Jasonwell 2 PCS Inflatable Serving Bars Ice Buffet Salad Serving Trays Review

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Easy to clean 4.8 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to inflate 4.6 
  • Gives ultimate mini bar with chilled drinks and fruits.
  • Large and foldable.
  • Less capacity.

Jasonwell 2 PCS Inflatable Serving Bars Ice Buffet Salad Serving Trays Product Description

A serving bar that floats in your pool can be used indoors and outdoors. This tumbler would be a great addition to a summer pool party, a summer picnic, a cookout, a birthday party, a graduation party, a beach wedding, camping, or a family reunion. Fill with ice. The cooling chamber provides hours of cold storage for salad, fruit, beers, sodas, and all beverages. You can easily drain excess liquids or ice water with this piece of equipment. The convenient ice bucket can be filled with ice or packed and stored for the next event. Cleans up easily.

  • The dimensions are 51 out of the box, making it extra large and floatable. This is a 5-inch wide by 24-inch long painting. The dimension of the fifth and fourth cylinders is 5"W. A 5"H, 44" in diameter internal size. It measures 1" long by 17" wide. One inch wide. This large inflated table can hold serving bowls salad drinks and fruits as well as beers and bottles. It is easy to inflate and deflate. You can easily carry it around and use it while traveling.
  • Absolute Bar - The inflatable serving bar can be used both indoors and outdoors it can float in your These will be an excellent addition to any summer pool party, BBQ, picnic, cookout, graduation party, beach wedding, camping, family reunion or any other outdoor event.
  • The ice cooler should be filled with ice. For hours, it will keep salads, fruit, beer, soda, and all beverages cold.
  • You can easily drain excess liquids or ice water by simply pulling the drain plug. The bottles can either be filled with ice or packed and stored for the The surface is easily cleanable.
  • Free Of BPA and Risk of Replenishment --- Made From BPA Free Material.

Questions & Answers

Just like you would blow into a pool toy, I did the same with it. This took a few minutes and was easy to do.
You just inflate it with your lungs or a pump equipped with the proper nozzle, just like any other inflatable product.
I would not serve anything hot with them, so long as they are served at room temperature or on ice. Placing something hot on a float would be like placing something hot on a pool float.
Inflatable coolers consist of two separate units.

Selected User Reviews For Jasonwell 2 PCS Inflatable Serving Bars Ice Buffet Salad Serving Trays

Keeping salads cold was a great idea! The container held enough ice and was sturdy enough to hold salad bowls (5/5)

It was narrower than I expected, so I could only arrange salad dishes side by side, rather than front and back, which limited the amount of bowls per container to four.

Van Hendrix - 31/07/2021
We're off to a great start! Our outdoor party was held after work with these (5/5)

Due to the fact that everyone could SEE the options without having to open and explore, the line stayed flowing Keeping coolers closed is a good idea. Two-fourths of a pound was used There will be 20 lb. bags of ice per pool to keep our pools cool There was no frost on cold drinks, but it was 80+ degrees over a 4-hour period In my opinion, half an hour is not a long time to wait. My two pools were blown up by me, and I could easily do a third. This inflatable bed keeps the bottom flat and the bottom weight of beverages/bowls is not damaged by mechanical inflation. Only the outer ring inflates, so the bottom does not become tippy. The inner plug of one pool posed a challenge in getting the seal to hold, but once we adjusted it, all the seals stayed intact without leaking. It would be best not to use this on a wooden or steel table without some kind of water barrier, just in case. It is surprising how many drinks they have. don't remember the number of cans, but I think there were 75 or 80 We provided lots of ice along with bottles in each pool. We restocked the cooler under the table, so there was minimal effort on the host's part. In my opinion, these provided great value for money and helped establish a smooth flow of food for our These would be great for a picnic salad buffet too. They only contained drinks, but they're also perfect for drinks. We could dump or drain the water right onto the ground directly by the table, which made clean-up easy. You would have a hard time moving them if you used indoors and moved them at the end of your party since they are not rigid at all. When I bought, I was worried it might be a disposable serving gimmick, but these turned out to be perfect for my casual outdoor event and we will use them for future happy hours.

Milani WHITEHOUSE - 22/07/2021
I would buy this product The coolers worked great when I finally got a chance to use them! It was durable and to inflate it, you had to use a pump (5/5)

It is easily held by 2 people I had 3 ice bags of 10lb and tons of water. One of the trays held drinks and the others held food trays covered with a flat layer of ice. We deflated them for our next event and stored them for that purpose. It would be durable enough to put them on the ground. They were located on rectangle tables but they could also be put.

Catherine Zamora - 16/01/2021
The best money I've ever spent! I used this for a birthday party in an indoor setting (5/5)

It kept the cold cut buffet and salads nice and cold after four hours in 72°. Despite the melting ice taking about two minutes, there was still ice on the ground. It did not leak or deflate. We could drain it and drain it without incident. We used about 10 pounds of ice to fill each container and it had room for four 8x11 pans. We had only one issue with the one, the seal was stuck shut and we could not inflate it. Putting a simple wooden stick inside it to pry it open was enough to open it up. For cases where one sprung an air leak, they even came with a small patch. The event organisers will certainly make use of these in the future.

Logan Reed - 11/05/2021
It's a pretty good job (5/5)

My wedding is coming up, so I ordered these. In addition to keeping drinks cold, they can also be used as a way to serve drinks. It will need an air pump or you can just blow it up manually I am glad the pair came in a pack of two because they are bigger than I expected. These are definitely items we can use after the wedding for many other purposes. For the price, it's not bad.

Janelle Jensen - 22/02/2021
The only place to go is outside (5/5)

These were used as a way to thank teachers during I am highly satisfied with the quality of these inflatables, and they worked well. There was only one problem I didn't think things through and they stayed inside of me. My bad. I had no clue what I was We held it very slowly as we walked outside, then emptied it out as 3 of us held it. Having a good laugh was good for all of us. Therefore, as long as you use them outside, you should have no problems.

Mira Chavez - 02/07/2021
Cold food items are best stored in this (5/5)

I'm so happy to find them! The dishes were used at my son's graduation party to hold cold items. With the addition of the bowls and trays and the addition of ice around them, our banquet tables looked amazing. It is definitely worth the money!.

Jovie Cervantes - 31/01/2021
This size and depth is perfect (5/5)

In what must have been the hottest day of the year, we held an outdoor party for my son's graduation. As I was carrying the food, I was worried about how I would keep it cold since there would be no refrigeration. The inflatables really are a lifesaver, because they are so easy to inflate and sturdy at the same time. A rectangular table had been set up with each one of these perpendicular to the other. In the ice chests I put aluminum foil trays that fit perfectly into them and filled them with ice. Immediately after the party was over, I pulled the plug and drained the bottles. I was very impressed by how well they worked.

Reece Rogers - 23/07/2021