iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener Review

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Light weight 4.7 
Easy to use 4.4 
Giftable 4.4 
Value for money 4.3 
Durability 3.9 
Battery life 3.8 
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Light color.
  • Noisy.

iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener Product Description

The Itronics 700 Electric Wine Bottle Opener is designed to fit all traditional wine bottles while remaining portable and cordless. It requires nearly no effort to open a bottle in seconds, up to 66% faster than traditional openers. If you enjoy drinking wine a lot, wine openers can save you time. That way, you can focus on things you enjoy, like sipping wine. They’re the perfect gift for wine lovers and casual drinkers alike.

  • The foil cutter allows quick and easy removal of seals on sealed bottles. The electric wine opener allows you to get comfortable with your guests as you get to know them better.
  • Wine opener removes cork with no effort in 7 seconds Automatic wine opener removes cork with no effort in 7 seconds.
  • With the built-in battery, the electric wine bottle opener can open up to 80 bottles on a single charge It comes with a USB charging cable and provides multiple options for easy and green.
  • This is a great gift idea for wine lovers for any occasion - birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or Father's Day, and so on. Enjoy the corkscrews wine bottle opener as your gift this year.
  • With the portable size of the electric wine opener, you can use it anywhere you want, such as during a party, barbecue, or while you are traveling.

Questions & Answers

Thanks for visiting. A USB phone charger can be used for any phone.
You are absolutely right if by "plastic" you mean synthetic corks that look and act the same as regular corks. The cork does not need to be removed from a champagne bottle, as these do not require one.
Although I did not notice any flickering, it was also charging in a pantry in my home so I wouldn't have seen it very frequently. In addition to that, I like that it has held a charge for a while.
As long as it's connected to a charger, it will work.

Selected User Reviews For iTronics IC700 Electric Wine Opener

In his spare time, my husband opened wine bottles and that was about it (5/5)

In addition to opening wine bottles, my husband was not much good at anything else. In the wake of his leaving after 30 years, I swept up a much more efficient, affordable, and appealing alternative. This charging device works lickity split and holds a charge for quite some.

Murphy Conrad - 09/01/2021
I own the best computer I have ever had! I have owned several, and this is the best! Having loved wine all my life, I've had quite a few (5/5)

This was a very quick and quiet transaction. Furthermore, the foil remover in the base is the best among all that I have used over the past many years, including some very expensive ones We are talking about names here. It is possible to claim up to 180 bottles at one time. My batteries have almost run out after fifty bottles have passed When it is time to charge, I will provide the total. According to Amazon, the owners manual states a two year warranty while the Amazon page states a five year In my contact with the company, they told me all units sold in 2017 and after are covered by a five-year In the past, I've experienced battery degradation or failure within a year with all of my openers. In general, Li batteries last many years, just like the one in this opener. In the meantime, follow up by In terms of bottle opening, it opened 90 before it needed to be recharged. This is amazing!.

Jaime Morgan - 07/05/2021
It takes patience! Press firmly and hold on! You'll be surprised at how easy it is (5/5)

Its as simple as one button pushed, holding the bottle still, and waiting for it to turn off completely. After turning it off (it will remove the cork for you), it will turn itself back on. The first few times I did it wrong, I couldn't believe it was so simple! It's about 2 inches long and has a corkscrew on it. Since the average wine cork is about five times bigger, I am pretty certain that the reviewers who claimed that it pulled out the cork only "halfway" were using it incorrectly. As well as me, that's what happened at first! As I read the directions, I got a bit confused. I mean it. The only button you need to press is one. Depress it until the engine stops. Once the cork has been removed, there will be a LOT more room below for at least one more cork to be added.

Elle McNeil - 21/01/2021
The power of it is immeasurable! This is a great product! The purchase of this one was a difficult decision, but I'm glad I made it (5/5)

Power is at your disposal. In a way, it's like having After using mine, my family and neighbors have also purchased this bottle opener. The only thing that concerned me was that I was used to seeing the place for the corkscrew through the clear bottom, but that It takes some time to get used to the feel and placement after using it a few times. As soon as you hold the bottle firmly, push down on the button until it stops, then lift it up. The cork will be inside. To remove it, reverse the action or hold the button up until the cork comes With this device, not only do you have USB charging, but you also have foil cutting capabilities. Gifts such as these make great presents.

Alistair Larsen - 09/02/2021
Then abruptly gave up after only three months It took about one and a half My favorite part of this product was the cork puller, until about a week ago, when it stopped pulling corks out (1/5)

In the past few days, it suddenly stopped working, didn't make a sound, and refused to open a bottle of wine, so it is strange thing about this is that it still operates in reverse. In other words, if it could pull out a cork, then it would push it out of the tube, allowing me to The company suddenly ceased doing this. As a result, it is useless. Despite the fact that it's not expensive, I expect it to There was another model that I had before the iTronics that lasted much longer and I would have kept it if the charger hadn't been lost. It has a nice USB charger, which is handy, and would be even better if it still worked. I bought it because other people were saying good things about it. It is a real drag to have to operate these electric openers, since they take the pressure off my second-hand openers You hold it on your My next purchase will be another device, but not an iTronic.

Hayden Moreno - 26/01/2021
You can read the review here (1/5)

The cork doesn't come off! I have tried on three bottles so far. Since the cooking chamber was not nearly as deep as the screws could grab, they couldn't grasp it completely. With the other bottle, it went into the cork, but it didn't have the torque to remove it. During the corkscrew trip on the last bottle, the corkscrew split. As I drink wine with bits of cork, I have cork bits in my mouth. I rate this thing 1 out of 5 If you don't have a cork screw, you're better off using the old fashioned kind.

Zavier Bowman - 07/04/2021
I would like to clarify once and for all How long does it take to open this bottle of wine? The question we get most often in questions and reviews is Can the USB cable be used with a wall adapter / charger / something else at the end of the There is no doubt in my mind I don't agree! With the wine opener, a foil cutter and stand, and a USB cable, it includes a rechargeable battery of its own (5/5)

To use a USB cable for wall adapters, you must have one of your own. The box did not include a wall adapter. I have adapters for cameras, cell phones, Bluetooth speakers, etc. , so I'm fine, but I called the company's customer support and was informed there is no wall adapter included. You should not be deterred by the Amazon description Rechargeable Lithium battery integrated (1200 mA / hour, The sixth version). Connect the charger as follows A 100-word summary Don't be fooled by the "240V AC" label. An error message will not appear that says "Charger Input 100" The adapter can be used with a 240V system". Provide your own if you don't have any. I'll begin by stating that I have used this only one time, and it worked like a charm. I'm a first-time user, so I can attest that it opens wine bottles easily and quickly. According to the description! When I have used it it is charged We will figure out the longevity at a later time, not before, as they suggest.

Jase HOPE - 10/01/2021
This is a definite keeper! It has a very sleek design, is quite efficient, and has a very good foil cutter, though I have not used it long enough to know how many bottles it can open without recharging it (5/5)

There is a new recharging cord suitable for use with the new battery that is USB-type. It has a USB receiver built into the plug that goes into the electrical outlet. It works like those adapters that you purchase for your smart phone, but this time you don't even need to buy one. I have received compliments both on how it looks and how well it works so far from this lovely red and black cutie sitting on my kitchen counter!.

Ezra Melendez - 05/02/2021