JACKCUBE Design Rustic Wood Wall Mount Wine Rack Review

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Easy to assemble 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to install 4.4 
  • Four bottles can be hold.
  • 12 wine glasses holding is it's capacity.
  • Drilling holes are inaccurate.

JACKCUBE Design Rustic Wood Wall Mount Wine Rack Product Description

In addition to its high-quality rustic construction, the Jackcube wall-mounted wine rack can hold up to 12 wine glasses and hold five bottles. It is easy to install the rack as well. Go with this brand if you want a wall-mounted wine rack that is simple to install and doesn’t require any tools. One customer commented that this wall-mounted wine rack was easy to assemble and mount. makes it easy to store multiple wines and champagne glasses in it. A rack holds five bottles, silicone stoppers, and corkscrew well, and it has all held up for years.

  • A SIMPLE RUSSIAN DESIGN The wine rack and glass holder have a rustic design that will pair seamlessly.
  • INSTALLATION IS SIMPLE & THE WINE RACK OFFERS EXTRA STORAGE SPACE This wine rack is extremely easy to install and provides extra storage space for your kitchen area.
  • Its four wine racks hold 4 bottles each and the wine glass holder displays 12 glasses with three rows of three in each of the four rows.

Questions & Answers

From front to back, it measures eleven and a half inches. The width of this post is 16 3/4 inches.
The mount is actually on a separate wall in my dining room over my wine refrigerator.

Selected User Reviews For JACKCUBE Design Rustic Wood Wall Mount Wine Rack

Prior to shipping, the product was built incorrectly (1/5)

Since the product was delivered with pilot holes drilled on the wrong side, I had to redrill them on the other side to make this fit. This might be an accident, but the factory needs to do a better job of quality control.

Kyra Rogers - 25/02/2021
It was exactly what we needed (5/5)

The wine rack was so useful and attractive that when I moved out of my roommate's house she bought one for me to replace the one I took! *br>Can easily hold up to 5 lbs My wife was willing to load it up with more bottles, but I hesitant to do so.

Adrian Figueroa - 29/05/2021
This is a sophisticated and valuable product! This is an easy to install product (5/5)

Our anchors have all been different, but they seem to be pretty sturdy so far. They are kinda flimsy when they come with them. Besides looking awesome in my MCM kitchen, they're also well made! You can free up counter and cabinet I highly recommend this product!.

Francis Petty - 21/04/2021
This piece looks nice, is high quality, and takes only minutes Stunning wine rack! I love it (5/5)

Assembly and installation are easy. I use this to store my wine glasses and four bottles of wine. It hardly takes up any space at all. My kitchen is small, so using this product makes sense for me, since there is not much counter space.

Knox Montoya - 12/01/2021
Put a bit more money aside (3/5)

You can tell why it's 3 stars just by looking at the picture. It was rated as having terrible quality control by some reviews. It is my opinion that this is true. It is upside down in the bracket holes! I hate that. The hope is that it will hold.

Charleigh Gould - 03/05/2021
There is a problem with the Assembling the parts is not complete according to the assembly instructions (4/5)

Having a layman understand how to install the product is difficult since it does not come with a drill for mounting. A drill is mandatory because the plastic screwdriver it comes with won't Although it seems to hold 12 standard wine glasses, albeit rather small, it is a really nice looking rack.

Ila McConnell - 31/05/2021
The rack looks good (4/5)

Exactly what I wanted.

Julie Sawyer - 11/07/2021
The surface is made of wood (3/5)

Several imperfections were visible on the surface of the wood. There were no problems with sanding, but the wood color changed since it was sanded.

Alijah Delaney - 21/04/2021