Host Cooling Cups Review

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Leak proof 5.0 
Easy to hold 4.5 
Giftable 4.4 
Value for money 4.2 
Durability 4.1 
  • Insulated.
  • All purpose use.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Great gift ideas.
  • Has a chemical smell.

Host Cooling Cups Product Description

With these top-rated plastic wine glasses, you will never want to drink wine from a glass again. If you place them upside down in the freezer for white or rosé wine (or in the refrigerator for red wine), the cooling gel will perfectly chill your beverage. It is no longer necessary for consumers to dilute their wine with ice cubes in order to keep it cold since the glasses provide this feature.

  • THERE IS A PERFECT WINE FOR EVERYONE. By using this set of stemless wine glasses, it is possible to set the optimal serving temperature for each wine. With each wine tumbler, you can maintain the wine's temperature better than with a regular.
  • A wine chiller is made of an insulated wall filled with proprietary cooling gel that works You can put a tumbler in the freezer for white wines or in the refrigerator for red wines to keep them at cellar temperature.
  • A BPA-FREE PLASTIC construction ensures this stemless wine glass set, which is also ideal for outdoor use, is durable, strong, and comfortable. An insulated silicone band allows for comfortable handling and ensures that this set will become your favorite addition to your wine accessories collection.
  • Ensure that you serve your wine at the correct temperature. As a rule of thumb, white wines should be served cold at 43 to 53 degrees Fahrenheit, and red wines should be served a little bit cooler than room temperature,
  • A GIFT WITH INNOVATION. The wine tumblers are perfect for any special occasion or group event. They are also a unique gift for wine lovers, or mothers on Mother's.
  • Bordeaux is the shape of the item.

Questions & Answers

I am in love with them, and they are made of plastic! Glasses of this size are perfect for a nightcap! There are so many more I would like, but they are no longer listed.
I definitely don't recommend it! In our dishwasher, it melted. The rest of the toys were awesome, and we've ordered a second set of them.
Plastic is the material used for them. A double-edged sword An area between the layers is layered with some type of liquid or jell. a rubber/plastic band around the middle of the doll so that it can be held comfortably. It seems that everyone who has used them has loved the way they keep wine cool for a long time. We keep them in the freezer for whenever we need them.
My favorite thing about them is that the rim is thicker than that of a wine glass. My only regret is that I did not purchase the whole set of four glasses. Amazon is great because there is no disappointment, but there are downsides too. If you don't like them, you can send them back.

Selected User Reviews For Host Cooling Cups

It turned brown when the cooling gel was used (1/5)

There was a problem with the cooling gel in the turquoise cups in the freezer. I ordered the gray cups and the coral cups. Due to the return date being past, I can no longer return them.

Kathryn Garza - 15/04/2021
These cups are awesome! Buying multiple will save you time and money! You can't go wrong with these cups! The two of them stay cold through more than one glass of wine, but I have a spare in the freezer if the first one thaws during an outdoor event (5/5)

As they are a gift to me, I am sure any wine lover will appreciate what they can keep cold throughout multiple servings, because we know wine is like potato chips you can't have just For me, cold wine is best, and if I have a warm bottle, I typically add an ice cube to cool it. Using this cup, you won't have to worry about ice melting into your wine. It's also great for outside - with the lid, you won't have to worry about gnats getting into the cup and stealing your micro droplets! The last thing I want to mention is. While I haven't tried it, I don't recommend putting the cup in the freezer with the lid on.

Leroy Washington - 02/03/2021
This is a very attractive and functional product (5/5)

As long as you freeze them upside down, these work well. The wine should be pre-chilled if being drunk with white wine Then chill it. Drinks at room temperature are not quickly chilled by this product, but if you have something already chilled, it can work well.

Roselyn Glover - 03/02/2021
It keeps a drink cool without watering down its White wine or short beer go well with a glass of white wine in the evening (5/5)

It is capable of cooling the beverage sufficiently if filled with a room-temperature beverage and of maintaining that coolness for an extended period of time to accommodate nursing one's choice of beverage.

Denisse Decker - 27/01/2021
The first few days have been good so far (5/5)

This would make a wonderful Mother's Day present. These are the items my son chose as a gift for my mother. As of yet, everything seems to be going well. We received the wine glasses quickly and they were packaged well. Unlike many other reviews, they are made of plastic with a clear gel inside. There is no scent at all, unlike what was previously said. The gel will have to be watched over time to see if it discolors, but so far it freezes up to a milky white and then thaws.

Blaze Greene - 23/04/2021
It does its job well and is durable (5/5)

My favorite thing about these glasses is their style. My husband and I have been getting a bottle of white wine and sitting outside on the terrace of our apartment to have a picnic during quarantine. With these, you'll never have to worry about the wine getting too warm and is not likely to spoil. This set of glasses is only slightly inconvenient in that they cannot be placed in the dishwasher. Due to the fact they are insulated and contain gel, it is most likely that I'll see the same thing. Still, it is not a major.

Elliana Fry - 07/01/2021
The beach is no problem when it comes to keeping your drink cold! My Christmas gift last year was a set of these (5/5)

The only time I used it was on my Florida vacation I had to get another set after the first set worked so well. By placing them in your freezer after a few hours, you can feel assured that your drink will stay Our use of the containers when at the beach and on the balcony of a condo was in high temperatures of over 85 degrees and they kept the beverage cold until or beyond.

Ruben Sims - 04/04/2021
Keeps drinks cold for a long time! It is great to have these frozen stemless cups from Host (5/5)

The cups stay frozen longer than others and have an outer band to prevent your hands from getting cold throughout the day. Moreover, the cups are designed to be clearly identifiable in different colors so that you know which belongs to whom! There are several of these available in various shapes and sizes that will suit.

Sebastian Kirby - 07/02/2021