Igloo ICEB26RR Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Easy to use 4.5 
Flavor 4.4 
Noise level 4.0 
Value for money 3.9 
  • With removable basket and a scooper.
  • Less noise.
  • No freezing function preventing ice from melting.

Igloo ICEB26RR Product Description

If you’re looking for an ice maker with a retro feel, Igloo’s retro countertop ice maker is the perfect choice. The mini machine, which measures 9.6 x 14.7 x 12.4, produces nine small, medium, and large bullet cubes in seven minutes and produces up to 26 pounds of ice each day (the inner basket can also hold 2 pounds at a time).

  • The retro metallic red ice maker looks good on a countertop while its convenient size and mobility makes it convenient for you to use it wherever or whenever you need ice.
  • This unit will produce 26 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period when both the water tank and the ice maker are filled with water - enough to keep drinks cold all day.
  • Storage capacity of 2 pounds of ice at a time is the standard for this product.
  • Makes 9 cubes of ice that look like cylinders.
  • This convenient and easy-to-use electronic control panel tells you when to add water, when the ice basket is full and lets you pick the size of the ice. It includes LED lights to indicate when to add water and when the ice basket is full.
  • TRANSPARENCY - The large transparent lid makes it simple to view the size of the ice cubes inside.
  • TRANSFER ICE CUBES - Easy removal of ice basket allows ice cubes to be transferred.
  • A SIMPLE WAY TO SERVE - Remove the ice basket when you have a large amount of ice, then use the scoop provided to fill the glasses with ice.
  • To drain water from the unit when not in use, you can remove the drain plug.

Questions & Answers

We are very grateful to Chris for testing in the field and for sharing pertinent tech details. The following is a post that I made using the It just got tested" "I just got done with testing it.". When the ice tray is filled with ice, it takes five watts for it to start. I had a problem with my inverter when the compressor went on. When I turned on my ac at home, I saw 210 watts. In the end, 130 comes into play once things settle down. The inverter has a 2500 watt rating, it's really old, and its wires are a little shorter so not really the best solar test. In my case, this past weekend, I ran the machine on AC all weekend long. Throughout the weekend, the ice flowed at an amazing pace. It is a very good ice maker, and I would recommend it to anybody.
Tap water is what mostly used. As far as I can tell, you could use bottled water if it does not have any additives that may affect the machine, but I have very good water, so I use that.
Only when it is plugged in will the power light come on. When the ice is stuck, a light flashes usually because the ice basket is filled with ice. You should be able to resume production once you empty the ice bucket and press the light.
This kind of machine wears out and stops working in 31 days.

Selected User Reviews For Igloo ICEB26RR

You should beware! It was an exciting experience receiving this product (1/5)

We ordered it and were very pleased with Reading all the instruction before doing anything is a good idea. ice cubes for about 5 seconds, then stopped and the room started smelling like it was After unplugging it and trying different outlets, it still did not work. After another five ice cubes were added, it again started to smell hot. Upon contacting Amazon, we were told that we were unable to return the product since it contained hazardous materials, so we could not get a refund. In addition to the refund, they said they'd give us a new card within a week It may take up to five The movie was a This is what I wanted to share with people so they would be aware of what could happen.

Gianna Santiago - 30/06/2021
I didn't expect to find it like this, but I am impressed (5/5)

In the end, I decided on the red model after reading tons of reviews of various smaller household ice-makers. Because I had never owned one of these and none of my friends had either, I had a kind of Living in a desert, I have a lot of ice water to drink, and probably go through four trays of ice cubes in a day. This sort of surprised me as I sort of thought it would eliminate my need to buy $2 bags of ice whenever I go out to play on the weekends, however, this small ice maker is not really up to the task. My favorite thing about using it is that it keeps a batch of cubes ready to fill my coffee cups throughout the day and night, and it work out perfectly for the time it takes to create a new batch. some noise is made by the fans, but it is not overly loud. The power is simply unplugged at night or when I'm traveling, and then everything seems to work fine. thought this was very well put together. Since I've had it for a few weeks, I've been very happy with the purchase and the way it is serving my purpose in my smaller kitchen.

Amelie Mora - 23/02/2021
The shipping was fast, but the ice cubes accumulated and didn't drop into the As my Costway broke down, I needed a new one and since it was not delivered by Amazon Prime it would take longer (3/5)

The igloo is a name brand, and I got it quicker. It is not worth the money. It works when you baby it, but I plan on getting the Costway since it was more reliable and you did not have.

Jayleen Dunn - 05/05/2021
I hope you have a fun ice crunching day! It is my thing to keep running the ice maker in our fridge until it breaks down (5/5)

This was my husband's gift to me, and it is perfect! I love it so much! My favorite product when I bought sonic ice was bags of I now have the ice made for me on my way home by my husband, since this way, it is more than just ice. *br>It makes the most delicious eating ice, easy to crunch and it makes me There's nothing like the simple things in life to make me It's awesome to have an ice maker like this. About 6 minutes after it makes its first dump, it begins making ice. A new one appeared every 6 to 8 minutes after the first. I'm always happy when I'm with her.

Aubrielle Martin - 29/06/2021
After one year of work, I stopped working - In accordance with the warranty, Igloo customer service refunded promptly (3/5)

*********** Final update, 01 July 2020 ********Although my ice maker failed after one year, I was extraordinarily impressed with Igloo's customer service. They returned my calls in a timely manner and provided me with a convenient way to find out what was wrong. Within less than 24 hours, I received a letter asking for a photo of the unit with a cut electrical cord, and immediately was offered the choice between a replacement unit and a As I learned after further research, one company manufactures these units for most of the big name brands, which means they basically all last the same length of time. In light of these facts, I give the product three stars simply for the promptness of the customer service at Igloo. **Update 28 June 2020 ***br>*br>Unfortunately, the ice maker stopped working just a few days shy of one year after it was received. While the unit is powered on, all of the lights are blinking. The unit will not draw This morning, I contacted the company to inquire about the warranty and whether a replacement unit will be provided or a refund will be requested. As soon as they honor their warranty, my review will be updated. If none of these are met, the review remains as follows Please note *br*br*- Please find the original review after the break. I bought this Igloo ice maker as a backup because the ice maker in my kitchen freezer decides to stop working every so often The temperature goes up in the summer months since we make a lot of homemade ice cream. It has been working perfectly for me for the past two months, allowing me to use it at least three times per week for eight to ten hours per day. When the large setting is used, ice can be produced in 8 to 9 minutes. When the basket is full, the machine automatically stops producing ice until the basket is emptied, but I've heard it can run up to six cycles before that happens. I usually empty the basket after three or four cycles. I myself do not find the machine to be loud when it is running, but you can definitely hear the ice dropping into the basket when it does.

Maxton Crowley - 21/01/2021
It's not possible to get a refund from Amazon on a defective product when you first request it (4/5)

You followed the set up instructions, but the item didn't work out of the box. After following suggestions to talk to an expert on Amazon first, I went back to that expert, who asked about the plug and any damage, and then refused to accept my return, and as a result, pointed me to the Since Amazon does not provide any support, I will need to figure this out on my own. I am updating As a result of calling the igloo and then the manufacturer, I was directed back to Amazon to exchange the defective item. A day of wasting time and numerous calls with Amazon ended with the company agreeing. The ice maker is working great after months of having the old one replaced. This is done on a daily basis. A 4 star review has been changed from a 1 star review.

Makayla Rios - 04/01/2021
My Igloo is a dream come true! All day I eat ice, it is how I rid myself of soda cold turkey, but I could not maintain it with my regular ice maker in the fridge (5/5)

Using the igloo, it takes about 40 minutes to build a full basket (enough time to binge watch a streaming episode of your favorite show). As I was running low on ice maker buckets, I loaded three baskets into it. My Frappuccinos taste great when the crushed ice button is pressed because the ice pieces are not hard to bite and are not hard to chew.

Lucy Stephens - 05/02/2021
This is a really good ice maker (5/5)

The ice maker I have is perfectly fine and I can't understand why other people complain about it. I love the way it works. It is a pleasure for me to make 20 lbs of large ice and I have no complaints. Putting the ice in the freezer will cause it to stick together, but it can easily be broken apart. In a plastic bowl, I allow them to dry for a while, shake them until they break apart, then place them in a.

Deborah McClure - 10/01/2021