iPihsius Wall Mounted Rustic Bottle Opener Review

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  • Screws are provided for mounting on the wall.
  • Installation is simple and quick.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fragile.

Selected User Reviews For iPihsius Wall Mounted Rustic Bottle Opener

To learn more, please take a look at the following The bottles break when it does this (1/5)

The three that I bought are all the same. The three of them will break the glass at the top of the bottle because they are improperly By grabbing both the lid and lip of the bottle, it does not scratch However, you will have to exercise great care before using Unless you handle the glass correctly, you will be left with shards of glass. These many different bottle types have also been tested by me. Today, they are just wall decorations that I put up from time to time when I feel However, I have lost more beers than I can count. There are other places you can look. I like how they look, however.

Brayden Lindsay - 05/01/2021
This is a three-part series A pack of wall-mounting screws How about bottle openers that mount on your wall? I would appreciate it if you could (5/5)

This is Friday and we've got rain, which means I can't work. I think it's time to write a review. As I shopped for a wall-mount bottle opener, I honestly had no idea I would find one that looked as good as I had hoped - and for three times the price. You can't do better than this! Gosh, what a thing! As a result, I had the delightful task of finding two other locations for the extra ones I had obtained, so that was the end of that. A friend of mine might not have one on his wall, so I thought, hey, I'll go ask him! As a result, I'm going to give one of them to a Please don't take offense if I spoiled anything for you, Dwayne, if you're reading this. So I installed mine as soon as I got it, and I am now going to tell you what I found The thing opens some bottles like a champ. You can't really ask for anything more, can you? Here is the product for you if you're looking for something that opens a bottle, and comes with two extras so that you can open bottles in your kitchen, parlor, or bar even if there is a line of people waiting for them to open one. I can't think of anything else to add. You may not believe it, but it opens bottles. Yet, I am in love with.

Julianna Molina - 15/06/2021
Not only do they look good, but they're not functional, either! The design of bottle openers looks good for decoration, but the angle from which they are made makes it impossible to open bottles without spilling drinks (1/5)

It appears to be an issue with the manufacturer's casting mold since it applies to all 4 in the package I received. I find it sad that the designs look great but are.

Enoch Page - 05/01/2021
You can see the picture here (1/5)

There will be no opening of the bottles for any of them. The garbage was thrown out all at the same time.

Giana Richards - 02/04/2021
I consider it to be my Any device can be opened by this thing! No beer dries out or chips at the bottle edge (5/5)

All beers seem to open smoothly and without complaint. After putting it through high stress tests, it worked very well for the first twenty or Soon after the problem began to occur, I noticed that when I insert a bottle, it moved a little. There's only a little room for improvement I'll drink a beer every few minutes for the next ten As it kept moving, it quickly got out of control! I believed that, after opening the third case of beers, the doors were actively resisting having a bottle inserted into them. The little bugger is quite clever. My 49th bottle of beer was about to open when I fell asleep trying to chase it down. My heart was happy to notice that after resting for a few hours, it had resumed its normal functions the following day. Perhaps if a second one were added along with the first one (thereby distributing the workload) there would be a positive effect. *br>Overall,.

Kingsley Velasquez - 10/07/2021
The squirt is caused by why? (3/5)

This is the first bottle opener I have bought and I thought it would be the same as the rest. Although it might seem that way, I have now mounted two of these and both cause beer to squirt out of the bottle upon opening. doesn't happen every time, but it happens at least 80% of the time given that those ladders are usually used in the back yard, usually near the pool, so it's no big deal. If I want to rinse my arm off, I can always stick it in the pool. However, it certainly surprises people when they try it for the first time.

Gia Galvan - 24/04/2021
Constructed with durability in mind (5/5)

A bottle opener made of wood mounted on a wall was my gift to him for his birthday last year. Adding to it, I have purchased a Corona opener for a considerable amount of money. I didn't want to open the bottles because it was beautiful but worthless. After scrolling down, I found these three items and noticed they had good reviews, so I decided to try them out. The cap-removal device is definitely worth the price, it's a beast! It will remove bottle caps in a single motion no problem at all! The wood signs I produce for my small business are excellent and I definitely will purchase more of them.

Eliseo Phillips - 24/01/2021
Is able to smash In your beer, why would you want to put shards in it? The fact that there have never been any walls used by us does not mean we are extremely strong- Bottle opener is mounted on the wall (2/5)

I picked up the new bottle opener at a thrift store because it was well worn. The first day was not kind to this one as 3 out of 6 beer bottles were broken! Discussion of the risks was necessary How should we dispose of the whole bottle of How about half a cup filled with half a drink? How should I remove the shards? Is a sieve the best method? There should be no need for that to happen. IT does not have any teeth which may or may not be a problem, I'm not sure! The only thing we will do is alert all our guests until we uncover a bottle opener that does not threaten our internal organs.

Valentin Abbott - 18/01/2021