Huameilong Bartender Bottle Opener Review

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  • Cheap price.
  • Comfortable handle.
  • Cannot be hang.
  • Flimsy handle at times.

Huameilong Bartender Bottle Opener Product Description

You can easily open bottle caps with this tool thanks to its long, rubberized handle, which is convenient and provides good leverage for grabbing it. Designed from stainless steel and recyclable materials, the lifetime warranty on this bottle opener adds to the no-frills feel of the item.

  • The steel material of the beer bottle opener is sturdy and durable, and made of heavy duty stainless steel.
  • From the apprentice to the demanding professional, from the teenager to an elderly person with arthritic hands, this product fits most users.
  • EASY TO HEALTHY AND NICE HEFT Good-grip handle resists slippage and provides the comfort most users need when using frequently.
  • Easy to catch, no slip, fast work, professional design - they will keep you going for years to come.
  • OUR LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We offer a 90 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty, and we will provide unconditional replacements or refunds for any product that has defects in materials and workmanship.

Selected User Reviews For Huameilong Bartender Bottle Opener

A great price for a great product (5/5)

A great price for a great product.

Kade Clark - 16/06/2021
Besides being simple and cheap, it's easy to use (5/5)

Caps come off when it is popped off. The prices were pretty low, and they feel cheap, but they do their job To my wife's mother I gave one of them It's easy for them to use, and they enjoy it as well.

Frank Roth - 19/01/2021
There is no such thing as real steel! I do not believe it is made This product is not magnetic at all, and I just feel that it is very cheap in hand (1/5)

I do not recommend it at all!.

Corbin Carr - 01/06/2021
These are low quality, cheaply made products (1/5)

A 3 pack was ordered but only one single was delivered, which was outside of the package. There is no label on the bag that says "3 pack", although it appears to be dirty. The opener is made of hard plastic, rather than rubber, which makes it very cheap. SS doesn't seem to be used, and the edges are a little Returning it is the only option for me. Spend no money or time on wasting it.

Sophie Valenzuela - 04/02/2021
The one that is missing (2/5)

The three sets were ordered in two sets each. There were only two packs in one box.

Hendrix Lynn - 08/07/2021