Homeway Essentials Silicone Dish Drying Mat Review

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Durability 4.8 
Versatility 4.8 
Scent 4.7 
Heat resistance 4.7 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Absorbency 3.8 
  • With ventilation ridges that quickly dries water
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive

Homeway Essentials Silicone Dish Drying Mat Product Description

This silicone dish mat is extra large so that your dishes can be dried. As a result, you can dry dishes more quickly and water will evaporate more rapidly on this mat because it features wide ventilation ridges. This product is constructed from durable silicone, making it easy to maintain. You can easily clean spills with water and wipe them off.

  • With this 21 x 18 inch XL size, this Extra Large Silicone Dish Drying Mat can hold a lot of pots, pans, and dishes. Save your money by eliminating the need for multiple dish mats - this dish drying mat will allow enough space for all of
  • Dish Drying Mat has raised ridges that provide ventilation, allowing dishes to dry faster and water to evaporate faster. EASY TO CLEAN & FAST DRYING - This Dish Drying Mat features wide, raised ridges for ventilation. This silicone product is so easy to clean, thanks to its durable material! If the dishwasher is the preferred method to clean up spills, simply wipe it clean with water. It can be placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher.
  • Use this Silicone Mat as a dish mat or a trivet - It can be used as a heat-resistant Silicone Trivet that can manage temperatures of up to 450°F. As well as fridge liners, it is useful as a storage mat for garages, a pet mat, and for kitchen drawer liners. You must be creative to get your message across!
  • DISCOUNT TRADING - This dish mat comes in a conveniently portable storage pouch made of When rolled up, the soft silicone material makes it easy to store. The slim design makes the product easy to fit in tight spaces such as kitchen cabinets, campers, small boats, etc.
  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on every Homeway Essentials product for a period of 3 Years upon purchase. Our goal is to make you happy. And if you are not happy, contact us and we will make it Only purchases made through American Homeway's Amazon seller are eligible for the warranty. The company.

Questions & Answers

Featuring 100% FDA-approved food grade silicone, Homeway Essentials Dish Mats are offered at a great price.
I would say yes. Very flexible. They are able to be rolled.
Dish soap and dish detergent are used to clean it in the sink.
The silicone is real

Selected User Reviews For Homeway Essentials Silicone Dish Drying Mat

It is not suitable for drying glassware because the grooves are too low (2/5)

Although the mat is large, the grooves are so small that the glasses will not dry quickly. Since the water droplets evaporate back to the top of the glass, they are not dried. In order to allow them to evaporate, I will have to stack all the cups right side up the next morning. It's also a good idea to clean the rims of champagne flutes and wine glasses A cloth should be used to dry the edges because dry water residue clings to them. Make sure to dry the bottom completely before putting it back on the counter after cleaning the mat. Avoid fungus growth by ensuring the bottom of the mat is completely dry.

Joe Steele - 21/02/2021
I like how it looks and how it works (5/5)

This is used underneath my other dish rack so that I have room to dry my cutting boards and high chair tray for my baby. Definitely recommend the other two racks you see pictured as well. The one standing on top holds a lot and looks great. In addition, the stainless steel one that rolls up and sits on top of the sink is used to wash produce and extra dishes. This is the wave of the future.

Kareem Faulkner - 01/04/2021
There are many pools of water (2/5)

This mat has been in my kitchen for a few days, and I also purchased the Oxo brand of a different size to be used in my other kitchen area. When comparing the two, I find the Oxo is thicker and the ridges are taller. The ridges are also closer together, which lets the dishes remain Due to the raised ridges, the water pools too high on this mat, preventing dishes from drying well.

Luka Barnes - 18/05/2021
Although the product has some drawbacks, it is still great! One thing is wrong with this mat it doesn't have a handle! The product is what it was advertised to be (4/5)

A smooth silicone surface that is large and stands up to hot pans as well as water. It is soft, able to keep water off the countertop and is easy to roll for compact storing. A problem I am having is that white spots are left behind on my butcher block counter because of the silicone. This is not a permanent inconvenience, but is incredibly aggravating. Only 5 minutes are needed for it to happen. I have noticed that other silicone feet, such as those from Alexa, Google as well as Apple Speakers leave white As the silicone reacts with the oils in the wood, the silicone releases a lot of oil. Despite that, the mat can be easily fixed by covering it with a sheet of wood or a thin piece of material. Our favorite product is so good that we'd rather keep it rather than return it. Make sure you are careful when you buy.

Skylar French - 24/01/2021
The surface acts as a great protector, and odor is not an issue (5/5)

Lastly, I bought this silicone mat to go on top of my new dryer, which just sits next to the door that leads from my garage into my The corner in my house is always crowded, as I bring groceries, packages, and backpacks through that door whenever I come and go. It's difficult not to set stuff on top of the dryer while going inside and outside! This new dryer is brand new, so it should look good rather than battered and scratched after all those visitors. Our goal was to find something that was skid-resistant, durable, and would not scratch the finish. I love that this mat is a protective device my only wish is that it was a larger size so that I could cover the top of the appliance with it. I didn't have any plans for this one, but it's working out just fine. The play area was clean and there was not a smell of rubber or latex. The smell of tire shops, for example, is so offensive to me that I can't stand being there. During the first couple of days, I did not notice any smell from the package at all. That's great! I'm in awe now, and am thinking of other places where I can put one of these. Looks like under the dog's bowls is a good place to start! A very good product! Thanks a lot!.

Miley Stevenson - 05/03/2021
Mat that is flexible (5/5)

Drying my dishes on this silicone mat is part of my daily routine. In the past, I have had a hard plastic two-piece mat (a mat with a separate grid on top) that the new mat replaces. The new mat is larger and more suitable for the space next to the sink than the old mat. Here in Texas, our water has a lot of minerals, so although the water beads up on the mat, I follow up by drying the mat as soon as the dishes are dry. Using the flexible mat makes it easy to drain excess water into the sink, and then use the towel to dry it off. There are raised areas that serve as a grid to ensure that air can circulate under the dishes or glasses while they drain.

Lochlan Bauer - 02/03/2021
This product is easy to use and keeps the water contained so it does not spill (5/5)

We need a pot chest big enough to hold our pans, but not too big that it takes up the whole cupboard. We set our grass on it whenever it is not in use, and it looks nice.

Alena Hess - 21/06/2021
The mat was purchased as a replacement for a microfiber mat that began to smell (5/5)

Designed to replace a microfiber mat which got smelly quickly and caused water to collect on the inside of glasses from not having enough airflow. As a result, both issues have been solved. Ensure that the outside and inside of the glass are completely dry. The air is free of any odor. This large pot rack can hold a large range of pots and pans. There may be an issue with it collecting water, and it must be drained or wiped down to remove it, but I am not aware of another silicone mat that would address that problem. There is a need to dispose of water.

Lena IQBAL - 30/03/2021