Hudson and Lane Wooden Cocktail Muddler Review

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  • Made with food-safe walnut lacquered wood.
  • Perfect for making Old Fashioned.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Not made of real walnut.

Hudson and Lane Wooden Cocktail Muddler Product Description

This Hudson and Lane wood cocktail muddler is made from a food-safe lacquered wood, which gives it a classic appearance. Added to that, the bar can create Old-Fashioned cocktails, Mojitos, Mint Juleps, and Caipirinhas. Through its rustic wood construction, the rustic appeal of this wooden muddler makes it perfect for those looking to add a fresh country feel to their home bar.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The classic look of walnut wood is enhanced by a lacquer finish that is food-safe.
  • You can use it to make a Mojito, an Old Fashioned cocktail, a Mint Julep or a Caipirinha, like others.
  • This elegant cocktail mixer features an easy-to-grip handle that allows you to quickly muddle fruit, sugar, mint, and other ingredients whenever you like.
  • A durable commercial grade material makes cleaning a breeze. Its sturdy construction will be used for years to come.
  • Every muddler is made of natural wood, so each product will have its own unique characteristics and grain.

Selected User Reviews For Hudson and Lane Wooden Cocktail Muddler

There is no real walnut in this

It started to sand off the walnut color when I began lightly sanding it before giving it away as a gift. As it turns out, this is not a walnut chess piece, but rather a lighter wood that has been lacquered or otherwise colored to appear that way. The description of this product is inaccurate as well as potentially dangerous because some lacquers can be The finish of this product could dissolve if it came into contact with food, not to mention that alcohol could dissolve it and make my drink unfit to consume. I will be returning this product as soon as possible.

Queen Golden - 26/01/2021
I love it

In my childhood, my dad had a bat shaped muddler, so I remember it fondly. The one I have is a very useful one, and I intend to pass it on to my children. This is a high-quality piece of wood that will last. I highly recommend.

Jolie Johnson - 07/02/2021
The muddler in my bar is a great tool that I'm happy to leave there

The best muddler I have ever played with. Our bar looks great with it. It would be highly recommended.

Lennox Lehman - 02/03/2021
Your cocktail bar has been greatly enhanced by this addition! The mashing tool works great for mashing limes, mint leaves, basil, fruit slices, etc

in cocktails (Caipirinhas, Mojitos, Whiskey mashes, etc. ). Designed to be easier to handle and operate. Unlike a metal one, this one is safer. I'm in love with.

Kai Underwood - 01/04/2021
We are using a dood tool here

I'm soooo glad I found this tool instead of my homemade one.

Alaric Flores - 27/06/2021
Specifically designed to muddle

This is a not too tall, easy to use unit. A pint glass is perfect for mixing. I would definitely recommend this!.

Morgan McCall - 28/02/2021
This product looks good and is very functional

I like the look of that.

Kristopher Rowland - 22/05/2021
As described, this is not the case

I can't tell the difference between this photo and the one in my mind. This is not true. In addition to being hollow and not made from wood, it is also hollow.

Waverly Mosley - 05/07/2021