IMIYOKU Bar Mat Review

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Easy to clean 4.0 
Giftable 4.0 
Value for money 3.1 
  • Durable and sturdy built
  • Comes in different colors
  • NO holes to drain water

IMIYOKU Bar Mat Product Description

The IMIYOKU Bar Mats are made of durable non-toxic rubber material, which is heavy-duty enough to be used for a long time without deteriorating. It is non-slip, heat-resistant, protects your tables from scratches, prevents overflow spills, and can even prevent glasses from breaking. By providing airflow beneath wet glasses, you will dry them much quicker and more efficiently, as well as avoid spills. Warm, soapy water can be used to clean the mats. They are easy to clean, non-fading, and quick to dry.

  • The set includes three 18" x 12" x 0" mats that are packaged in a board. Dimensions 4" plus 23" by 3" plus 0" Four plus twelve inches by six and a half inches by zero. Four 4-inch lengths of fabric were cut by machine so that there was no rough edge. They are functional and decorative mats in a perfect size for daily use and they go with all types of tables and bars.
  • MADE OF SOFT RUBBISH IMIYOKU Bar Mats are made of a soft rubber material that is non-toxic and durable enough to withstand continued use for a long time. This non-slip dishmat is heat-resistant and helps protect your table from scratches, unnecessary spills, and water damage.
  • The bristled design allows air to flow underneath wet glasses for quick and efficient air drying. It absorbs accidental spills or splashes as well.
  • CARE FOR The IMIYOKU bar mats can be cleaned using soapy water, they can also be easily brushed, they do not fade, and they dry exceptionally fast. Leaving the mat rolled up and stored in the cabinet will save space and make it more convenient to store.
  • This mat is multi-purpose because it can be used on Bars, Coffee Machines, Kitchens, Dining Tables, Barbers, and Litter Boxes. You can give them to your mom or dad, friends or relatives on Mother's Day or Father's Day. There are three different sizes of mats that you can choose from to meet your different needs, both indoors and outdoors.

Questions & Answers

A smaller box is included with them. There was some folding to the two largest Matts, but no damage. They stood up straight after lying flat and weighing down.

Selected User Reviews For IMIYOKU Bar Mat

Cleanup is easier with this (5/5)

I'm tired of cleaning sticky messes off the counter after mixing drinks with the family in the past year or so. They are great! I bought a two pack and have been using them for quite a while now. A group of two bowls is used for preparing food, such as cutting/squeezing citrus, rimming glasses, etc. , and a group of two for mixing ingredients and pouring drinks. It doesn't matter how big the mat is, if we're simply keeping a drink then we only need one. In the sink, I rinse them off afterward and then I lay them on our drying rack to dry. They do arrive a bit crinkled from being folded for shipping, but they have straightened out since then. I roll them up to store them in a drawer and they unroll flat every time. A potential con to these maps is that they are excellent at being non-slip, so each tiny piece of food on your counter will get picked up by the bottom of the maps. It has become a habit of mine to wipe the counter before I lay these out just to be on the safe side. It tends to be less of a problem if they hang out at bars or something like this all evening. Although, it is still relatively easy to rinse the debris off of the back.

Whitley Thompson - 06/05/2021
The skin is wrinkled and warped (1/5)

It's funny how the day I got them they were warped and wonky. have let them sit for 3 days and they still haven't gotten their act together. There are no words to describe how horrific they look. This majorly attracts your attention due to how warped and convoluted they look.

Felipe Chavez - 27/02/2021
Water bowls are a good use for this (5/5)

In order to keep the hardwood floor from getting water on it around the dog's water bowl, I use these. Despite being sloppy, the bowl grips well, and it can handle a dog that is sloppy.

Skyler Ford - 03/05/2021
Lays flat but won't lie The product was intended for home use on a bar (2/5)

I returned it because it was too wrinkled, but the seller was very accommodating.

Monroe Hayes - 02/03/2021
Mats made from authentic materials (5/5)

I love the product and the quality is great. I am pleased with this purchase and will buy again in the future.

Mya Levy - 14/05/2021
The mats in this series are not all the same color (3/5)

I ordered a set of yellow bar mats that were in varying shades of the same color (at least, that's what the For those who would prefer and expect this, the two do not match.

Leon Wood - 19/01/2021
It's easy to clean up (5/5)

Our bartenders love them, and we bought them for our home. We found these online and they are great quality. It makes cleaning up much easier as well as protecting our wooden bar top. I would recommend it to anyone.

Marcellus Frost - 11/07/2021
Received part of the order but not the whole There is a poor quality to the product (2/5)

Two of the three pieces were missing from the set of three.

Hattie Bradshaw - 17/03/2021