HQY 3 Pack Flat Bottle Opener Review

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  • Trendy look and compact in size.
  • It's non-magnetic.
  • Some buyers claim that it's thick and rigid.

Selected User Reviews For HQY 3 Pack Flat Bottle Opener

The size is large and the purpose is useful! You cannot go wrong with these bottle openers! The fact that these were packaged together made me happy (5/5)

In the process of color coding our home, camping, beach equipment, and other accessories, I have come across these colors! The red bag held emergency vehicle supplies for my family, the green bag held supplies for my RV, and the blue bag held beach supplies. Suitable for home and office use - Black This is for my own use). Having to take one bottle opener with me for a variety of reasons and excursions was tiresome I had trouble finding them because they were small (easy to lose) and The colors are vibrant and the sizes are large! Please accept my sincere thanks!.

Erick HAYWARD - 25/03/2021
For the money, this is a great product (5/5)

The size of these is enormous. I was surprised that they were twice the size I had anticipated. It makes it difficult for you to lose them, which is great. It's easy to pop off bottle tops without effort. I'd say they're excellent.

Sasha McIntosh - 27/05/2021
Are they as big as I said? I'm amazed at how big these fellows are (5/5)

I expect them to open anything because they are strong enough. Beautiful and sturdy, anyone who likes them should like them, unless they want something small since these are not small at all. The quality and price of these were comparable to those of a store but I was surprised by their size. I would have bought them in a store for that reason.

Paul Marquez - 15/04/2021
It's a study, but a GIANT study! The size of these guys is insane! I loved that (5/5)

I didn't expect them to be as durable as they are, but they are still great! As for my sparkling water, I was able to open it without any problems. Having them be so huge is a plus as it will make them easier to find in the This is a very sturdy product.

Brantley Wong - 21/02/2021
An incomparable combination of beauty, strength, and utility (5/5)

This bottle opener is beautifully designed, nice to look at, and comfortable in your hand. It is also weighty, so it will probably last longer than a small lightweight church key. One end of these has a large hole that can be used to attach the bottle opener to a hook or to tether it to a wall.

Aila Barron - 05/04/2021
It's awesome to have a speed opener! Beer bottle openers of this style are by far the easiest to use (5/5)

The cap can be removed quickly and easily even from thick caps. In addition to the basic colors, you get three more! I didn't find any sharp burrs on any of the three I received. A thick and durable rubber coating appears to be present.

Lana Rosales - 22/02/2021
Now is the time to buy these (5/5)

This is the best bang for the This product features a thick and sturdy construction, an easy to use and clean design, and a.

Abel King - 06/06/2021
Can't figure it out (5/5)

This seems like a strange thing to need a three pack of. It opens 35mm roll film canisters that are made of metal. It is all I needed. It is well made, with an excellent There's no way these can be broken.

Ainhoa Stein - 20/04/2021