Jetking Hand Press Juicer Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Easy to use 4.2 
Value for money 3.7 
  • Made up of Solid Steel.
  • Sleek and sturdy design.
  • Requires extra-power.

Jetking Hand Press Juicer Product Description

Designed specifically for citrus fruits, particularly oranges and sweet limes, Jetking Hand Press Juicer is a manual hand-press juicer of outstanding quality. Sturdy and easy to use, its easy mechanisms and quality materials make it one of the easiest juicers to use.

  • This elegant and professional hand press juicer has a manual lever for easy operation.
  • With its strainer, it separates the pulp from the juice.
  • With a metal and aluminum composition, it is sturdy.
  • In addition to being corrosion-free.
  • A free juicer jar is included with this product.

Questions & Answers

Instead of a metal handle, it has a plastic one.
There is a whole metallic body to it. As well as the handle, it is made of aluminum.
A steel and aluminum frame holds it together. The plastic parts are in some parts.
A weight of about 3 pounds is associated with it. The weight of the package is 7 kg.

Selected User Reviews For Jetking Hand Press Juicer

I give it one star (1/5)

It was broken when it was received.

Hakeem Vega - 08/05/2021
It is called a jet king juicer (2/5)

Juicer worked well for a while, but a month ago the aluminium diecast cone that presses fruit split in half. It needs to be replaced, and if it can be brought to my home, it will be appreciated. I thank K. Chetal for helping me no one else has done so. Since it is so easy to replace just one small part, I do not feel like discarding the entire product and purchasing a new one because this amounts to national waste, particularly since it is so easy to just screw in just one small part which comes separately. The procurement will be done in my name and I will cover the cost and courier charges. This will also assist the manufacturing company in improving its quality. *br>sk.

Meghan Ellison - 16/04/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

The satisfaction is very high. The juicer is capable of squeezing oranges, lemons, pomegranates, and pineapples.

Samir Bond - 19/02/2021
I don't like it (1/5)

Both this brand and have been returned to me. I don't like it. The company I bought this product from has also returned another brand. The product costing a little more and the one costing a little less has no difference in quality. The author is Kaveri Chetty, based in Chennai.

Amaia McCarthy - 12/03/2021
Buying this product is a good investment (5/5)

This item is great, it can be used to extract juice from pomegranate and other fruits. The quality of the product meets expectations.

Mae Reese - 24/01/2021
For citrus fruit juicers, this is the best (4/5)

This is a better juicer than the traditional ones. There is a leakage problem. For citrus fruit juicers, this is the best.

Lucia Riley - 01/05/2021
This is an absolute must-buy (5/5)

I received the juicer in a very nice package. I want to thank all the Amazon team members. Thank you for your Lohri wishes.

Jayla Cantrell - 17/06/2021
Juicing by hand jerking machine (2/5)

Although the product is good, the strainer is made out of plastic. I don't know how long it will last.

Will Bond - 18/04/2021