Ibambo Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws Review

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Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.5 
Flavor 4.3 
Easy to clean 4.3 
  • Affordable.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Not that durable than other choices.
  • Short life span.

Ibambo Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws Product Description

By avoiding single-use plastic straws, you can reduce waste. IBAMBO offers 10 premium reusable washable straws that can be used for months without fusing. When it comes time to discard these straws, there are no worries about being environmentally conscious. The bamboo straw is made from natural bamboo material, so you can rest assured you’ll be using a product that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. There is no BPA in these BPA-free reusable straws. They are free of dyes, inks, and petroleum-based chemicals.

  • Reusable, biodegradable, and compostable - Use them instead of single-use plastic straws that end up in the landfill. The Ibambo product line includes ten premium reusable washable straws you can use for months at a time. These biodegradable and compostable straws won't make you feel guilty when it's time to throw them away. Combined with the natural bamboo flatware set from Ibambo, these straws make a great set.
  • Made of natural bamboo, we're happy to inform you that you're going to use a product that is safe and non-toxic. The BPA-free reusable straws we make do not contain dyes, inks, or petroleum-based chemicals, and they are as safe for kids as plastic straws are for adults.
  • This reusable straw is versatile and resistant to a wide range of temperatures and can be used whatever the beverage temperature A hot beverage made with bamboo will not cause your lips to crack or burn while you sip it.
  • SMOOTH MOUTHFEELT - With Ibambo the taste of your drink will be the same as before. It doesn't have the artificial taste that metal straws have. Metal drinking straws bite your lips and are not biodegradable, but bamboo straws are. In addition to being ideal for users with sensitive teeth, our bamboo straws are also ideal for individuals who need to drink with a straw.
  • These bamboo reusable drinking straws look great and have a very Plastics and metals can be artificially colored or cold-looking, but natural materials have a natural beauty. Also, you get the chance to have an impact on the environment, oceans, and turtles.

Questions & Answers

A Chinese manufacturer made them. If Amazon required where the products were made to be included in the description, I would be happier.
So far, I have not put in a You get a pipette brush with them that you can use to clean them with. Cleaning my straws with hot soapy water is what I do. The straws I have are great!
This straw can be used multiple times and is reusable Easy to clean! You can use it in a number of ways. In such situations, you should be sure to take necessary measures to make sure that the straws last long, much like any other wood or bamboo.
Straws made of these materials will not degrade if you use them with hot liquids! It's best to wash and dry them after each use to eliminate any creepy-crawlies Snare crawlies and suckers of any form of inedible, non-nutritional matter You can pick any toxic fluid you want!

Selected User Reviews For Ibambo Natural Bamboo Drinking Straws

As I speak, our world is getting hotter as an enormous storm hits (5/5)

It's the worst hurricane since Katrina. RESIDING ON THE EST U. S. Coast. I think we as a planet of a new generation will need to make changes to the way we do things now. We have to change or face the fact that our planet will die not that long from now. BAMBOO Straws are not the same as grocery bags, so we should not use them, but we can ban them. We are witnessing a death of sorts in the oceans, partly due to plastic. Sea turtles are killed by strewn nets. Hence, this is an opportunity to make things better. You can find more if you take it. What about your children? Do you love them? Change is coming.

Maxine Carpenter - 26/04/2021
That is a nasty taste in my mouth( (3/5)

You could end up with a funky taste if you leave one in the drink for over I know I want to love these, but I just can't. A great price can be found here. The only thing I've found is that they do not split or crack like the The taste, however, is just too much for me. Does that sound like mold to you? The fact is that I thoroughly wash the sponges after each use, which makes this impossible.

Misael Lynch - 28/04/2021
I like to drink with eco-friendly The BIKO straws are eco-friendly and re-usable, making them a great choice for convenience! The fact that parts of the proceeds go to saving the pandas is an added bonus (5/5)

We are saving not only the Earth but also the pandas by not using plastic. Could not be more excited about BIKO's plans to offer a variety of sizes & colors They are colorful.

London Hayden - 20/07/2021
They're not my cup of tea (1/5)

These are what I am going to use for fruit shakes and fraps. I am unable to fulfill your request. Basically, it is to make me believe that I would not be able to suck up anything. My goal is to find some that I can see if the opening is wide enough at a store. I will do so They cannot be returned and can't be used for the purposes I wanted them for. You might consider describing the size of the inside of the straw in the description so that customers know what the product is like.

Waverly Hayes - 18/06/2021
This is a unique product, and is environmentally friendly too! There is nothing like this product on the market! Recently, there has been a surge in environmental consciousness Despite not being environmentally friendly, this is a product you may enjoy even if you aren't too concerned about the environment (5/5)

My first impression is that I never used straws that much. I just normally drink straight from the glass with no straw, but since I bought these straws I can't stop using them! When people come to my house and ask where my clothes came from, I almost always get compliments. As it should be, it takes a few uses for one to adapt to the difference between plastic and bamboo. It's okay to get used to it, but a normal straw feels weird at first. A bamboo straw set is a must for every household!.

Ansley Roberts - 12/01/2021
There's no point in using these in OK so originally I thought they were going to be bigger and longer but they are about the size of a pencil there for drinks you can use them in smoothies but I mean drinks is what they are for and they are pretty short compared to other bamboo straws I've bought so far (5/5)


Regina Pollard - 24/03/2021
Waste and plastic can be cut down in this way! These straws are made from great materials and come with a brush to keep them clean (5/5)

To everyone in my family, I gave one of each - We will no longer use plastic straws! Be sure to clean out your straws with a brush! I found some wood fibers inside the straw, but the brush and water I used to clean it out removed them easily.

Elle Maddox - 08/06/2021
I think it's great in every way! There is nothing better then having a piece of healthy and environmentally friendly merchandise on hand! These straws are so cool, and they are reusable, which is just awesome! The service was excellent (5/5)

In fact, we kept the packaging because it kept the straws together in a convenient container. In the upcoming summer I will have a party and will definitely buy more, if not already. Buying this was a great decision!.

Kason Avery - 31/03/2021