hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler Review

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Estilo 4.6 
Eficiencia energética 4.6 
Nivel de ruido 4.5 
Control de temperatura 4.5 
Excelente inversión 4.3 
  • Trendy electric beer cooler.
  • Offers extra capacity.
  • High-maintenance.

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler Product Description

With 120 cans of standard size fitting inside of the freestanding beverage fridge from HomeLabs, its capacity is large. Featuring a powerful air conditioner and a super-quiet compressor, the unit delivers excellent performance in single-zone mode. In addition, the model comes with an additional temperature sensor to activate auto defrosting. Amazon has given the book a rating of 4.5 stars out of 800.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Using this 3-pack cooler, you can dispense iced beverages in a modern, electric manner. This compact, self-contained wine, beer and soda storage features a left-hinged clear front door and stainless steel frame so you can see your wine and beer at a glance. Your favorite chilled beverage can be selected easily at night thanks to the white LED light inside.
  • With 3 removable and adjustable chrome shelves, this undercounter beverage cooler offers ample room for storing large amounts of beer and wine. Beer or soda can organizer that holds up to 120 standard-size cans, or multiple bottles of wine.
  • Temperature Control - The Mini One Zone Beverage Refrigerator features a temperature control with easy touch for adjusting temperatures up to 1 °C at a time, as well as an easy to monitor large digital display. In the event of a power outage, or if the unit were disconnected, its memory function would restore the preset temperature of the refrigerator.
  • Heavy 240 Watt, 120V Vertical Cooler - It is made from heavy duty 120V, 240W power to provide the maximum cooling power, and make use of a quiet convection fan to cool quickly and maintain constant air circulation for a uniform temperature inside. The sheet is perfect for an office, a bedroom, an apartment, an RV, a restaurant, the home kitchen, and more.
  • The beverage cooler also features an automatic defrost function because it is equipped with an additional temperature sensor. The exterior size is 48 cm wide (front) x 85 cm tall (top to bottom) x 44 cm deep (front to back). The inside dimensions are 41 cm wide by 74 cm high by 31 cm deep. The depth of the hole is 5 cm. The external dimensions displayed in the images are rounded to the nearest decimal place. Note You should not use this refrigerator for storing fresh food, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. It can only be used to cool drinks.

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When used with 110 volts, it will work.

Selected User Reviews For hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

I like what I've seen so far, it has In a nutshell, I am happy with how things have gone so far

Our needs are perfectly met by it through a couple of days, so it looks to be a good investment. Considering it is currently 40 F degrees, the drinks are perfect. A couple Observations 1. A couple of boxes with lots of foam support give this thing the best chance of survival. We just received two hardback books that were allegedly attacked during their delivery the day before (which we put into a review based upon the fact that we had just received a couple hardback books that were apparently attacked)*2. All that is necessary to switch the door around is near it, and everything has been provided. Lastly, 3. A quiet environment is essential for success. A temperature of 50F resulted in a nearly silent atmosphere. As the temperature dropped to 40f, it became a bit louder for a while until it reached the desired temperature. Once the temp inside rose to 40f, it became a slight hum, higher pitched but not obtrusive. For now, 40F is perfect for our preference, however I will experiment with different temperatures in the future. (never mind, just added this video for sound effects)*br>4. There is a warm climate outside. I like the black sides and top because they are warm to the touch. I like the way the back of the phone feels. 4. *br I prefer not to use the button, but you can use the LED light if you want to turn it on or off. I left mine The sixth point. It is easy to use and the buttons are sensitive. Our goal is to put it through its paces in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you posted.

Colten Barker - 01/06/2021
The construction of the design is poor

Unfortunately, this fridge has so much potential, but unfortunately it falls short. The cooling system and insulation are both top notch, which allows it to easily stay at 40 degrees and even lower. In this case, it is the interior that is problematic. Three shelves, all of which are very flimsy and do not secure in place, comprise the first section. I think the back panel wasn't attached properly (missing a screw) and that's preventing the middle tray from being fully inserted as it should be. Because of the fan blocking the slot on top of the shelf, it is absolutely useless. This thing holds barely three six packs each if you set them up as singles, and it has a bottom shelf that holds 12 cans, so at most you could put 66 cans in it, and maybe even more if you stacked them on top of one another. Even if you took out all the shelves and just kept stacking, you might reach 80, but only with cans. I can only really fit cans for the entire thing, because you need to take a shelf out to make room for bottles in here, unless they're sideways. What would be nice is if the refrigerator were just 1" taller so they could put drinks up there. There would be more room on all of the shelves, so you could fit more bottles on each, but it just barely works, so that I have set down all my bottles on their sides (aside from 2 small wine bottles in a hard to see place on the first shelf), and I have a six pack of beer To stand bottles up, I removed a shelf, but this ended up lowering the capacity even more and left a ton of 2 - bottle holders. You can't really do anything about the 3" gap between the two. Based on the design, it seems the company did little to no research on drink sizes outside of It would be quite simple to add another set of shelf slots between the existing ones, giving this the versatility to hold bottles while not sacrificing too much.

Ezekiel Anderson - 01/03/2021
There is some space wasted overall as a result

It has been 3 months since I purchased it and I have not had any The pros include Please note *br> The fridge can be aesthetically pleasing (it can show the temperature on the front and have a display light)*-
- It has a bit more space inside the fridge than most mini refrigerators* You can switch hinges to swing from the left or right side of the door*&nbsp*&nbspCons Please note *br> Due to the fan sticking out from the top of the rack, there is a weird spacing problem. *br>- There is not enough room in the racks to hold all the cans. If you fill up a rack with cans, there will always be a little bit of extra space. *br>*br>Overall Please note *br> The product was probably something I would buy As I have mentioned previously, the cons also exist in every other mini fridge I have purchased in the past. The mini fridge is a very decent product overall.

Imani Mason - 28/04/2021
All day, err all night, I'll have cold beer

The best beverage cooler I've ever owned. I've had a few over the years and this is by far the best. You can tell they took time to pay attention to every little detail - Keeps everything cool and does not fluctuate, the door closes just right, I love the blue light, best of all--i don't have to get out of bed to watch it. This cooler gets you an electronic control at a much cheaper price than a mechanical control! Amount of money spent is the most valuable. There is a little more room than 120 cans in the tray, which is actually a great feature. It would be great if they launched larger versions of this app soon. Besides getting some for my office, I would also like to get some.

Paityn Wells - 04/01/2021
This would look great in a basement beverage refrigerator! This fridge has been in my apartment for about a month now, and I absolutely love This product runs quite quietly and looks great (I like how the top folds over so I can put snacks on it when having a party, etc

). Easily holds a large number of drinks and keeps them at a perfect temperature. The cord is a great length, and I didn't have any issues with the cord extending into the outlet. I was concerned it wouldn't be long enough to reach the outlet, but it worked out perfectly. This product is easy to set up and does not weigh a lot. The product as a whole is great.

Augustus Clay - 17/01/2021
It has one of the biggest design flaws ever

My friend and I bought this fridge a few months ago so we could keep some drinks in it. One of the reasons I gave this a 1 star rating is the HUGE design flaw. It is impossible to keep the racks upright because they are not wide enough. All the drinks fall when the guests slip and fall while there are drinks on the table. To illustrate my point, I have included pictures. I think if they were a centimeter wider, the racks would stay centered better. The way the racks are designed, the racks will not remain centered. A slide will always cause the other side to slide toward the wrong side. Fill the racks about half full. There is no need to fill the racks all the There is also the issue that the refrigerator does not reach the setting you set for it. The fridge thermometer I use can be found in my kitchen. You can always expect it to be 5 degrees higher. For food to be stored safely, it needs to be frozen for at least 30 minutes It's 40 degrees Fahrenheit here. In the minimum setting, the fridge drops down to 33, but with it, it really only goes down to 38°F As a result, I set it to Even though there are some good things, they are not enough to balance out It is a beautiful refrigerator with a very quiet operation. Although the temperature issue isn't a big deal to me, the racks falling is a major pain Although they sent me $20 worth of Amazon gift cards for registering the product, it was still appreciated.

Houston Adams - 09/04/2021