Jeanerlor Double sided Cotton Canvas Apron Review

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  • Comes with adjustable strap feature.
  • Fit for keeping bartending tools.
  • Tear-up easily.

Jeanerlor Double sided Cotton Canvas Apron Product Description

Two pockets are located on each side of this double-sided wear style. Both sides have a good amount of fun and are reasonably priced. Straps on the back can be adjusted to prevent neck pain, and the cross-back design prevents neck strain. With its highly durable cotton body and thick cotton ribbons with metal hook buttons, it is more aesthetically pleasing, practical, and durable than most. Providing versatility with its adjustable cross-back straps, bib aprons can accommodate either women or men of any size (30″ x 24″ body, each ribbon is respectively 62″ long). People who are less than 5′ 4″ are more likely to fit into this. Aprons with pockets for women, painters, grillers, art teachers, woodworkers, tattoo artists, bartenders, baristas, brewers, safety gear, etc. As a unique apron gift for mothers and fathers for cooking at home.

  • Closure that slides on and off.
  • A double-sided wear style that is more stylish and quite cost-effective. Both sides of the garment display a tool pocket. Strap your back in place with our cross backdesign and have the back adjustable to reduce neck pain.
  • It is constructed of a high-quality cotton body, with a combination of thick cotton ribbon and metal hook buttons that create a stunning and practical design.
  • An adjustable cross back strap on the versatile bib apron lets you fit it to the perfect size for women and men (30" x 24" body, the two ribbons are 62" each). Those who’re under five feet four inches might find it more suitable.
  • The garment can be machine washed and tumble dried on low heat.
  • Aprons with pockets for women, apron for chefs, bakers, artists, woodworkers, tattoo artists, bartenders, baristas, brewers, safety gear, etc. Unique canvas apron gifts for mothers and fathers.

Questions & Answers

The Pros are: Comes with adjustable strap feature, Fit for keeping bartending tools. While the cons it tear-up easily..
Although I haven't washed it yet, I think I will hang it to dry to be on the safe side. Shop aprons like this are very useful. It isn't flimsy in the least.
You can check out some of the other styles we have at the store if you want a vegan apron. The strap on the apron is cowhide, but you can also get one in vegan leather.

Selected User Reviews For Jeanerlor Double sided Cotton Canvas Apron

I wouldn't mind it too much (5/5)

It is so awesome to wear this apron. My job as a barber involves running my hands through hair all the time, but this apron keeps all the hair off. One thing that sucks is when the apron is tied a lot, the bottom sticks out a lot. I'm not sure if it's because I'm short, but I just cut holes and tie it. But other than that, nothing to complain about.

Koa Boone - 20/01/2021
Thanks for the purchase (5/5)

I am satisfied with it. The apron is a great find! Here is a 5'2" hairstylist with a thick barrier that allows color to penetrate and short or It was even mentioned to me by my husband that he was interested in getting something similar for his big green egg. I love it! It's super comfy and durable My order arrived quickly and I am quite pleased with it!.

Jaycee Black - 19/05/2021
The aprons are lovely (5/5)

Having owned many aprons in my lifetime, this is one of the best. As a professional chef, I wear an apron every day. I have been wearing the well-crafted crisscross shoulder straps for less stress on my neck ever since. Good placement of pockets and the fact that it is reversible is an added bonus. *br>Client and staff have already complained about it.

Zoie Hull - 02/04/2021
Would have been better to buy it long This apron is to die for! Seeing as how I am a pastry chef and have to bend over a table all day, aprons that wrap around the neck are the worst (5/5)

There is a thick canvas like material on this apron which is super light in clasps are made of metal and look very The fact that this skirt is reversible is also appealing to me. Also, the cross back fits me perfectly, so I feel as if I have better posture. You can be sure that we will order again!.

Ana Gonzalez - 04/08/2021
This is a good product (4/5)

I am very pleased with the look of the The only thing I would have liked is if it was a bit thicker and longer. Due to the fact that it was sewed together of two fabrics, I guess it's I would probably return it because it is so thin it is tricky to tie it too tight around the waist, so it is really loose. *br> If I returned it, I would not return the back straps because they are very comfortable and adjustable *span_end >.

Cameron Lynch - 17/02/2021
It would be better if the buyer got in contact with me, since I don't want anything negative to be posted Besides being awesome and sturdy, the apron can be used for cooking, crafts, and It may even go outside with my chickens! However, the back leather piece looks as if there was a grommet missing and someone tried to fix it (3/5)

I don't know if this is an error or if it's intentional. If not for that, I would have given it a 5 out of 5.

Caleb Cooke - 16/03/2021
It would be great if you could add For use in the salon, I bought (5/5)

Obviously, it isn't a true xxxl, but that's what I hoped it was. Despite its thinness, it is sturdy and strong. I don't get any hair or dye on my clothes or skin when I wear it. Despite the high price, the quality is outstanding.

Ayleen Tate - 08/07/2021
This is a great way to cook (5/5)

They are sturdy and have good pockets, though their lean to the counter level means my phone has been a little squished (failed to put my phone in them once or twice). It's really handy to have a reversible apron, since depends on what I'm cooking/my mood and it does the job of the apron, plus the long straps are a bonus! I'm not small, so if I wanted to hang a towel from them or something, I could wrap them around my belly.

Ira Dougherty - 31/03/2021