Hudson Durable Goods Apron Review

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Comfort 5.0 
Quality of material 4.9 
Versatility 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Durability 4.8 
Water resistance 4.5 
  • Military design.
  • Makes a proper fit on body.
  • Not suitable for short-height people.

Hudson Durable Goods Apron Product Description

In line with Hudson Durable’s tradition of combining style and function in its aprons, one can say that the Camouflage Model follows the same model guidelines. As camouflage is a great stain hider, this apron will not only make you look good, but you’ll look sharp as well. Whether you spend hours in the kitchen or if you just eat for half an hour, you will remain comfortable in the Professional Grade Chef Apron. Made from lightweight cotton twill, the chef apron will keep you cool and keep you comfortable. As the weight is distributed over the cross-back straps and off your neck, the apron will keep your shoulders and back from becoming fatigued. To ensure that you don’t lose your utensils, the HDG806A comes equipped with four secure pockets to help you store them while you work. A towel loop on this camo apron allows you to keep a dishtowel within easy reach, so you can clean a surface or wipe something dry at any time.

  • - a 100% cotton fabric.
  • A buckle design.
  • Style and Function - Hudson Durable Goods always comes up with aprons with the best of both worlds, and the Camouflage model does just that. This camo apron will let you look smart, even when you're cleaning. With camouflages well concealing stains, this camo apron will be another winner.
  • Designed for all-day comfort - No matter how long you spend in the kitchen or on the job, you will be comfortable when wearing this Professional Grade Chef Apron. Made with 10 oz cotton twill, it stays lightweight and will By placing the cross-back straps across your shoulders and your back, this apron will distribute the weight evenly and keep your neck free.
  • Towel Loop & Deep Pockets - The HDG806A features 4 secure pockets so you can store your utensils while you work so they won't get misplaced. The towel loop on this camo apron makes it easy to keep your dish towel nearby, so you can easily clean a surface or use it to wipe things dry during any meal.
  • The HDG806A is made from strong, high-quality, machine-washable cotton that can take heat from the kitchen, spills, and multiple rounds through the wash. The double stitching stitch and the metal grommets and rivets on this cotton apron ensure that it will keep its shape even after you wear and wash it for years to come.
  • Featuring an adjustable size and a quick release buckle, this chef apron is 34 by 27 inches long and provides full coverage from chest to knee. Camo apron HDG806A has long straps that adjust around your waistline. Whether you're 5' 3 or 6' 4 with a waistline of 50 inches or under, this camo apron fits you. Besides the fact that it looks good on men, it's also a nice option for women who are searching for aprons.

Questions & Answers

This can be used as a gift for 6'4" and he or she will like it.
It may not be possible to get an implant with a circumference of more than 50 inches. It doesn't matter what you weigh or how tall you are. One of the only things to keep an eye on is the circumference of Obviously, you will need to be slim to fit in this dress, but if you are fat and have a waist larger than 50" it will not suit you.
It is true. Two were bought as presents for Christmas and the embroidery was done on both.
An apron does not have wax on it. Jeans material such as Denim seems to be the material here. As long as you can iron a logo on your jeans, then you can iron one onto this apron that doesn't contain wax.

Selected User Reviews For Hudson Durable Goods Apron

The ten of them that I bought with my own money were worth each We just finished an event for 225 people, and these booths were a big hit with my crew (5/5)

The apron is so comfortable that it is easy to forget you are wearing it. The reason for this is because its design does not pull down on your neck. 5 starts for you! Yes, I know these are more expensive, but worth every dollar. Very nice looking with plenty of pockets and a towel holder that fits all sides, too.

Fernando Dorsey - 28/05/2021
This apron is fit for a king (5/5)

An apron fit for a man, definitely! Seeing as my husband ruins all of his t-shirts while he grills, I wanted him to have something to wear if he was going to grill The shirt. The reason he can't grill a single meal without splattering oil on himself baffles me, but hey, it is what it is, and it ain't changing anytime soon! Due to his attitude that aprons were for girls, I went on a hunt to find him an item of clothing he could wear while still feeling I guess that's all there is to It's those aprons with the ties around the neck that I resent the most. There is just something uncomfortable about it. There are no ties in this apron, which is very comfortable and also clips rather than ties in the back. My husband built our two car garage with his own hands and by himself, and I don't get why he can't tie a knot behind his back! Unfortunately, he is not able to do so. My advice is to purchase this apron, it is of very high quality and worth the price. It is already on sale, so just buy it now if you're reading this. This is a fantastic way to spend a few hours!.

Mae Caldwell - 04/02/2021
We have updated! I am extremely pleased with the customer service I have received (5/5)

I love it! However, what is wrong is- What's the product? As I recall, I purchased the "heavy duty" material rather than the waxed one, since the waxed one was said to be The first thing I did when I received my heavy duty apron was wash it, since I was going to apply scotchguard to waterproof it. Well, I then realized that I had received an apron that had been waxed I originally intended to do this, but due to being unavailable, I was unable to accomplish- It is impossible to wash an apron that is waxed! As a result, my new waxed apron is now covered in There were obviously some problems in the communication process*br>*br>- I would have given 5 stars if it hadn't been a miscommunication - I am updating *br>*br> After I wrote my first review, the company reached out to me immediately and sent me a brand new waxed apron with the option to keep the first one I had already Sadly, my chef boyfriend's job requires him to use that at work as well. *br>*br>The sturdiness of the boots cause them to be stiff at first, but if you keep using it, it will gradually break I give this item five.

Andy Barnes - 21/06/2021
Although it is really good, there are some issues (4/5)

When it is first received, it is stiff, but after a few washes it becomes softer. Despite its thickness and the fact that the rivets are sturdy, the material is quite thin. I am a big guy with a height of 6'2" and a weight of 290 pounds. There is a possibility that it could be The belt would sit right at your sides and would not provide much coverage, as it measures up to a 50-inch waist. My opinion is that the length could be a little longer. Unless I were a little shorter and skinnier, it would be perfect, and it would fit as it should, so if you are smaller than I am, it is a no brainer. This is amazing. In terms of the additional features that made me buy this product. Firstly, I liked the fact that the straps go over the shoulder and not around the neck and that there's an additional leather X on the back to make it more comfortable. OK so it makes sense that it feels weird at first, but you get used to it, but you must have it in the right place otherwise it just drives you insane and you take it out. This clip is used to secure it Ok, so they never remain in place because they are never tight enough. A lot of the time, they simply fall off. As a result, they are not staying, so I need to tie them. I did not mind these two flaws at all, but they are what made me choose this over other ones, so I consider it a pass. Though this is a good product, I cannot justify the price of the product as it is extremely overpriced and isn't worth this much.

Cadence Ware - 05/01/2021
An apron like this is not cheap, but it's totally worth the price (5/5)

My favorite thing to do is cook outside. It means a lot to me! As well as doing prep work in the kitchen and using the stovetop and oven as necessary, I also spend a lot of time there. As for me, I usually spend my time outside tending to one of the smokers, or bending over a cast iron pot that I'm sitting upon an open flame, or I required an apron that could handle all of these tasks without getting in the way and without becoming a fire hazard. It must be really breathable, stay close to my body when I bend, kneel, or stand, and keep a Last but not least, my apron must be easy to remove in case of That and so much more can be achieved with this apron. Since I have used this apron for many weeks now, it has become an essential part of my diet. The bag boasts quick-release buckles, an easy fit, and plenty of pockets for carrying whatever you need without snagging. A towel can even be hung up in the loop for cleaning Do we need to add anything? My heat-sealed bag is in need of some attention My Dew Rag hangs either from the waist strap or even better, from a reinforced patch sewn into the body fabric. I make my gloves out of leather or silicone, and my gloves hang from an open plastic ring (like a keychain ring). Adding rings to both sides of the apron is a good idea. Aside from that, I like this apron because it meets many of my The apron I ordered for my son is so impressive that I bought another one for myself. The price of this apron is not cheap, though it will be worth it in the end.

Clyde Rivas - 19/04/2021