Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler Review

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Noise level 4.5 
Giftable 4.4 
Temperature Control 4.2 
Energy efficiency 3.8 
  • Easy temperature control.
  • Approachably priced.
  • Shelves are removable but not adjustable.

Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler Product Description

She sold her small collection of bottles on Amazon after she got to a few and purchased an Ivation 12-bottle fridge. According to her, she is extremely satisfied with the product. A compact, easy to set up, quiet device. I was able to relax and enjoy my third bottle of chilled white wine within an hour of plugging it in, for it reached 50 degrees Fahrenheit within 20 minutes.

  • This feature ensures that Ivation wine coolers reach temperatures low enough to age sparkling white wines that have a temperature range of 41°F to 64°F! Keep sparking wine at its finest with a temperature range of 41°F to 64°F!
  • WINE STORAGE WITH PERFECT SCENT - Set the temperature and this wine cooler will take care of all the rest. With a built-in fan to keep wine at a consistent temperature throughout.
  • DOUBLE-PANELED THERMOPANEL GLASS - A double-paned glass door not only keeps your collection insulated, but also protects it from UV light, which damage the tannins and overall taste of your wines.
  • LED LIGHT - Turn on the energy-efficient LED lights inside your collection to provide soft illumination. Getting rid of fluorescent bulbs that cause labels to fade and affect flavor is easy.
  • RACKS ARE REMOVALABLE & TOUCH CONTROLS ARE EASY TO USE - You can rearrange the shelves to hold different-sized bottles. If you have a pinot noir or champagne collection, you can be sure it will age gracefully. Tapping the digital display makes it easy to adjust the temperature and turn on the light, and the lock button lets you lock in specific settings. It is possible to view the temperature even in the dark by using the LCD display.

Questions & Answers

It opens in a 90-degree manner.
In short, yes. A ivation wine cooler was delivered to my home in California.

Selected User Reviews For Ivation 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Red and White Wine Cooler

The response time was less than 24 hours (1/5)

If it worked, it would be a wonderful product. The move wasn't completed until the next day, so we let it set The next day, I hooked it up. After it cooled, it was still hot. You can put wine in it. I love it. I use Yahoo. That is, until. It was the morning after the previous night. According to the weather report, the temperature was 78 degrees. There was no cold air in the room. I left it unplugged for a few minutes for the condenser to reset, then I plugged it back in, and it started working. After stopping, we turned around. There is only one reason for giving it one star, and that is that it is a beautiful product if it works. Honestly, I am so disappointed in myself. Since the box was tossed with the rest of our moving boxes, I am not even sure if I can return it. -

Board- Following communication with Amazon tech support and the Ivation support/customer service team, we realized that there is a bug. The warranty department told me I had a defective unit and told me to contact them for a replacement. Since the units were defective, replacements would not be available until the middle of February This month. The e-mail is on its way I sent the email as instructed, but didn't receive a reply. I have sent a follow-up email We are in the middle of the day This month. I have been waiting for a response, but I have not received one. Is this a shelf instead of a cooler since I spent all this money? When I followed up a second time, I received no response. Please follow up with an e-mail To contact the warranty department, send an e-mail. The call today was from me. The company is processing a refund for me and will not send me a replacement. It seems I will need to buy a wine cooler elsewhere.

Apollo Wallace - 15/02/2021
I liked it for its size, and its price was great (5/5)

A wine cellar located on the basement level was nice, but there was no need to walk all the way there. In my kitchen, I placed this cooler near the shelf in the right place because it's the right size to fit. Establish a schedule. Putting up was very easy (I liked the suggestion to use a ball on top if you dont have a level! temperature at 55 degrees F (the almost universal temperature for wine storage - I recommend - Close to the natural temperature of the cellars of the Great European Vineyards, the temperature is close to the norm). Is has remained at that temperature without a problem. There is minimal noise, but not totally absent (there are very few compressors that are completely silent). It is said that some reviewers have complained about the inability to handle large bottles (Champagne, In that case, you may have to select another cooler or remove one of the racks if you plan on keeping a supply of bubbly on hand. Hopefully, I'll be able to report back on the longevity question This little gem continues to delight me, as it did on June 17 and 20. There is one caution you should take. Never leave empty shelves in your refrigerator. Whenever they are connected to the compressor, they will vibrate in time and make Make use of them by placing them on top of the wine cooler when necessary! You won't even notice the cooler is there if you do this. The temperature has stayed stable for the past few weeks.

Darren Leon - 26/04/2021
This cooler at a very reasonable price arrived a lot sooner than I Packaged well, it arrived in good shape (5/5)

Plug it in, set it to the desired temperature, and let it stand for 3 hours. This lamp has a sleek look and the led lighting makes it look really good. Keeping the temperature steady is its strong point. You should definitely check it out!.

Kamden Curtis - 19/02/2021
Maintaining the temperature is its function (4/5)

In my case, the wine fridge does what it's supposed to do best maintain the wine (in my case, only red wine) at the proper temperature. Half of what I had left is left It has been a couple of days since the bottles have been in there and there has been little to no oxidation that might affect their taste or The only slight disadvantage is This tall, slim design fits in just about any corner, but does not allow the labels to be seen inside. But it is not a deal breaker, because it fits into just about any corner. I haven't noticed a big difference in the amount of electricity I pay since I plugged it in more than a month ago, either.

Ruth Butler - 25/06/2021
Although it's a great design, it's not suitable for sparkling wine (the bottles are too large) (3/5)

Although this product works well for standard wine bottles, it won't work well for sparkling wine as the thicker glass of these bottles makes them wider than standard wine bottles. These bottles cannot be placed next to one another, nor can they be placed above or below one another. Thus, only three shelves can fit on a total shelf space, and one shelf must stand If you mix 'standard' bottles of sparkling wine next to these 'larger' bottles of sparkling wine, you will not get any good results. In short, doesn't work for sparkling wine at all, not even.

Noemi NAYLOR - 26/02/2021
My ideal wine refrigerator is one that can handle all of my needs (5/5)

A slim wine refrigerator with a 12-bottle capacity was what I had been looking for The bottles are 16 in number. With the Ivation wine refrigerator, I am able to do what I need to do. It holds 12 bottles and allows you to place two at an angle after they have been Temperatures are consistent, and there is a great deal of This unit looks good and would be a good recommendation.

Amaya Hurst - 13/02/2021
It is difficult to keep the temperature low (3/5)

A small wine cooler is ideal for us. A thermoelectric cooler has been replaced four times. Most of the time they have been fine, but they last about 2 years before something goes wrong. Small wine coolers with compressors sound like an interesting idea. Although it maintains a low temperature, it has issues doing so. As well as not being near a window, it has good ventilation and an ambient temperature of 74 degrees. It is 75 degrees at this time of year. The temperature tends to fluctuate between 47 and 56 degrees F It is 50 degrees outside. Despite the fact that the delivery was made on time, the unit was well packaged. If a compressor were used, I would have expected a greater capacity for cooling. I feel somewhat let down.

Leon Hawkins - 10/06/2021
I like how it looks and how it feels (5/5)

Package was very well packed and arrived early. It hasn't made any noise since I plugged it in three hours ago! It is nice to have such a There is only one feature I would add, which is the ability to dim or turn off the temperature. It is lighting. There is nothing better than a tilted shelf at the bottom of the drawer. This is a great *br>I give it five stars so far.

Winston Dorsey - 23/04/2021