Homestia Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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Giftable 5.0 
Value for money 5.0 
Easy to clean 5.0 
Easy to use 5.0 
  • Affordable.
  • Durable glass material.
  • No accessories included.

Homestia Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

With this stemless mixing glass set, you get a 24oz cocktail glass in big volume that can satisfy your drink overload needs. You won’t have to worry about tipping over while stirring because the bottom is heavy. You can add a sparkle to the smoothly curved beaker spout by etching a pattern on the outside.

  • Stemless mixing glasses are a great option if you want to prepare a variety of drinks in one go. Included in this set are 24oz cocktail glasses with a big volume to meet your needs. It is important to stir while the bottom is heavy to prevent tipping over. This curved beaker spout can be made to sparkle by adding a pattern etched on the outside.
  • This tool is made from stainless steel 304, so it's corrosion-resistant and durable.
  • You can use this crystal glass set for making spirit drinks, including martinis, old fashioneds, Manhattans, negronis, and so on. The mixer effectively chills cocktails and allows you to monitor.
  • The dishwasher is safe to use.
  • We have taken every precaution to pack products in an intact condition before shipping however, please allow for glassware that may be broken accidentally during transit. If that happens, you should contact us immediately to replace the glassware!

Questions & Answers

Your drink preferences will determine how many old fashioneds you make here, but I usually make two.
inside of the glassware is smooth and free of obstructions. There are no kinks in the process.
You will be able to use it.

Selected User Reviews For Homestia Cocktail Mixing Glass

The mixing glass has been used to mix Sazerac Cocktails (I have been using it that way) (5/5)

Heavy, interesting pattern, very large and easily cleaned, easy to use and fits my Hawthorn strainer, totally worth the price. It holds steady well when you're stirring loudly, and it is similar to my cocktail glasses so they look like a set (a The cocktail mixture was very tasty, and I would definitely buy it again, or gift it to someone who enjoys Also, packaging gets you extra points. As this item was encased in foam, there was no need to worry about breaking glassware during shipping. My experience with this purchase has been very positive.

Brielle Bates - 15/06/2021
It weighs well and is of good quality (5/5)

In this case, it is perfect for its intended use This is a heavy-duty vehicle The mixing vessel is made of glass at the bottom. The size of the cup is ideal for making multiple drinks at once. It has a pleasant.

Owen Moody - 11/04/2021
Mixing glass set made from very nice glass (4/5)

In addition to the nice design, the fact that it includes a julep strainer was a nice touch. I have used it several times and so far there have been.

Lachlan Smith - 17/03/2021
It's a beautiful glass for mixing (5/5)

I am blown away by this. I love the mixing glass and the It definitely adds to the bar's atmosphere.

Wren Erickson - 22/02/2021
Glass is lovely, but the strainer advertised does not appear to be included (1/5)

The mixing glass is beautiful and it comes with a julep strainer. The description was incorrect about the julep strainer.

Amari Carey - 14/04/2021
The construction is of high quality (5/5)

The construction is of good quality. I really like how it looks in my house.

Jakob Boone - 17/06/2021
Perfect, thank you (5/5)

Despite its simple design, it is very well made.

Amirah Ewing - 02/04/2021
Adding a bar to the home is a great idea (5/5)

It has a great price and is stylish and functional.

Gracelyn Jennings - 22/01/2021