JEKOSEN Margarita Cocktail Glasses Review

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Value for money 5.0 
Easy to hold 5.0 
Giftable 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.6 
  • High quality glasses.
  • Lead free and FDA approved.
  • Versatile.
  • Are pricey.

JEKOSEN Margarita Cocktail Glasses Product Description

JEKOSEN Margarita Glasses are designed to be versatile for both hot and cold beverages. They are lead-free and FDA approved as safe products. There is no need to use a cup for cocktails, lemonade, juice, or dessert because this compact mug is high-quality, comfortable to hold, and light-weight. Even though they are pricey they create a better tasting experience. You’ll enjoy flawless brightness, a hollow stem and elongated profile, as well as perfectly straight and thin rims, all while using crystal glass.

  • The set of 4 Margarita glasses contains 9oz, Ecological & Lead-Free Crystal and are clear. Goblet glasses now come with the US FDA report showing they are made of non-leaded crystal. All products passed a test from SGS, and the FDA report is available.
  • In that case, UNLEADED-Unleaded Crystal uses Barium Carbonate and Zinc and Titanium Oxides instead of the traditional lead oxide that is often used to make crystal glassware. In addition to having a similar refractive index to lead crystal, they are also lighter and more compact.
  • The LED is made with CRYSTAL GLASS - for perfect brightness, a pulled stem, a slim profile, and thin laser cut rims.
  • While High Quality Crystal Glasses are regarded as Better Tasting Glasses, the cost of such glasses is higher than the cost of normal glasses.
  • Enjoy all your JEKOSEN Margarita glasses which are designed to be versatile for any drink. This high-quality glass is ideal for cocktail making, lemonade drinking, juice drinking, and even dessert. It is lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Questions & Answers

The answer is yes.
The margarita glasses I need are not with me. In any case, I do have a pair of A little under 3" is the diameter of the base of those.
Yes, the bottle is made of A thin film. Despite the weight, it is a good product. This is a very nice glass and I am very picky about drinking glasses. Plastic just does not cut it for me!

Selected User Reviews For JEKOSEN Margarita Cocktail Glasses

That's pretty decent (4/5)

They break fairly easily for the price, but are decent for the price.

Raven Norton - 03/04/2021
A girl's party would be perfect with this size (5/5)

My excitement is building as I await their use.

Eva Sheppard - 05/08/2021
The glasses are great for margaritas (5/5)

The product is good quality and works well. It's the perfect size to serve a.

Abraham Hahn - 16/02/2021
The glasses are great for margaritas (5/5)

Glass of the highest quality. Cocktails are more fun when they're made with fun ingredients.

Daniela WESTON - 27/06/2021
Margaritas are the way to go (4/5)

This is a great size for a.

Valeria Alexander - 26/01/2021
There are no broken pieces (5/5)

I was able to walk into the house without scratching my door. A Margarita diet has been put into effect for me.

Atreus Ortega - 21/02/2021