JBHO Hand Blown Crystal Double Old Fashioned Cocktail Review

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Easy to hold 5.0 
Sturdiness 5.0 
Giftable 4.9 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Crystal clear look.
  • High-quality.
  • Attractive.
  • Over-sized.

JBHO Hand Blown Crystal Double Old Fashioned Cocktail Product Description

Hand Blown Crystal Cocktail Glasses – 12 Ounce – set of two – Perfect Size for Oversized Ice – Double Old Fashioned Cocktail, Solid Whiskey Glasses, Rocks Glasses, Lowball Glasses – Set of 2. The package was well packaged, but it still broke. Making it breakable is also a benefit. The shipment from JBHO came with an enclosed card that provided a contact email. On a Friday evening around 6 pm, I sent them an email. Here is a satisfied customer who shows what a great service they have. They may not be able to control everything ships do, but they can control customer service when it comes to shipping.

  • We recently updated our policy, so that all customers are satisfied for a year. We learned from our customers that the broken guarantee was causing the customer to be dissatisfied. Any damaged items will be replaced at no charge if they are damaged in any way upon arrival. Learning and improving are two integral parts of our work. Feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have, as we greatly appreciate your input.
  • There are 2 pieces of 12 fluid-ounce whiskey glasses and 2 pieces of 1-ounce whiskey glasses in each set. A shot glass with a capacity of 5 fl oz. It is made of Premium Crystal Glass, a thin and transparent material that is elegant as well. In addition to being large enough to hold oversized ice cubes and whiskey stones, our Whisky Stone Ice bucket is the perfect companion for Besides being used as a Jigger or Shot glass, 5 ounce wine glasses can be used for anything else as well.
  • Based on the classic shape, we added creative shapes at the bottom to make the bottom more fashionable, also the raised pentagonal pattern of the bottom makes it easier for you to see the reflection of any wine color in the light, so the wine looks Moreover, it is easy to maintain and clean since it has a straight cup wall molding.
  • Thick and solid bottom The thick bottom makes it very textured in your hands, allowing you to see the internal design and even the color of the reflected wine by using a lead-free crystal block up to 1 cm thick, while providing it with high durability and strength.
  • Premium Lead-Free Crystal Glass All of its advantages can only be expressed with flawless and pure crystal glass, which makes the product brighter and can properly reflect the color of the wine that is being consumed. Meanwhile, it must be a lead-free crystal that is as safe as possible. Perfect Bar Tools, Liqueur and Spirits Drinkware for father's day, father's day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Christmas or any other special occasion, quality of nice restaurant, elegant and luminous to your bar top and dining table.
  • It also offers 1 year satisfaction guarantee, which is sufficient protection and makes it an ideal gift for whisky lovers. Any damaged items will be replaced at no charge if they are damaged in any way upon arrival. In the event of any bubbles or defects, please do not hesitate to contact us within 45 days of receipt, and we will change or repair anything to your satisfaction. nde sure it is what you want and compare it with other wines glasses, so you can return it if you're not satisfied.
  • Want to give someone a unique gift? Here are some unusual gift packaging ideas. A gift of this set of wine glasses is perfect for someone who enjoys wine. The containers are packaged in a stylish gift box that would make the perfect Wedding Gift, Newlywed Gift, Father's Day Gift, Corporate Gift, Birthday Gift, Thank You Gift, and Hostess Gift.

Questions & Answers

It was the same issue for me. There is a crack in one of my glasses. A new set was sent to me within a week after I contacted the seller via Amazon.
The plates can be washed in a dishwasher. My apologies for the long response time.
There is no information about this.
Thank you, and I suggest you split your order into two or schedule a time to contact Amazon customer service. You are not restricted by Amazon.

Selected User Reviews For JBHO Hand Blown Crystal Double Old Fashioned Cocktail

What I expected wasn't what happened (2/5)

I thought that the bottom was thicker than what was shown in the I didn't expect the weight to be so heavy. As soon as I saw the price, it felt like I had just bought glasses from a discount store for more than double the price. I am sending them.

Blaine Hurst - 06/01/2021
The item is shown in the image (5/5)

These glasses are not hand blown they all(4) have symmetries that are perfect. They are well-made and appear of good quality. They've done a good job for me. In addition, there were 2 ounces of surprises. You get a glass of wine with every highball glass!.

Cade White - 14/03/2021
A GLASS HAS BEEN BROKE A replacement was completed within two days This is a JBHO article, not an Amazon one (5/5)

There was a break in one of my two glasses. However, it got damaged regardless of how well it was packaged. A superb whiskey glass is made of a thin rim that really makes it stand out! Furthermore, it is more likely to break. As part of the shipment, JBHO provided the contact email address of the person to be contacted. On a Friday between 6 p. m. and 7 p. m. , I sent them an email. I received a response within one After all, I had not only one, but two pairs of new glasses by Sunday! The shipper does not have any control over everything that will be done by the customer, but the customer can control the service that will be provided. Here is a testimonial from a It's so nice to have whiskey glasses like these!.

Declan Cantu - 21/06/2021
It surprised me (5/5)

It is a great pair of glasses that are both sturdy and attractive without being overly garish.

Richard Vaughn - 28/06/2021
I am satisfied (5/5)

The ice balls fit jumbo jaw breakers with ease, they are of good size and fit as shown in the image.

Holden Ross - 01/04/2021
This set includes a shot glass, liqueur glass, and rock glass (5/5)

Upon receiving the products, I received an email from the seller to inform me if there was any problem with the quality of the glasses or the shipment to contact them immediately. It took me two days to receive the glasses. These people are important to me. My favorite thing about the glasses is that they are simple in design and light in weight. shot glasses and liquer glasses are also quite nice. They seem a bit more delicate even than the wine I definitely plan to wash both by hand.

Whitney Guerra - 04/07/2021
These glasses are great for ice balls (5/5)

As I was looking to purchase glasses, I wanted something that would fit my large ice ball, and this fits the bill! The weight of the glasses was ideal, and the fact that they came with a small shot glass was an added bonus.

Pablo Hurley - 25/01/2021
What is the best way to contact customer service? It's a gorgeous pair of In any case, I noticed cracks and chips along the glass' rim after I threw out the contact card, and I cannot find any information on their customer service department! You need to know how to reach customer service with this company (2/5)


Malachi Buchanan - 03/01/2021