Housewares Solutions Ice Sphere Maker Review

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Easy to clean 4.4 
Durability 4.4 
Quality of material 4.4 
Easy to remove 4.0 
Easy to use 3.9 
  • Has BPA-free silicone.
  • Affordable.
  • Versatile use.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Elegant design and perfect for gifts.
  • Has a funny smell when new.

Housewares Solutions Ice Sphere Maker Product Description

A machine like the Housewares Solutions ice sphere maker offers nearly unlimited features at an unbeatable price. You will find that no one can offer such a product as this Housewares Solutions ice sphere maker when you compare with other products on the market.

This ice maker has a ball capacity of 4×4.5 cm that ensures your ice melts slowly. It is super versatile and you can easily mix alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic beverages with it. It can be put in the dishwasher or microwave, it’s stylish, and you can give it to a loved one at any time. Made from high quality silicone which is BPA-free, it’s durable and safe.

  • The team is made up of 4 people. This 5 cm ball capacity tray creates slow melting ice spheres that are perfect for you to use for Iced Tea, Coffee, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages. The freezing process can be used on pretty much anything, including ice, jelly, and chocolate.
  • A great way to beat the heat with this cool ice tray - great for parties, summers, restaurants, this tray is also perfect for entertaining in the home during the holidays. Produces four ice balls at once that have a stylish, elegant appearance and are easy to remove from the silicone ice mold tray.
  • Safe to use in the dishwasher and the microwave, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. Ice balls are perfectly seamless thanks to the FROZ Sphere Ice Mold, which is gorgeous and has professional-grade quality with leak-proof design.
  • It is made of food-grade silicone that is BPA free, and allows removal of one or two ice balls at a time. Due to its solid silicone construction, it produces perfect, slow melting and beautiful ice that is easy to remove from ice molds.
  • Our 100% lifetime guarantee applies to all products and services. With this durable ice tray, you can stack your ice in the freezer neatly, keeping your fridge tidy. This freezer container is also leak-free, easy to fill, and doesn't crack while freezing and won't tip over.

Questions & Answers

In our ownership.
There are about the size of a shot glass worth of balls. The only problem is they won't fit into a shot glass. 5 seems to be a good estimate The liquid used in this recipe is 6 tablespoons. I'm sure this will work as well for Jell-O It is a good seal, so I took a few shots of it. The only thing I would change is to squirt the liquid into the ball, instead of pouring it in through the little hole at the top.
I have a problem with the smell coming from my ice tray, which makes the cubes taste bad.
Yes, of course. To temper chocolate, you need a mold to give it the right shape so that it hardens quickly and does not crumble. Made from silicone, this ice tray is flexible and able to withstand high temperatures, therefore you can use it to make chocolate spheres that have formed from tempered chocolate. Despite the fact that it can be poured with hot chocolate, it is not advisable to heat an ice mold directly from the bottom.

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This is not perfect, but it is not that bad either (4/5)

I have tried these for about a week now and am following these results When I use bottled water to make ice, I use these containers. There is a nice silicone tray for the trays. I have not noticed any offensive odors with the ice or the trays. Although the holes on the top are to fill the trays, this is not what they are used for Rather, they exist to allow expansion and provide a place for water A few advantages and some disadvantages come along with this. You must fill up the lower tray with water enough to cover half of the spheres in order to fill up the interior sphere. Once the top lid is pushed down, water will force itself up into the upper half of the structure (nice If there are any overages Upon leaving the tray, the fill comes out via holes on top where it spills out on the upper side. After everything has been put back together, the directions suggest filling the tray with water so that the resulting water level is below the level of the overflow holes once everything has been put back together. A similar reaction to splitting an atom would occur on your kitchen countertop. We can't determine where the level is at this point in time. Although it's not bad, it's not great either When you are accustomed to filing the trays a few times, the water will normally be below the holes in the trays. Ice takes about 4 hours to freeze. According to the directions, you have to press up and down around the edge of each ball, in order to break the Saturn-like ring of ice. Okay, not what I expected, but it wasn't a big deal. In addition to the cost savings, this also helps get rid of the little ring that forms when the two trays are joined. You can typically find some remnants of this ring on your sphere of ice, but they are typically not too distinct. As well as a nipple of ice in the overflow hole, the sphere will often have a cold patch of ice on it. A piece of this can be easily snapped off (before removing the molds). The table can also be left if you are not going to throw a fancy party. I'd rate it as not too bad overall. One thing I have noticed about the spheres is that they seem to break in half a lot (maybe one out of eight or ten There seems to be inclusions in the ice, so if you do something tricky to make perfectly clear ice (I have heard you can boil water, but have never actually tried that), you may not have the same problem as a lot of people do. However, it is still useful to have large balls of ice around, even when some of the spheres turn into half moons. Do these ice cubes last longer than normal ice cubes of similar size? There is no way for me to know. Originally, I was going to weigh out water on a gram scale and measure out the protein, etc. , but have not yet done so. It's not cheap, but still a blast to try. *br>*br>Although the trays cost a bit more than other trays, they're a fun novelty to enjoy. When you are drinking water or whatever your beverage is, it is nice to utilize fewer, larger balls of ice.

Berkley Grimes - 13/05/2021
Product that's too small with ice balls that are too small (1/5)

It is hard to make balls out of the molds, and the balls In addition to the molds, there is a page-long set of instructions that guide you through making them work. The ones I returned were larger individual ice ball molds, which I found to work quite well and did not require a full page of instructions to operate.

Hamza Summers - 23/05/2021
A Fun and Easy Way to Exercise You can use a novelty ice mold (5/5)

Each of the molds has little overflow holes in the top. There's no need to fill holes with them. Rather than filling the top half of the mold with water, you fill the bottom half down to (just below) the fill line and press the top half into the bottom, causing the water to pour During the pressing down of the material into the bottom part of the mold, the tray area on top of the mold is very useful for catching the inevitable overflow. (Even the resulting ice from the overflow may not be as attractive as the spheres, but it's still ice. ) Please note that you need to sort of "lock" the two halves of the mold together when pressing the top half down. To join the top and bottom halves, I click each edge with my finger. So that it forms a true sphere, you need that tight seal. During my research, I found that ice spheres set up in my freezer after about four hours. It depends. Instructions are included in the kit which I enjoy. I find it funny and helpful at the same time- As a result I might hadn't twisted the mold back and forth enough to break off any edges there might have been when removing the ice. You need to twist it back and forth to separate the spheres and break off any edges there may I think it's important to clean the mold after each use as it helps prevent it from sticking (even though that's possibly overstating things). With no cleaning, it's just a bit more difficult to peel the upper mold off the ice.

Camille Hurst - 12/02/2021
I am in love with these ice spheres! It must have been quite fun to make these ice spheres (4/5)

As a first point, a sphere shaped cube of ice is the best because it melts much slower than a cube of ice with square edges. You'll get a little longer drink life because it keeps your drink a little cooler. In addition to being cool, they also have a science-based component. The claim is that if they are filled with heated water, they will become completely transparent. While I have not tried it, it does not bother me to have a partially cloudy sphere. It is true that a sphere can be made using the spherical ice maker, but you need a cylindrical top in order to obtain a sphere. As such, you need to fill the space between the halves when you close them up. Making sure that you get a good seal is crucial when closing the halves. The best way to ensure that is to press around each sphere. In terms of filling, I use two different By turning the water on very low, and placing the hole at the top of each sphere directly under the faucet, you can allow the water to trickle in and fill the hole, taking care not to accidentally spill out any water. To fill each cavity, my second technique is to use a GLASS BASTER. easily fill in each hole with the baster once it is inserted into the hole. As you can see, the process of making spheres of ice is a little more work than filling an ice tray, but eventually you get an ice product that is much cooler than any other, in my opinion. Thus, as long as you are willing to put in the time, your friends will be impressed. You should tell your friends, if you don't. The least you can do is to Let's move on to the next step. Using this device, you can make four spheres at the same time. If you plan on keeping inventory in the freezer, you should have space. It will take a lot of time and effort to use 4 spheres. This is the kind of job you need to be prepared for. Make some ice every day and put it in some container in a different part of the freezer. In my last paragraph, I would like to mention something. Every time you pour water into a ball, not all of it will go into the hole at the top. Usually, this is not a problem, but you may end up with unintended ice shapes to the point where the top of the device will be partially filled I have no problem with it. Using these is the same as using any other. Is there a reason for only giving It is somewhat difficult to make the spheres, since as much as I love the spheres, they are a bit time-consuming. There are no 4 stars for the device as much as there are for the process you have to go through in order to get.

Willow Kirby - 21/04/2021