Jifar Electric Wine Opener Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Sheerness 4.7 
Flavor 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Super easy to use.
  • Sleek and simple.
  • Comes with a touch assist.
  • Problem in cork.

Jifar Electric Wine Opener Product Description

A touch-screen wine bottle opener is designed for the Jifar wine bottles. This device has a blue battery indicator so you can see the battery status. There is a foil cutter, aerator pourer, and a wine stopper included. When it’s time to charge, the wine opener has a stylish charging dock that keeps up with all the accessories. This device works with 4AA batteries on a single charge and can open up to 80 bottles.

  • Lover's Collection includes everything you need to enhance, preserve, pour, aerate, and enjoy all your favorite red, white, or rosé varieties, including an electronic opener, a wine preserver, aerator pourer, and more.
  • With Simple Tilting the Bottle Opener to 45° will Automatically Remove the Cork. This Touch-Button Opener is made of Stainless Steel and is Capable of Taking Care of Up to 60 Corks. The convenience of a see-through window ensures easy viewing.
  • Designed for any home, this wine opener opens wine with ease, even in tight spaces. Blue LED lighting turns on automatically while the wand is in use, adding a delicate touch of elegance when entertaining. A stylish power dock that conveniently charges gadgets while keeping all your accessories organized and accessible at all times. Also suitable for use in the kitchen, on the counter, in the man cave, in a wine cellar, and when traveling.
  • foil cutter is included in this set of wine openers, and the set comes in an elegant gift box. The gift can be given to wine enthusiasts for any occasion such as birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, wedding, and house warming.
  • The all-new vacuum wine stoppers now let you keep a bottle of wine fresh for up to seven days.

Questions & Answers

In the top window, I have not noticed any residue.
To continue pressing the button, you need to keep pushing it. No automatic one has ever been seen by me.
A bottle can be placed on top of it. As far as I know, I have not attempted anything on a In this device, decanters are replaced with aerators that deliver aerated wine. Serving yourself from the bottle is what you do.
I went to Home Depot when my black lab puppy chewed the replacement tube, thinking that I would purchase some flexible tubing next time. The price and variety there are great (I recommend trying it first). To find True Value Hardware, head to the nearest Tubes like these are commonly used in refrigerators (for water lines). Shop at Home Depot for a variety of tubes.

Selected User Reviews For Jifar Electric Wine Opener

I'm not satisfied (1/5)

I just bought my father a wine aerator for his birthday about a month ago. Last night was the last day to take advantage of this great gift. The full $40 bottle of wine was suddenly all over the cream cabinets and oriental rugs of my parents' residence. There was no one around the pump at the time, and it certainly was not reported. The entire bottle was totally gone by the time we realized what had happened. As a result, my father is not satisfied with me. Following this, we cleaned everything up, and the aerator was still running independently (it was obviously outside of The noise was so loud we had to put it in the garage so we wouldn't have to hear it. Are you having any problems?

*Have you faced If you could send me a replacement so that this won't happen again, that would be wonderful. This issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

Averie Church - 28/01/2021
Fantastic! I am totally blown away! That red wine aerator is pretty to look at! I am totally stoked with it! Everything described about this aerator is true to its description (5/5)

Top 10 lists are best, and it should be included in that list. Without an aerator for my red wines, I had no idea what I was missing. has a wonderful taste that is completely smooth when consumed. I appreciated how easy it was to use this product including the ability to clean it by turning on the faucet while it is running and allowing water to flow through the tube. The sleek, elegant design makes my cheap bottle of wine seem more expensive. In addition, the look is In addition to a manual wine bottle opener, carrying pouch, suction tubes, wine stopper, charger cord, and simple instructions, it also comes with a USB cable. My instructions didn't even need to be followed. I was able to use this unit in a couple minutes after it was fully charged. A second one was purchased as a birthday gift for a friend, and I intend to purchase more from this retailer in the future for birthdays of friends who drink wine. This merchant has my trust, so I will definitely use them.

Luca Strong - 07/03/2021
Make your red wine faster and more powerful (5/5)

Fly to Electric wine aerator that hovers in the sky. In terms of the end outcome, the end results of wine / red in particular were pleasing. It is very well oxygenated, a smooth flavor that is full of aroma. My two thumbs up all day long, I highly recommend this unit if you enjoy red wine as well as the others. Operates very easily and can be cleaned very simply as well. I believe that the money was well spent.

Macy Horton - 14/04/2021
You are in for a lot of frustration! I am greatly offended (2/5)

I greatly offended. There are only a few instructions provided, such as connecting the tubes to the aerator. It makes sense. I do not know where it is. You don't have to tell me The reason for having two tubes is not the reason for having two The procedure involves one tube only (and as you probably guessed). Even though it says 'connect the tubes' (plural) and not 'tube' (singular), I have no idea what the other one is for. We stuck in only one tube (the ends are different, but it is not mentioned). Those that seem to fit barely meet those standards. There is not even a quarter of the tube in. Our first test was to clean it with water. This worked, so we tried it out again with sand. It's because of this that I did not give it a 1 It is rated as five stars. By the way, I'm a graduate-level technology professional and no male adult in my office could figure it out either. As a result of his frustration, he gave up. Think about the USER manual for a device that describes how to clean it but does not explain how to install What is the purpose of a device that doesn't let you get started with its use?.

Vivian Lucas - 31/03/2021
Good value for price (4/5)

Cool product. Initially, I was displeased with how a small amount of water stuck in the reservoir and eventually, I was pleased with the quality and results. As noted above, it blended with the wine the first time when I used it. However, I let the device dry before using it on another bottle after that. Having this spout keeps my wine fresh until I'm ready to pour again. But be aware that after about four hours, its left-over wine could have dried up and become a hazard. This may lead to some If you want to avoid this, clean the spout after every pour. I described a problem with this product, so I'm not satisfied with it. Still, it was a good deal for the money spent.

Leandro Solomon - 02/05/2021
A cute little gadget for wine! Thanks to my new aerator, I am rather enjoying it! There is an extra tube and a handy little bag included to store it (4/5)

It was super easy to assemble. It would be a good idea if one were ever to need it! When I placed my first bottle of wine in, it was snug, but when I placed the second, it wasn't quite as tight. The overall experience with the product is pretty positive. I can see a good deal of use for this product in my household.

Marvin Jenkins - 05/06/2021
For the beginning wine game player, this is the best device (5/5)

It does what it is advertised to do. The machine is easy to use, but I wish it would turn off automatically when it is cleaned. All in all, a really good and solid program.

Aila Hatfield - 05/04/2021
Thanks! It works like a charm! When I have used it on several bottles of wine, the only thing left in the bottle when the bottle is empty is a tiny bit of wine however, this can be rectified by opening your mouth and tipping the bottle to the side (5/5)

The device is easy to use and clean. I'm with you! It really helps to fill empty bottles with my favorite cheap box wine instead of expensive ones (with very expensive labels). It's now possible for me to purchase great wine for a very low.

Miles Boyle - 30/05/2021