Houselog Simple Wall-Mounted Opener With Cap Collector Catcher Review

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  • Portable.
  • Sleek design.
  • Quite expensive.

Houselog Simple Wall-Mounted Opener With Cap Collector Catcher Product Description

It is made from high-quality iron and includes a magnet bottle opener basket so you can open any beer with one hand and avoid having to find the bottle opener in the dark. The products are very easy to use, you can mount them on the wall or anywhere you like, near the refrigerator or in the kitchen, so long as they have been installed correctly.

  • Make sure you enter the correct model number when entering your information.
  • A magnetic bottle opener attached to this Wall Mount bottle opener is made of high quality iron, so you'll never lose your bottle opener again! You'll be able to open beer with just one hand and you won't have to spend time looking for your bottle opener!
  • Easily installed these products are easy to use, can be installed on the wall or anywhere you would like, such as next to the fridge or in the kitchen as long as they are properly installed.
  • Gifts like this one are a special treat for those who enjoy beer, and they will never forget someone who gives them a wall-mounted bottle opener such as this one.
  • The lid needs not be opened with your teeth or in other strange ways such as pulling on the edges. It's quick and easy to open any bottle of beer with one hand, so you don't have to worry about finding the opener. As soon as the bottle cap is opened, it can be easily deposited in the bottle's lower storage basket.
  • Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee ensures that you will be totally satisfied with your purchase.

Selected User Reviews For Houselog Simple Wall-Mounted Opener With Cap Collector Catcher

Very well done! Gray is the color I choose

how colorful it is and how much cheaper it is. The program works without a hitch. Strong magnets are present in the object. Having no difficulty opening the bottles and the little basket catching the cap of each bottle works quite well.

Nataly Solomon - 13/01/2021
The lids of the boxes are protected by a small trash can

In a nutshell, A great hit, it's a very strong hitter, I love it.

Emersyn Benson - 14/04/2021
Gift that everyone will love! As a Father's Day gift for my dad, I purchased him this from Amazon

He This is a highly recommended book.

Gideon Pearson - 10/06/2021
The products are great! The big game board looks so cute in our game room, and works perfectly

It looks great and works perfectly.

Galilea Silva - 11/06/2021
We hope you find this bottle opener to be of quality

I was exactly looking for the product. It was a quality product with great representations of the product. I am adding the bottle opener and catcher to a poolside cooler, and I foresee using it extensively.

Ainsley McClain - 08/01/2021
I love the magnet design of the product which makes it so easy to attach it to the refrigerator

It is easy to put the caps back inside the box after use without requiring extra effort. The box below makes it much easier to collect the caps. This is a great product! I highly recommend it.

Avalynn Hebert - 14/05/2021