I-MART Stainless Steel Champagne Bottle Stopper Review

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Easy to use 5.0 
Freshness 4.4 
Leak proof 4.1 
Value for money 4.1 
Giftable 4.0 
  • Made from high quality material.
  • Keeps the bubbles in the champagne.
  • Maintains the freshness in the champagne by sealing the bottle.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Rusts after several uses.

I-MART Stainless Steel Champagne Bottle Stopper Product Description

Many stoppers achieve vacuum sealing without a separate pump, which is one of the best ways to preserve your drink for days. It can protect your champagne for about two weeks with the I-MART champagne bottle stopper. It is necessary to press repeatedly on the button at the top to activate the seal. A stopper makes it possible to keep the drink fresh for many days once the bottle is vacuum sealed.

A chrome coating provides durability to the stainless steel stopper. It is for sure that it ensures your champagne is bubbly. Moreover, the seal provides leak-proof storage of champagne, which is possible whether it is horizontally or vertically stored. The adapter can be used to fit both standard bottles and bottles such as wine or beer.

  • The steel used in this product is high quality material.
  • Silver in color.
  • Most champagne bottles can be stopped by this sparkling stopper.
  • Chrome finish with a high gloss.
  • The product can be used repeatedly.

Questions & Answers

the corks are designed to lock beneath the rim of Champagne and sparkling wine bottles to prevent the cork from blowing
they come in separate boxes. Gifts can be given to them as they are separately packaged in plastic.
In a nutshell, yes. If you leave it upright in the fridge, no. Two bottles of champs remained good for two weeks with this product! It isn't the best choice for a picnic or if you walk for a mile in a lateral position.

Selected User Reviews For I-MART Stainless Steel Champagne Bottle Stopper

I don't know (2/5)

Even if the cost is high, perhaps it is worthwhile. I recommend using it daily and hourly, but not for longer periods (more than a few In terms of material quality, they are not of top quality but for the price, it makes sense. I dislike the length of the seal plug, but it is effective. You should spend a couple of dollars more to get the ones with longer plugs, as they will provide a longer, more secure seal. This was purchased as a quick fix for a busy pub and they are working well. However, I am looking forward to receiving a higher quality fix from one of my sales.

Anakin GREENWOOD - 02/02/2021
These people do the job well, but they're just ok (3/5)

There were six pictures in my collection, but I got 5 that I liked. Arriving at the hotel, one of the bottles had been broken. Having bought these before without any problems, I suspect that this might have been a one-time occurrence. Even though they're not of the highest quality, they're good enough for my restaurant's busy hours, where we pour lots of bubbly every day. If you are not going to drink the wine within two days, I wouldn't recommend using this at home.

Ben Choi - 28/06/2021
The inside of the frame is rusted The product is intended for single use (provided that it is not washed) (1/5)

A stainless steel surface may be visible from the outside, however something inside, perhaps a spring, may not be, and the water is thick with rusty rust after washing. If you don't notice the rust dripping into your sparkling rose, then you are wasting resources on a useless and potentially dangerous product.

Aspen Lopez - 11/03/2021
Quite a good idea, but I think it's just o (3/5)

k. The first thing to realize is, if you want a stopper that seals so you can lay it on its side, these are not the ones Those wing-shaped nozzles leak when laid on their side. They aren't designed to plug into the bottle, they just rely on spring force at the very top that keeps them in place by flipping down to grab onto the rim no matter how hard you push. Although it does not seal very well, it will keep your champs fresh for a couple days fine. Just not an ideal design, in my opinion.

Case Woodward - 20/07/2021
Make sure you keep that champagne bubbling (5/5)

What a great idea! It never goes bad, it simply keeps for days. The fact remains that after having a champagne puff in my passenger seat, make sure that you buckle that bottle as if it falls, this lid will do nothing to keep the champagne from exploding. As a result, if you rely on it to keep a leak from occurring, it's pretty unsafe.

Kaylee Villanueva - 26/06/2021
I think this is a good start (3/5)

I've only received five of the six that are listed but it claims to come in a pack of six. Except for that, it does not seem flimsy at all but is very solid, heavy, and solid. Let's hope it does what it's supposed to do.

Van DALE - 27/04/2021
I love this app (5/5)

It works flawlessly. As the primary sparkling wine drinker in the family, I am obviously not able to finish the entire bottle in one sitting. Besides keeping the wine fresh for another night, this topper also keeps the wine warm! The fizz continues for several days after it's added. The one I've shared with everyone has enjoyed it, but after a few months, it will start to rust a bit.

Ty Bonner - 18/04/2021
This is a good piece of work (5/5)

My tops tend to pop off I have tried many different ones. Rather than holding the top in place, these do the opposite. Bubbles in champagne are preserved, thus preserving the taste. It is a good It is not working tops that I have paid a lot more for. There are six of you. I would be willing to pay that price if it meant that I could preserve my bubble.

Cal Phillips - 28/04/2021