Ivation Wine Gift Set Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Battery life 4.5 
Durability 4.1 
  • Classy product.
  • Comes with a long battery life.
  • The Cork may get stuck sometimes.

Ivation Wine Gift Set Product Description

This electric wine opener can easily open a bottle and remove its cork with a single button press. On a single charge, you can open up to 30 bottles. To reseal open bottles, it comes with two bottle stoppers. wine aerator and pourer have a unique function that adds oxygen to the wine with each pour, thus letting the flavors of the wine come through. In addition to charging the opener and keeping other accessories intact, the charging station features a bright blue LED display.

  • A complete set of luxury wine accessories. With everything you need to enhance, preserve, pour and enjoy either red or white wine, Wine Lover's Collection is the perfect gift.
  • The Stainless Steel Touch-Button Corkscrew Extractor allows you to remove up to 30 corks on a full charge it features a see-through window for easy viewing.
  • Avail of the vacuum preservation apparatus and stoppers - Used for extending the freshness of wine by removing air from open bottles and securing them with special date-stamped stoppers.
  • BLU LED CHARGING BASE - Keep your accessories organized while charging while keeping your gadgets charged with this sleek station. It is perfect for charging devices at your bar or counter.

Questions & Answers

When I purchased the Ivation, I had a Waring vacuum sealer and the stoppers in the Ivation were identical. As for my old ones that came with an inexpensive hand pump sealer, I haven't tried them, but the old Waring ones seem to work just fine.
I have tried it on synthetic corks and it worked just fine.
In contrast, we sell the kit as a whole and do not resell specific items within it.
I have left my computer plugged in, and you can as well. It is important to know that the rechargeable battery is built-in and cannot be changed. I am unable to use my garage door opener since it stopped charging. It has only been less than four months since I purchased it.

Selected User Reviews For Ivation Wine Gift Set

As I was trying to take out a cork, I broke the bottle (1/5)

There's no way I can cope with this. As a result, I decided not to believe the negative reviews I saw online about this product and decided to give it a try! I used this product to remove a cork from my wine bottle the first time and it stopped working- I tried it again and it still didn't work. It's true, can you believe it? As a result, the cork was stuck in the bottle after that, ruining my wine. A return was made immediately after I received the product. Those things are so I will not purchase from this company.

Ramona Velez - 26/07/2021
Open any wine bottle that has a cork easily with this device (5/5)

Due to weak wrists, I find that it is difficult for me to open wine bottles with a conventional opener. Open any wine bottle that has a cork easily with this device. As long as it is on its charger, it is always ready to go. This means that you do not have to worry about hunting for the charger or if the wine opener is charged.

Carl Glenn - 21/01/2021
I am very pleased with the Cork Remover (5/5)

The box I got my wife for Christmas was a big hit with her. Cork removers are very easy to use - you just have to press the button and hold it for a few seconds and the cork is As easy to use as any other preserver we have used, the preserver works better, as well. Both tools come with the bonus of a blue light when you connect them. It's a great set that I highly recommend.

Emilio PEACOCK - 16/06/2021
Now it's broken! Used to work great, but now it's As soon as I had fully charged it, I placed it above my wine fridge on my island (2/5)

In that case, the charger is not connected to the power source. In the past 18 days, it has opened 18 bottles After a while, it will need to be redrafted The review will be updated once the charging has been completed. In the end, the cleaners who were counting my corks threw away the corks after seeing more than 25 bottles. *br>It broke on the 7th of July after being purchased on April A piece of clear cork just broke off of the metal part that housed the motor on the bottle. Despite the close of my return window, it was very useful to us and I liked it. The wine saver hasn't been used yet since I usually finish my bottles beforehand (yah, I'm a wino) so I haven't used it.

Annika McIntyre - 01/06/2021
It's great to work with the customer service team (5/5)

The wine opener was blue when it first arrived when it was charging. There should no longer be any blue tones when it is After getting in touch with customer service, I had a new opener sent. I am still very happy with it and it is.

Malakai Perkins - 15/05/2021
Bottles can be opened one time at a time (3/5)

I was able to do this. To date, this product has done everything it was advertised to do. Since I only received it one day ago, I have not opened a bottle of wine and I have not yet used the foil cutter. I have not yet used the aerator, but I plan to use them. Due to the fact that I have not used the recorker function, I cannot give an assessment. Additionally, I have no idea how many bottles can be opened on a single charge or how long it takes to charge or how often the battery can be recharged before it wears out. It is also unknown if the battery can be damaged by being left on the charger for so long. The reasons I didn't rate it five stars are just that I don't know everything there is to know This bottle opener works really well, it retracts really easily from the cork and it goes right through without any problems. I am Axdendum. In the years since I first wrote this review, I have used the corker tool more than once. However, the tool that is used to stall them is like a waste of money. The corks come with the kit that is good, but the stoppers are very poor quality. Corks and stoppers can easily be installed and removed by hand. Although the fancy tool looks great in the stand, I found that using my hand and thumb was far more efficient for installing the cork. It won't be helpful to me, so I won't use As long as you have normal strength in your hand, you won't need it. This is a tool that we need. Those in charge. The need for it may arise from arthritis in the hands or from other debilitating conditions. Despite that, it was a complete waste of time and money for me. It looks nice lit up in the charging stand, as I said before.

Ivy Mooney - 13/03/2021
A number of its parts are defective (1/5)

Though I would love to give this a higher rating, I'm not able to do it. In its favor, it has a lovely appearance and fits very well on a counter top. Perfectly removes corks with the cork remover. In terms of the bottle insert type, this aerator is one of the best, but it drips a little bit. You risk getting in big trouble if you pour wine for a lady and it drips on her $2000 skirt. It is unlikely that the vacuum pump ever worked. My rv is equipped with no outlets and the time I received and had time to try the product was beyond its return period.

Nyomi Poole - 05/03/2021

I really like this I particularly like the smooth operation, as well as the excellent functionality of the accessories. Reviewers encouraged me to buy it, and it was a good choice. The automatic wine opener would be a good choice for anyone looking to purchase one.

Monroe Farmer - 26/01/2021