Homestia Copper Bar Strainer Review

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  • Ice chips are kept out of your beverages.
  • Most standard cocktail shakers are compatible.
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, this spring is finely coiled and stable.
  • There isn't a tab to control the flow.

Homestia Copper Bar Strainer Product Description

In the restaurant industry, a strainer is a vital tool to remove any ice chips from cocktails, which may otherwise result in injury or choking to the unsuspecting customer. The product also comes in four different colors – silver, black, gold, and copper – so you can choose which is best for your bar set-up. For those who are looking for a pop of color on their bar counter without compromising on quality and functionality, this is the perfect piece.

  • SIZE-the hawthorne strainer's handle is long enough to allow an easy grip, as well as being about 4 inches in diameter, which is large enough to fit most of the boston shakers or pint glasses.
  • This fine coil is stiff enough to strain foams or ingredients that are small and dry. A wire spring is easily removable for cleaning and then put back in place. While pouring the drink, 2 ears on the shaker stably rest on it, stopping the ice chunks from colliding with each other. The professional hawthorne strainer is constructed from 18/8 stainless steel to ensure its quality and durability, so it will not bend or rust after a number of uses. There are no cheap rough edges that cut into your fingers, as well as smooth brims.
  • A strainer that suits you is very important for a delightful drink, not just because it looks good. If you are learning to make cocktails or are an experienced bartender using recipes, then choose one strainer that works well for you. Using this strainer, you will feel more satisfied when giving a cocktail show to someone you love, and it will strain faster.
  • A MULTICOLOR CHOICE - Silver, blonde, and rose gold are the 3 options available. You can enhance the look of barware tools by using any color. The color plating is unscented and innoxious, so you can use it with complete peace of mind.
  • We remind you that only silver dishes can be cleaned in the dishwasher, while other colors should be washed.

Questions & Answers

The shaker or pint glass holder will fit on most shakers or traditional.
According to what I remember, this strainer is bigger than I thought it would be. (It happened to fit) I bought the strainer and shaker from a different company. That strainer would not fit a shaker with a 3 inch diameter.

Selected User Reviews For Homestia Copper Bar Strainer

The strainer is excellent (4/5)

It's a great product, but it would be better if there was a tab on it so you could control the flow of cocktails as you pour. It does a good job of keeping out ice chips, however.

Briella Nguyen - 29/05/2021
Everything I mix fits in with it (5/5)

Making drinks with it is my favorite thing to do.

Della Parrish - 04/03/2021
The quality is good and the durability is good (5/5)


Jonathan Bennett - 01/03/2021
A sturdy construction (5/5)

These little strainers (but of well proportioned size) are well worth the money thanks to quality material and tight springs.

Jude Brock - 19/06/2021
This is great quality, and is better than Better than most professional brands in terms of quality (5/5)


Foster Leach - 06/02/2021
The strain does not need to be doubled (5/5)

I don't think you need to double strain this because it strains so well.

Finn Fletcher - 08/05/2021
We give this review five stars (5/5)

Very good, 100% perfect.

Quinn Watts - 07/07/2021
This is a good product (5/5)

It is one of the best strainers I use at work, as.

Gracelynn Cummings - 28/01/2021