clean, sharp and not easily clogged up, not easily blunted, not easily clogged. This grater has a tough body and a large silicone handle that makes it more safe and effortless to use.

The JOFUYU zester & grater is an important kitchenware item used to cut cheese, lemon, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, chocolate, cinnamon, vegetables, and citrus fruit into tiny pieces. Additionally, it is a great tool for chopping carrots and potatoes for kids’ nutritious meals. There are silicone handles for this tool and it has a modest length of 5.3″. It is easy to control, comfortable in the hand, and so you can even use it with wet or oily hands. It grates the food easily and in a safe way. Using it is extremely simple and easy.

  • One of the best citrus zesters / lemon zesters available on the market is the JOFUYU ZESTER, with a stainless steel blade and a sharp edge. The hands are made with premium 18/8 stainless steel that is never rusty, with square razor sharp edges extensively covered. Ten centimeters or less is the length. It is longer than traditional types by 5" (excluding the handle). The square blade is straightforward and easy to clean, less likely to clog up, more sharp and less likely to be blunted. This grated material has a tough body with large silicone handles which make it more easy and safe to use.
  • ZESTER AND GRATOR - JOFUYU's zester and grater is a versatile kitchen tool, that can be used to create pillows of lemon, ginger, garlic, nutmeg, chocolate, cinnamon, vegetables, Furthermore, it is a great tool for making nutritious meals for kids, including cracking the carrot, crushing the potato, and many other functions that are waiting for you to discover.
  • A non-slip handle has been added to the JOFUYU cheese grater, and measures a modest 5 inches in length. With a diameter of 3", it's easy to grip and easy to control. It's comfortable in your hands, you can even hold it tightly with wet hands. Grate food easily and safely with this food grater. You can save space in your kitchen with the hang hole design for the hang up.
  • GRATERS THAT ARE VERY SHARP AND EASY TO USE We give you nothing but the best gratter. Photochemical etching and a uniformly distributed square blade of our zester provide it with long-term anti-blankness so that it may be used for a long time. The edges are sharp and the honed surfaces are more efficient, requiring less pressure but producing more.
  • A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - JOFUYU Team offers the most complete customer In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with anything about your order, just contact us and we can replace the product or refund your order, with no questions asked.

Questions & Answers

The new Black01 and Black02 products are the same. They are of the same quality and size.
Usually, I find zesters to be a bit touchy however, this one is just right I love how sharp it is and how easily it makes zesting lemons a breeze. When I first started zesting, I had a hard time dealing the only use that I have so far had for it.
That's a given! You should cut a hole in one of the eyes and then tip the bottle upside down to drain all of the liquid. Once you have cracked the coconut open, use the back of a heavy knife as a hammer for further opening. Once you scoop out the lectionary, how you want it to be grated is up to you. Thank you for your help!
Although you need to be very careful while grating garlic, I have managed to do so successfully.

Selected User Reviews For JOFUYU Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater

It lived up to the advertising! A very nice box with an item received in good condition and on time (5/5)

We are very pleased with the product. I use it to zest lemons or to shred parmesan cheese. It works as advertised and is razor sharp. In fact, the size is bigger than I anticipated, but it is ideal for the purpose at hand. By rinsing it under running water, it will effortlessly be washed. This is a highly recommended book!.

Alyssa Bird - 11/07/2021
The best zester I've ever used (5/5)

Cooking and baking are two things I love to do, so I have used many a zester at one time or another. As you can see, it really is a very good zester with an impressive size, broad surface area, reasonable grip, standing on the opposite side so you can lean it over a surface, and sharp little blades to zest easily. I am really.

Emery Washington - 20/04/2021
A brush is included so you can clean it after use (5/5)

Finely grated zest for baking. As it seems I am always zesting lemons, I finally bought a dedicated zester, since the grater I was using wasn't designed for zesting. This comes with a cover and a small cleaning brush, which I am extremely happy about! This is a great way to get all of the little lemon peel out of the tiny zesting holes. All my lemon cakes, pies, and custards are amazing with this tool. It cuts the peels finely and makes quick work of it. Some of the zest, along with some lemon juice I frozen, so I could use it again if I needed to. Understanding that I was able to get more zest than usual, I knew I could use it in the future.

Eve Mack - 02/05/2021
Make sure you pay attention to the dimensions- This did not occur to me (5/5)

The only thing I did not expect was for it to be WAY longer and bigger than I expected (because I did The only thing I'll say is I did not do that), but this really works to quickly and easily remove lemon zest. In a situation where a food processor seems excessive, it will be just as effective as a hand grater when you need to handle a small amount of something. The last couple of months, I've been baking a lot, and I absolutely adore lemon-flavored everything (and I use citrus There is no way that I would know how such an item could disappear (the very thought makes me wonder how it could disappear). This is the one I ordered after I finally gave in. I like how the metal slides smoothly over the surface of the lemon and how light it feels to hold. Because of my chronic arthritis in my hands, it was a literal relief to have something so effortless to use. There is a brush provided with the zester to facilitate cleaning and a cover to protect it from the elements. The reality is, though, that getting it clean really isn't that easy, despite my five-star rating (I would rate it four and a half stars if I could). I did rinse it twice under the tap with a brush while it was still a bit fragile so I ended up using the brush to scrub it, but it still took some work It is best NOT to touch the cutting pieces of metal in order to avoid grating your skin. I am satisfied with my purchase, but at this point I am not sure how long I can use the tool.

Hamza Kelley - 18/06/2021
The new kitchen gadget I bought is great (5/5)

When I use this zester in my cooking, it has been fun. My favorite fresh grated hard cheese is cheddar, and I was getting sick of constantly having to get out my big food processor to grate cheese when I just needed I love its ease of use, not only in terms of preparation, but also in terms of I find the design to be perfect for all my requirements. In addition to oranges, lemons, limes, ginger, garlic, and of course cheese, I have zested several different things. The fine shavings I obtain from this zester are perfect for me. Taking care of clean up is as simple as pie. Using it is very easy, it is very sharp so you don't have to press too hard. I love that I can grate a fine dusting of parmesan right on their plates like they do at a fancy dinner restaurant now, especially during spaghetti night. I love the length, it's sturdy and lightweight, and I think it would be If you know someone who likes to cook, this would make a great gift!.

Ariel Johnson - 11/06/2021
The quality of the product is good and safe (5/5)

In my meal plan I was going to cook a recipe that required 4 lemons to be zested, and I was looking for a zester like this. With a zester, I was able to zest the lemons in less than 5 minutes and clean the tool up easily. Since it is long and has a rubber foot, I was able to place it on a plate while I zested, making it much safer for me to use. There was no pith in the zested product, which was in the form of very thin ribbons. I was very careful to wash the zester with the grain so that I wouldn't get cut when washing by hand. I did not use the brush that comes with it since I washed it immediately. Besides the cover which snaps on and off very easily, it also has a screw-in extension. Buying this was a great decision!.

Ezekiel Levine - 01/04/2021
Taking the first bite is love at first sight (5/5)

I've been putting it off for a long time, so why haven't I picked one up already? The first thing I used it for was zesting a lemon slice. When I make iced tea, I use a lot of lemons, but I buy the peel to use in This tool does the job like magic, despite the fact that it's difficult to zest just a portion of a lemon. The zester I used before could only extract the bitter white bit of the peel, whereas the one I used for this was able to remove much more of the good part of the peel. A short glass of iced tea I'm having tea. A medium-sized slice yielded two-and-a-half times as much zest as I normally get, and with so little effort. I must have missed it for years and years. I wish I'd known about it earlier. An essential item for all kitchens.

Kai Hickman - 04/02/2021
An 18" zester with a 16" handle and an 18" That it is so long surprised me so much! Nevertheless, I consider that to be a positive (4/5)

When it is mounted in a surface, it will be easier to use as it will not have to be held by the user as it is currently. This is a sturdy piece of equipment. To keep it clean or to remove the zest or whatever else you are using it for, it comes with a brush. In spite of the fact that I haven't used it yet, I gave it a 4. It will be updated after I have tried Considering the price along with the good product, I think it's a winning combination.

Ford Saunders - 21/06/2021