Ilyapa Glass Beverage Dispenser Review

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Durability 4.9 
Leak proof 4.6 
Value for money 4.5 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Easy to assemble 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.2 
  • Easy to fill.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easily leaks.
  • Too fragile.

Ilyapa Glass Beverage Dispenser Product Description

Your guests are sure to be impressed by Illyapa’s beautifully crafted outdoor beverage dispenser, featuring a thick glass jar with vintage styling. The perfect wedding favor for formal or casual events such as dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, reunions, and mitzvahs. Featuring an easy-to-fill and easy-to-clean wide mouth opening, it holds up to 1 gallon of liquid and is great for party use. In addition to lemonade, tea, limeade, orange juice, sangria, punch, ice water, and a lot more, this dispenser is perfect for cold beverages such as lemonade, tea, limeade, and limeade.

  • ENHANCE YOUR EVENT - Our exquisite Outdoor Beverage Dispenser boasts a thick glass jar with vintage styling and a sturdy metal base that will impress everyone at your event. These are the perfect favors to give for every occasion including dinner parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, reunions, and mitzvahs.
  • We designed this glass jar with a wide mouth opening and a wide opening for easy filling and cleaning. With this dispenser, you're able to enjoy everything from lemonade to tea to limeade to orange juice to sangria to punch to ice water. It is only safe to wash your hands.
  • A STURDY METAL BASE - Our glass drink dispenser is positioned on a sturdy metal base so you can easily fill your cup with drink. Thanks a lot!
  • It comes with a mini hanging chalkboard, chalk, and a stainless steel spigot, so you can label your drinks and it does not rust, break or leak. Also included is a small hanger for drawing on, as well as a small chalk board. As is the case with all stainless steel spigots, our product is corrosion-resistant and food grade.
  • We guarantee all our beverage dispensers for life and will replace them absolutely free of charge. There is an automatic 1-year warranty attached to this glass drink dispenser. Take advantage of a free lifetime warranty by signing up online.

Questions & Answers

Obviously you can control the flow, but personally I wouldn't buy it due to its extremely prone to rusting cover.
Because it is designed to be poured slowly, it would likely pour very slowly.
My dishwasher does the job, so I assume that's the best way.
Can they cut back on what "essentials".

Selected User Reviews For Ilyapa Glass Beverage Dispenser

It drips liquid condensation from the metal top into the jar as it rusts! The jars are used for storing filtered water (1/5)

I've had with this product is the evaporation/condensation of water on these metal tops, which leads to rust! I then get this rusty liquid in my filtered water because it drips from the jar! There is no stainless steel (or at least no quality stainless steel on the top! This is the first time I've had rust on stainless steel! There is no way I would have made the same decision had I chosen a glass dispenser lid. Here is an example of rust that has only been around for a few hours. Yesterday, I did a thorough cleaning and dried everything well. When I was a kid, the rust was much worse!.

Rowen White - 30/01/2021
Buy a high-quality model instead of a cheap one (5/5)

Since I have a $12 Walmart gift card, I got this As soon as I sat it down on my counter, I crushed the mart version. You didn't even have to put it down hard, just gently set it down and it broke into a thousand razor blades Shards of razor sharp glass. On that one, I found some parts of the glass to be paper thin At some point, it was going to break. It was just lucky it wasn't full when it did. There is a vast difference in quality between this one and the previous one. Glass is thicker throughout, the spigot is nice, and there is a little chalkboard sticker to remind you where you are It's cute how the board looks. With it, I am able to write weird messages for my girlfriend and it is really A fan comes with the spigot (I splurged and got the metal one) I'm freaking out This is fantastic. I love using it because it is so smooth to use and there's no leak. My previous beverage dispenser felt like it would break every time I turned it on and off. The plastic one from this one works just as well as the plastic dispenser. There is a lot of thickness to this one. As well, I like the placement of the spigot much better than my previous one. This one had the spigot about two inches from the bottom, leaving a little over a quarter of a gallon in there when you started to try to get the rest out by tilting it. The gap in this one is about 3/4 inch from the bottom, so virtually all the liquid is out before you need to tip this one. I didn't even consider this when I bought it, but it was a surprisingly big improvement. In sum, this is a great purchase.

Rodney Chandler - 12/07/2021
Exactly what I was looking for! My daughter's sweet 16 tea party required me to get these water bottles so that I could make sure there was water on hand for guests (5/5)

I was worried about them leaking, but I thought they were cute so I decided to get them. The moment I opened the box, heavy, metal spigots were to be found! Overnight, I assembled them according to the instructions and filled them with water. I don't mind at all. In the intervening time, I have hosted two parties without any issues. It is impossible for me to imagine a world without these.

Abigail WHITEHOUSE - 29/05/2021
They are very fragile (1/5)

I bought 4 of them as wedding gifts. I had two gallons of sticky lemonade on my hands and a plastic spoon broke while stirring it. I was short one container of beverage and had gallons of sticky lemonade to clean up at the most inconvenient time! Upon closer inspection, there was a hole measuring about 4" in diameter on the back of the dispenser! There was so much upset in me. However, the other 3 worked fine and did not leak at all, but it was a waste of money to spend so much on something like this.

Kye Booth - 04/02/2021
That is the dispenser that you want! Party punch is a specialty of mine, and I am known for entertaining a lot In the past four years, I have gone through four dispensers (5/5)

I've been dreaming of having a dispenser like this for years, it's one I designed The spout is wide, so clogs are less of a problem, and the easy-to-fix design makes it ideal. Standing containers on a stand helps keep them off surfaces so that they are easier to pour from and they stay insulated. It is easy to carry due to the handles and keeps the container off surfaces. As much as I could go on and on, so keep this brief. I believe the manufacturer listened to feedback, thought about the use of the unit, and went far beyond what was expected with this machine.

Ember Schmidt - 09/01/2021
I found this to be very useful Filling beverage bottles with labels (5/5)

The product would be a good purchase in the future. I am very impressed with the quality of this product. If I shake the bottle up with water in it to clean it out, it does leak a little bit. Because this is a new item, it could be that the seal has not seated itself properly yet. This resolution may very well take time. In that case, I clean it over the sink anyway so there is really no point in worrying about the leak. It is easy to clean the inside of the jar thanks to the large opening on top. Despite its small size, the spigot is very sturdy.

Ricardo Mendoza - 13/06/2021
This product is exactly as advertised (5/5)

Good quality, heavy glass and I like the metal spigot on top. Watch the 1-minute video on installing the spigot if you have not already done so. Definitely worth it and may help you avoid headaches in the future.

Meilani Silva - 05/06/2021
I wish it was available to me (1/5)

This was bought in February and I have never taken it out of the box. Today is the first time I am using it- There's a HUGE crack in the floor. I have an inoperative drink dispenser since my return window is closed. I am devastated! It seems the moral of the story is to open the box and discover what's inside Make sure it is free of errors as soon as possible.

Violet Torres - 03/03/2021