HomeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice HME030276N Review

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Easy to use 4.5 
Easy to install 4.4 
Value for money 4.2 
  • Quick to make ice.
  • Can be installed easily.
  • Water source conection.
  • Pricey.

HomeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice HME030276N Product Description

Drink makers need an ice maker that is efficient, fast, and can keep up with their demands, and hOmeLabs commercial ice makers can do that. It takes between 11 to 20 minutes to produce only 45 squares of ice, and the total weight of 99 pounds can be accomplished within only 24 hours. Further still, you will never run out of ice because you are able to store 29 pounds of ice at a time.

  • Commercial Ice Maker with Intense Ice Making Power We have designed our commercial ice maker to be there every time A cycle of this machine can produce 99 lbs of ice in 24 hours and it can quickly make 45 pieces of clear ice in 11-20 minutes. Having a storage capacity of 29 pounds, it can hold plenty of ice for everyone to enjoy.
  • Integrated with Essential Accessories You can install the ice maker anywhere in your house, pantry or restaurant thanks to the internal design of the freestanding ice maker. Always make sure that your unit is near an outlet so that you can get water. As of this writing, there are A sheet of paper measuring six by fifteen inches. This is the sum of 7 and Ice cube maker with a 4 inch diameter and a sleek, rust-proof stainless steel interior comes with a full set of accessories that include ice scoops, water supply hoses, water supply connectors and water drain hoses.
  • Use in large households or commercial facilities. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, or businesses requiring a constant stream of ice. Unlike conventional countertop ice makers, the 2 liter water tank hooks directly to a water source, so there is no need to fill it up. Water only from a potable source should be used with the appliance.
  • Controls are easy to use A LCD indicator displays the water and ice making functions while an intuitive control panel offers easy access to the function. By pressing the (+) or (-) buttons, you can vary the long or short time that ice is made as well as the thickness of the cubes. The device has an automatic cleaning function as well. Ensure that the ice machine is clean before it is used for the first time, and keep it upright for 24 hours.

Questions & Answers

The one I have works great when I keep it under a covered patio.
Gravity drains work in this way.
In fact, I am installing my ice maker in the same manner as well. It is necessary to have some type of drain. During cooling, the front portion of the machine is used.
Ensure that your inlet water line is installed correctly (there will be a dust plug in the inlet that you will need to remove As soon as you've done that, make sure you have enough pressure to meet the unit's needs. you have done that, then it might be a problem with your water pump or that the 'full ice bin' lever is broken / set to full.

Selected User Reviews For HomeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice HME030276N

This is junk (1/5)

It is not even close to being a commercial ice maker even though Amazon has chosen it as its 'Commercial Ice Maker'. The goal was to replace a REAL commercial ice maker that had served great ice for over 20 years and was very expensive. As soon as I unboxed the unit, I noticed how lightweight it was and how incredibly poorly designed the fluid supply and drain connections were. Having fiddled with it for a while, I was able to install it and stop the leak from the water supply connector. As opposed to a sensor, the ice production on this machine runs on a timer There is a big difference here because you have to hope that the addition or subtraction of a minute of ice cube making time will result in In a room with an ambient temperature of 70 degrees F, the normal setting produced sheets of ice that were so thick that they had to be broken apart by When the timer reaches zero, turn it off With ice cubes that were only 4 minutes old, the 'bridge' between individual cubes was thin enough to break by hand. However, the cubes were hollow, and they wouldn't last more than a few minutes if they were used in drinks. As life is all about compromise, I decided to live with it and end up drinking quite a bit more frozen margaritas than In any case, after six full days of frozen margaritas, the machine crashed and meted out the 'E2' error message, which according to the manual refers to an ice-making problem I cannot imagine this thing weighing 72 pounds and contacting Amazon would be a thrill. Amazon made things easy for me and arranging the return was easy (thankfully), but I have to admit I found it hard to get to and from the UPS store and return to Amazon. From my own experience, I think a 1 is a generous score on this machine. I've decided to buy a (real) commercial ice maker to replace my old one and have decided on the Scotsman CU3030MA-C. One Prodigy Ice Maker is required. It is a costly machine, but when you compare it with a good commercial machine that can last 20+ years with proper maintenance you can see the difference. It costs about $0. 06 to build a 'commercial looking' machine around the world, so it is a possible 6 days project. The difference between 35 cents a day and $91 is significant. My unit gave me 66 cents per day, which is basically what I got.

Amelie Richard - 22/04/2021
This product is incredible for the price (4/5)

The first few days have been great! Having had it in our shop for a week, you're familiar with how it works. To be honest, this item is a great deal at this price point. In order to get through the ice you must break it Still, that's not too big of a deal. Our system is hooked into our water filter, so we get very clear, good ice. When we first set it up, I was worried it would not eject ice. However, we just left it running all night and in the morning we had 33 pounds of ice. I will update this review if there are any problems.

Krew Phelps - 28/01/2021
A scale was used to verify the output (5/5)

My name is John, and I have had this ice maker for a few days now. I must say, I am quite satisfied It happened both times to me, as I have had many other smaller countertop models that asserted to produce 48 to 50 lbs per day, but after verifying with a scale it turned out they made only The amount of weight is 53 pounds Although still a decent amount, it's nowhere near the amount advertised. A 99-pound weight loss can be achieved in 24 hours with this model, which has ice thickness settings ranging from 0 lbs to 3 lbs Following is a scale of 1 to 5 and I have verified it. The setting "-" can be found under the file menu The lengths of 5" and 5" 3. 8 out of 5 on average. I am moving 131 lbs / Bringing the total to The scales are set on "0" and it weighs 144 lbs in 24 hours* 3 out of 4. The average rate is 731 pounds I'm making 89 now. A 24 hour weight gain of 544 lbs using the "+5" setting 3 out of 4. It takes 12 lbs per hour to lift these things This brings the total to The ice maker has exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone with a small business. I host major RV parties at which we go through approximately 50 pounds of ice a day keeping two 160 quart coolers full of cold sodas and waters.

Tristan Little - 22/07/2021
A defaced page (1/5)

In a nutshell, This is a new draft.

Shane Duke - 18/05/2021
Currently, I don't know what I'll do (1/5)

The item was bought for our American Legion Canteen and worked for a few weeks before it stopped. There was some confusion, but the unit was promptly replaced. As far as I can tell, things are going well. I have owned two of these machines and neither worked at all for long periods of time. The first one worked for a few weeks and stopped working and the second worked for about 3 weeks and then stopped working. In my opinion, this machine is garbage.

Harmony Bauer - 25/04/2021
There is lots of ice - Please, hurry up! Drinks to cool you down on a hot day! The gift was bought for me by my husband for Mother's My refrigerator doesn't keep up with keeping everybody's drinks cold in Arizona, so I have 5 kids and an ice maker that cannot keep up with everyone's demands for ice (5/5)

What a wonderful purchase that was! I can't wait to make ice with this appliance! If you want thicker, harder ice, or if you want ice to melt super fast and not as thick, you can adjust the cubes. I'm still learning all the different settings, so I experiment with them from time to time to see how they affect my pictures. My washer is connected to the drain from my dryer, so I could use it for my dryer. It was incredibly easy to install. The drainage hose was already there, so we just had to use a pump to connect it to the pump. I am very pleased with the outcome! There is one little Maybe the water line leading to the bottom of the ice maker was clamped, or the factory made a defect, so it gave out a pinhole leak and the water flowed. In the process of removing the back panel, I found the problem, which was a 12 inch line, but I just removed an inch and reconnected it, and now it has been fixed. There is nothing I love more than to have quick, mass amounts of ice to make everyone's drinks cool!.

Michaela Warner - 12/04/2021
Items were defective in the beginning, but were promptly replaced (4/5)

For one week, I worked. The way is no longer cycling water through it like it was supposed to. Maybe the small pump went It was approved immediately after I applied for a refund, which I'm thankful for. It is a quick response to a I did not have to worry about anything!.

Aydin Weber - 16/05/2021
One month after installation, the water leak began (1/5)

We bought it to give to our crew of landscapers at the office. In the beginning, it worked fine, but after one month of use, the internal container began leaking. There were floods in two adjacent rooms as well as the office. The worst headache I've ever had. Water just sprays all over the place from under the unit in the water hose on the inside.

Emory Snow - 11/02/2021