Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler Review

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  • It's a cordless cooler.
  • Have the ability to double-up the cooling level.
  • handle quality isn't that good.

Questions & Answers

This product is not very strong it lasts only 4 hours, but its power gradually depletes as the load of it increases. It's good for me, but it takes a lot of ice bags to keep my ice cold. I use it in my small pickup truck.
The charger does not require a 110ac converter as I charge it in my car using a 110ac adapter, but if you buy a car charger with the same adapter specifications it will work fine.
You can blow cold air into it only if you get ice inside of it otherwise, you will not get any cold air.
The size of the refrigerator is 18" x 20" x 30" (L x W x H).

Selected User Reviews For Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler

You need to be careful when handling the I have an air cooler and a cooler! They both work well (3/5)

It is also heavy even when empty, and the handle was broken when it was delivered. You can see visible air pockets and bubbles in the plastic from the molding process. The plastic broke at the weakest point just from the shipping process. It is impossible to move when full with one person because there is no handle. It is a real disappointment. Besides that, I find it amusing.

Harrison Jimenez - 08/02/2021
The cooler has a blower, but that's all it is (1/5)

It's not the way I want it! The swamp cooler and the regular cooler should have been bought. In my opinion, it actually refrigerates and cools the inside of the vehicle Once ice has been added, it will You can use it to keep cool, just like As soon as it melts, the ice disappears. I don't think it's worth the money!.

Hezekiah Good - 25/02/2021
It works great but the handles broke (5/5)

In this case, I would recommend exchanging it instead of giving it a negative review.

Natalie Mayo - 07/05/2021
Cools air in the surrounding area but not the surrounding area itself (1/5)

Even though I knew that a swamp cooler would not be able to cool a large space, expecting better results was still a bit disappointing. With a thermometer about 12 inches from the airflow, I measured the temperature in my car as soon as I closed the doors. Temperatures ranged from 94 to 102 A total of 22 pounds of ice was added to the unit, and the machine ran for an In all, the temperature declined not one degree, and the ice had all We are returning it today because it was a waste of money.

Saoirse Riddle - 22/05/2021
I love it (2/5)

It is likely that Daw works.

Charlee Oneill - 31/05/2021