Homestia Rose Gold Cocktail Stirrers Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Value for money 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Durability 4.2 
  • Affordable.
  • Fancy design.
  • Color may easily come off.

Homestia Rose Gold Cocktail Stirrers Product Description

Eight inches long, this set of 6 swizzle sticks has sculptures on the top, including the skull, flamingo, pineapple, turtle, and hippocampus that serve as markers when you dance to your favorite tune. If you’re going to a summer party or happy hour, make your drinks fancier. In addition, it will help blend coffee, hot cocoa, creamer, and some thick drinks. The bright top will add character to your home bar and add a new level of functionality.

  • Swizzle Stick Set - Features 6 8" long swizzle sticks, each with a sculpture on the top such as skull, flamingo, pineapple, turtle, and hippocampus that help you identify the drink when you join If you are attending a summer party or happy hour, you should make your drinks more festive. Stirring the coffee, hot cocoa, creamer, some thick drinks such as iced tea and smoothies with the stirrer makes the drinks more enjoyable. The vivid top matches various themes or needs of your household.
  • A different design of the metal assembly is crafted from Zinc Alloy with a high degree of flexibility, which makes the shape more vibrant. There is no need to run out of wooden or plastic sticks since the stick part picks the stainless steel 304 18/8 to enhance the corrosion resistance and increase the service life. The time has come to use reusable sticks and running out of wooden or plastic sticks. It is suggested not to put the food in the dishwasher because the color may fade. We make cleaning our stir sticks easy with our hands.
  • In addition to being great for cocktails in theme, the swizzle sticks can also be used for blending powdered or thickened beverages or sauces that were prepared ahead of time.
  • A swizzle stick with unique personality makes a great gift to a friend who can enjoy drinking. Because our packaging is designed, our customers take it for gifts to their friends who enjoy drinking. It can be the ideal gift for the new homeowner, wedding favor, mother's day present, birthday gift, etc.
  • AIM & TIPS- Since we develop to launch, our aim is for customers to receive the products that are worthy of the price they pay. Contact us at once if there is a problem or if you have any questions about the product.

Questions & Answers

There are two types of stainless steel listed as 304 18/8 stainless steel, which is food grade and non-magnetic A toxic substance. Having used them several times, I have never had any issues. I also hand wash them whenever they get dirty.
Please note that this is a swizzle stick, not olive picks, and that it has different functional components. B07BNCK3WM is where you can buy olive picks
It is possible for them to become loose and rotate, but they do not fall off

Selected User Reviews For Homestia Rose Gold Cocktail Stirrers

You might want to try another (2/5)

These stir sticks have only been in my possession for a short time, and already one has The ride survived, and my husband jigged it back up with JB weld. No big deal, I wasn't expecting all to survive. It is the stainless steel that I'm concerned about, which is why I guess I should not expect a coppery color to emerge from the silver finish as they wash. It's been less than a month since I've treated them, and I've already treated 2. Likewise, I am not storing them where they can get blasted in my dishwasher. This dish is specifically designed to be gently washed on the top rack of my dishwasher -- there are 3 racks. The only way I can tell whether the product is inferior is by comparing it to others. While they were cute while they lasted, unfortunately they are not meant to be used daily for coffee.

Chanel Fowler - 10/02/2021
Spending time or money on a useless project is a waste of both (1/5)

The stirrer broke TWICE after only 2 uses, and the second set was also damaged upon delivery. It was a joy to find these, since I have cute old glass swizzle sticks that slowly have been cracked one by one over the past twenty years. The total number of suicides in the last twenty years is three. My order was placed on December 2 and I received them on December 5. Using my zebra for the first time, I was able to use it only twice (rotating them). My order was substituted Dec 28 and I received the first set as a refund. The owl wasn't even in the box when I received the replacement set today! The owl was completely broken off and the box didn't even contain the owl! It is very difficult to maintain quality control. Save your time and money by not wasting it.

Malik Day - 08/03/2021
This thick, sturdy, and beautiful paper is durable and well made (5/5)

In this heavy-duty world Unlike what I had expected, the weighted drink stirrers were thick and heavy. This kind of glass is best suited for drinks made in thick pint glasses. In the event that you have delicate glassware, it would be risky to shake the drinks with these items. You can use them for stirring iced cocktails in cocktail glasses, too. They look great too!.

Malakai Fleming - 08/01/2021
OWL is not an option! The animal set I ordered has an Owl stir stick, which according to the picture here is included in the set (4/5)

Choosing this one was mainly based on this reason. An OWL one would have been perfect for me. My replacement came in the form of a zebra. As for the rest of the animals in the set, they are lovely, but it really looked like it was a returned box since the sticks had been packed incorrectly It's now up to me to find the OWL one elsewhere.

Selah STOREY - 19/02/2021
There was a problem with the finish (1/5)

Two times we have used these stir sticks, and the finish has worn away. Obviously, stainless steel is not made of.

Prince Lynch - 19/05/2021
This is a gift for my wife (5/5)

Once again, we have a The recipient will especially appreciate it if they like Additionally, the ban on plastic stir sticks may help curb the spread of this problem. Her favorite animal was just picked, and she uses that one. They are well-made, and look good, so that's good!.

Carly Patrick - 09/04/2021
I appreciate your gift greatly! As a present for my wife, I cannot vouch for their durability yet (5/5)

We have not used them much yet, so I cannot comment on their quality. The durability of the product over the long term. However, they have been great so far and they look great. And the best part was, my wife loved them.

Molly Estes - 06/02/2021
It would be nice if they were more aggressive (1/5)

The product is awesome, but one of the figures broke off after I used it for the first time. The reason these are used is so people can stir while drinking, so they should be durable.

Jayden Taylor - 26/05/2021