HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Glasses Review

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Giftable 4.3 
Easy to hold 4.3 
Durability 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.1 
Versatility 3.8 
  • Insulated plastic built.
  • Large capacity.
  • Glass may get cloudy.

HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Glasses Product Description

The company’s goal is to ensure that every drink is always fresh and cool. At any party, this unique design is sure to turn heads. It has always been a priority of glass designers to keep your drinks cool. You can use other beverages in the insulated cup, as well as do the same for other beverages.

  • Martinis should always be served chilled - the Host Martini Freeze cocktail glass is designed specifically to keep cocktails frosty and refreshing, regardless of how they are handled. Ice is not needed and there is no dilution necessary.
  • The fusion of plastic walls filled with proprietary cooling gel creates a stemless martini cocktail glass that is insulated to keep drinks cool. When frozen, this serves as a beverage chiller. Your drinks will stay cold for longer if you freeze them for two hours.
  • SILICONE BAND FOR EASY SIPPING - Martini glasses constructed from BPA-free plastic are well suited for outdoor use because of the comfortable silicone band. During the colder months, silicone bands on the base keep the handle warm, perfect for cold weather!
  • This frosty glass is the perfect vessel for mixing a wide array of classic cocktails. All types of classic cocktail recipes stay frosty in this frosty glass. The perfect martini is one that is classic, cosmopolitan, or manhattan without watering down the quality.
  • THIS GIFT IS AWESOME FOR THE COCKTAIL ENTHUSIAST WHO HAS EVERYTHING - This martini glass set is the perfect gift idea for a father or for a cocktail enthusiast who strives to make the best spirits. Camping accessory that you won't want to be without!

Questions & Answers

Plastic is what they are made of.
As the gel thaws, it goes back to being clear. However, the plastic stays clear when frozen and becomes white when thawed.
Putting a set of 4 dishes in the dishwasher, top shelf, was a good idea. There was one who had a deformity of the lip. While the others came through OK, that was the last time these were put in the dishwasher.
There is only one type of cocktail glass in my possession. Each of them holds 7 ounces of liquid.

Selected User Reviews For HOST Freeze Insulated Martini Glasses

They seem to be working so far (5/5)

I read a lot of mixed reviews before purchasing this product, and I would like to respond to them. 1) Some complain that these break easily when The plastic gets brittle when it's cold, so make sure to be careful with it, just like you would **B) when cold materials undergo sudden temperature changes, they might check to make sure they are not spoiled. If you need to microwave the glass, let it come to room temperature before putting it into hot water. 3) Plastic scratches are usually caused by rough cleaning methods use common sense to avoid using a harsh scrubber. It is as simple as putting a drop of dish soap and a drop of water into the glass and washing it by hand. *br>4) Some complained about the ridge at the inner edge of the glass. Because I cannot tell there is a rim on them, I don't know how they are drinking from them. In order to feel the inner edge with my lip, I had to hook my teeth and lip over the edge of the glass. *5) Plastics are not as elegant as glass, but they are a very pretty contemporary design and since they are plastic, they can be placed outdoors or around a swimming In any case, you don't need to treat them differently than other items, just gently - I haven't experienced any of the above problems with durability. It has been about a month since I have been using these and I sure enjoy their cold nature. As a southerner, I am used to warm weather. Our heat will be interesting to watch to see if they remain frozen. You might be able to use them for shrimp, crab, and lobster cocktail bowls when dining al fresco. I will criticize the following Insulation on the outside to keep your hands from getting cold might be able to go up the glass a bit more, but who knows, maybe it will be nice to be able to chill your hands when it's It is true they take up some room in the freezer, but when it comes to martini glasses, the same applies. This is the second time I've bought them. From Host, you will be able to purchase freezable glasses as well.

Amari Moon - 04/04/2021
What a fantastic idea! Care for them properly and they will last a long time (5/5)

What a great idea! When we were camping, it was hard keeping them cold since martinis are my favorite drink. Even though I was hesitant after reading some reviews about cracking, I decided to give it a try. They are so amazing! I am so glad I picked them up! My husband and I use them every time we go camping, and I also want to get a set for the house because they keep your martinis have never had an issue with them cracking when frozen and I have even dropped them several times without any issue. (I always hand wash them, and I always freeze the upside down. ) However. The crack was caused by a stupid mistake made by my butt. Tossing the ice cold package into a pot of hot water from the dish washer while they are still cold is best. There was a crack in their hull. I can understand that, but it's still disappointing. There is no way to take something such as "ice cold freezing" and change it to such a degree. In addition to the sets for the camper and the house, I will order a set for the camper. Overall, they are amazing in terms of performance and durability, and they are worth every penny. As long as you maintain them correctly, you won't have any issues with them. *br>Definitely worth the investment!.

Genevieve Ray - 28/03/2021
This is worthless (1/5)

I put them both in the freezer and they cracked. Only after less than five freezes did the first cup crack in the freezer. After I was disappointed, I threw it away not giving it too much thought, In the meantime, the other cup also cracked a few days later. Because I only have one left to return, I decided not to return these cups, but I was extremely disappointed in their quality.

Damir Ali - 01/07/2021
The best Martini coolers I've ever seen (5/5)

There is nothing more important than love. It's important to take this advice It has only been a few days since I got them and I've already used them It's amazing how these are so good. It is my habit to chug my drinks because I feel warm martinis ruin my mood. I can savour and enjoy the meal because of Host. It has a little lip on the inside, but I didn't find it bothersome. This is my next question, and it should be simple. Is there a champagne flute at the party? Let me be honest with you You might want to consider this, Host. This is a gift I would gladly give (I have already done so, and our friends really love them), and I would wear kit gloves to take care of them for a very long time. Not at all. Please don't put your dishes in the dishwasher. We recommend hand washing. Put them in the freezer after they have air dried overnight. In case of any developments, I will be sure to keep you posted.

Alyssa Schultz - 18/06/2021
It is very hard for me to give them a 5 because I love them so much (2/5)

It is really hard to give these things a 5 star rating, as I love them. As a result of being frozen, they both cracked. For the brief time they worked, they did a decent job, but they did not last long. First I thought it was the dishwasher so stopped washing the second one in the same way. Following the cracking of the first one, I even modified the way I froze them, namely, from top to bottom versus top to bottom. It was a disappointment to have to throw both of these away due to cracked plastic. Keeping my martinis cold would be ideal if they didn't break when I shake them up.

Vivian KAUR - 06/02/2021
It's a ticking time bomb (2/5)

If you are interested in these cracks, be aware of what others have to say. A crack immediately appeared after an hour in the freezer of the one I bought. If I say cracked, I mean the surface has been left with huge wounds rendering it Shattering of the thing took place. The packaging is plastic too! The only way to know if you have one for more than an hour is if you get really lucky. Otherwise, they are ticking bombs apparently.

Chris HAYWARD - 23/07/2021
This is my very favorite pair of glasses! I adore these! As they were frozen, this is what they looked like! (Be sure to freeze them upside down as shown (5/5)

There isn't any water inside, despite what it looks like. The results are amazing! Our previous freezer beer glasses were made of plastic and were very cheap. There are leaks and they are not nice. *br>*br>GREAT As well as the beer ones, we have the wine Keeping 2 martinis or 2 beers ice cold will be a breeze with these glasses! *br>*br>I love the feel of the glass. It is very sturdy and SUPER easy to hold because of the silicone. The water can be easily washed with the hands! Sadly, these beauties cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Put your money where your mouth is! There is no reason to regret it. This is why we send them to our friends, we love them so much.

Colter Eaton - 26/01/2021
You can keep your drink cold with these glasses, as they do what they say (3/5)

The only thing I can say about durability is that I've only used them once so far. This is more of an aesthetic issue for me. Once frozen, the gel becomes cloudy, so it doesn't appear quite as clear as the picture (you can't see the color of your cocktail very well). There are some problems with the glass, at least for me. For instance, the diameter is a little too large and the height is too low. Additionally, the silicone band is too low and is a bit awkward to hold (I wish it were higher). Before I purchased this glass, I would have probably not bought it if I had been able to hold.

Kassidy Hoffman - 06/02/2021