Homia Food Smoke Infuser Review

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  • Smokes cocktail effectively.
  • With accessories included.
  • Glass too fragile.

Homia Food Smoke Infuser Product Description

The large 4.7 In (12 cm) diameter of this cup perfectly fits any type of glass, whether it is a cocktail, whiskey, or wine glass. It is made from SHOCKPROOF plastic. It is possible to use a variety of smoking guns and infusers due to the specially designed mount that perfectly keeps the smoke inside the glass. With the dome lid food smoker accessory, you can add a smoky flavor to your food and drinks in just a few minutes.

  • In addition to the 11 pieces for INSTANT START, you will receive the 15 inch tall smoking dome (cloche), the smoking cocktail ball as well as the 7 flavors of WOOD CHIPS and the cleaning brush. This set includes all the accessories you need for a smoke gun.
  • A SHOCKPROOF plastic is used for all the SSD lids. Each lid has a A diameter of 7 inches (12 cm) is just right for any type of glass, whether a cocktail glass, a whiskey glass, or a Smoke is perfectly contained inside the glass thanks to specially designed mounts which make it possible to use all kinds of smoking guns and infusers.
  • The Dome (cloche) LID gives your food and drinks a smoky flavor in no time when you use it as a food smoker. With the smoking bowl, you can grill or sous vide meats and veggies, make cheeses, make cocktails, or even cook salmon. The diameter of the sphere is 9,8 In (25 cm).
  • This product consists of a COMPLETELY BROSILICATE COCKTAIL BALL that includes a STAW made of glass.
  • With a cleaning brush, this package contains 7 types of wood chips. There are a variety of smoking wood chips, including Apple, Hickory, Cherry, Pear, Beech, Peach, and A new day brings a new taste to your meat, fish, cheese, pasta, whisky, cocktail and to enhance the flavor of your favorite foods and beverages by adding some smoke.

Questions & Answers

The dried wood chips I have have never suffered from shelf life I have a large quantity in several different types and they've always smoked the same way, even years after the purchase.
Ideally, it should be able to be done in two steps I will be gone for three You asked a great question. Thank you.
You're absolutely right! Whenever you need any other assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch with.
A lid that has not been closed properly could have caused this. It may also be necessary to use a straw that has a hole in it if you are using soda to make cocktails. I appreciate you asking this Please feel free to contact us if you require any other assistance at support@homia.com.

Selected User Reviews For Homia Food Smoke Infuser

A new review has been published (1/5)

The straw is missing, but it looks good overall. The review I previously wrote had to be updated. The first time I tried to screw in the circle top on the smoking cloche, In the end, I didn't even tighten it quite that much, so it's no use. It's a waste of money to buy this entire kit for its price! There was a straw missing from the set for the globe, which makes the set look a little bare. No one is responding to my requests for a replacement, and I cannot get in touch with anyone. The prospect of smoking some food is appealing to me. I didn't expect the globe to be so small. As much as I would like to, I will not be able to use the globe Sorry to hear that.

Ariel Novak - 28/05/2021
A nice set of accessories to introduce you to your products (5/5)

Due to my membership in Amazon Prime, I received this kit within two days of ordering it. I received the item as advertised and it was in excellent This is exactly what I was expecting, and I am very happy with it.

Krew Hobbs - 13/06/2021
I spent a lot of money on nothing (1/5)

There is nothing good about this hood. Smoke cannot be contained by this and I have to set my smoke alarm every time I use this. A total waste of time. My drink glass is paper thin as well, so I don't expect it to last long as well. The money was a waste.

Leroy Mayo - 04/03/2021
Initially, the handle broke, but it now functions normally (2/5)

However, I would skip glass and go for plastic. If I were you, I would skip it. It is made of cheap plastic, and the handle at the top broke right away. em>The bottom of the chimney is not flush at all, thus an excessive amount of smoke escapes. In any case, the inlet fits my smoker very well, so that was good to know. the hose is so light that you can tip it over if you are While it accomplishes its goals, it does not do so very effectively. In addition to a nice glass one with a wooden stand for $40, you can get a nice glass one for under $15. That is something I would like to do much more.

Amaya McIntyre - 18/01/2021
It's a decent product, but it's missing some I received the product promptly and was able to use it to make some smoked cocktails, but I noticed a part of the order was As the glass cover did not arrive, I didn't find it worth the effort and time to ask for a replacement, since I only bought the product for the dome (2/5)

It would be nice to have the glass cover that was advertised with the order, but so far the other pieces that have been delivered seem to work without a problem.

Reese Stout - 19/07/2021
I broke right away (1/5)

As a result of being disappointed, I had high expectations for this product. As soon as I took the dome out of its package as I pulled it out of the box, it broke. As a result of buying plastic, I guess I get this. After I switch to the glass dome, I will finish the project.

Mara Bradford - 04/03/2021
Take a close look at Included in the mechanism but not in the form! There was no smoking mechanism, and everything was made of The price is too low! Buy the glass option if you can afford it! (1/5)


Alberto Atkinson - 25/07/2021
Currently a smoker (2/5)

The parts I got were not all there. gift, so I was upset when parts of it were missing when my husband opened it.

Teagan Cline - 18/02/2021