Inewex Gold Rimmed Unbreakable Plastic Champagne Flutes Review

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Score By Feature Based on 25 ratings

Value for money 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.3 
  • Gives a great look to your drinking stuff.
  • Best for small gatherings.
  • May not be liked by some champagne lovers.

Inewex Gold Rimmed Unbreakable Plastic Champagne Flutes Product Description

Tritan is the material we use for our drinkware. The manufacturer of Tritan copolyester is Eastman and it is approved by the FDA as well as listed by the ESSA. Buy Inewex Champagne Shatterproof Dishwasher

  • It is manufactured from Tritan, a durable, reusable, BPA-free, nontoxic and completely nontoxic plastic that is made without harmful chemicals. UNIQUE QUALITY - This unique set of champagne glasses is made from metal. To ensure that each glass is both safe and high quality, we put it through rigorous third party testing to ensure it is odorless and clear.
  • This tritan champagne glass is shatterproof, durable, and convenient. Broken glass champagne flutes are potentially dangerous, but this glass is shatterproof and safe. Indoor and outdoor parties can be held with this fantastic tablecloth. Similarly, if you are fond of outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, traveling at the beach and so on, this champagne glass is perfect.
  • Material is high-quality, durable, shatterproof, and reusable. You won't have to worry about breaking wine glasses when you drop them, so you can enjoy life to its fullest.
  • THE BEST DISHWASHER SAFE - The premium Tritan material is absolutely pesticides, chemical, BPA and protein free, and it has NONE of the harmful toxic ingredients. A rigorous quality test has been conducted on the champagne glass that can withstand hundreds of washings. The dishwashing machine is the perfect option for cleaning it.
  • This product is multifunctional, great for champagne, sangria, sodas, wine, sparkling wines, cocktails, sparkling cider, lemonade, chocolate mousse, ice cream sundaes, sorbet, as well as cold These are perfect for catering, food service, picnics, weddings, buffets, family reunions, and industrial.

Selected User Reviews For Inewex Gold Rimmed Unbreakable Plastic Champagne Flutes

I like the quality of the At the bridal shower, good quality glass was used for the mimosa bar (5/5)

Their performance is satisfactory to me. The material is nice enough to wash and re-use!.

Lilith Gardner - 06/07/2021
For champagne, the cutest stemless plastic glasses are available (5/5)

This is a cute stemless champagne glass made of plastic. Since I have only used them once and handled them with care, I am unable to speak to whether the gold rim will fade with use and handling. As a filled item, they are sturdy but not too heavy. Thank you for the great.

Royce Gorman - 18/07/2021
This is a great deal for its price (5/5)

It's durable too!.

Keith Mullins - 25/05/2021
A durable material (5/5)

A well-made and simple to operate product. Love the classic and festive look of these!.

Watson Buckley - 13/02/2021
It is superb (4/5)

It's a good thing.

Alana Peck - 28/03/2021