HOMEKEROS Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Set Review

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  • Durable.
  • Large capcity.
  • Much expensive than other brand.
  • Too fragile.

HOMEKEROS Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Set Product Description

A premium mixing glass by HOMEKEROS is made of lead-free crystal that is handcrafted from the highest quality materials. A high-transparent material, which is both beautiful and safe, is added to the bottom of a bowl to ensure that the bowl is in much better balance when you mix. Your home bar becomes a speakeasy with this crystal glass bartender set from Bevants. To keep up with today’s drink trends, here is a classic cocktail mixing glass that goes with both classic and contemporary drinks. The bottom of our crystal glass is made with a thick weight for strength and style.

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  • The most complete bartender's choice - Make sure you have everything you need to make any cocktail you want. As a professional bartender has chosen it, you will find it to be just like the tools used by professional bartenders (scratched and durable). This product will upgrade the professional bartender or family bar to the highest level.
  • Designer glass - Homekeros Premium Mixing Glass is handcrafted from high quality glass in order to provide a highly transparent surface that blends with many colors and textures. It adds a thicker bottom to the mix for improved balance and experience.
  • Strainer Hawthorne The hawthorn strainer we offer is equipped with a high-density spring, which prevents any ice chips or fruit pulp from entering your drink. This strainer can be used as a replacement for Julep and is versatile. This glass fits very well in a mixing glass.
  • This Japanese meter includes measurements for 0 and other accessories. It weighed 52 oz and had a pH level of It is 1 lb, 76 oz. It weighs 50 ounces and is 2 inches wide. The weight on the label is .00 Well balanced, visual lines are clear and accurate measurement is achieved thanks to its inner markings. By upgrading your bar accessories with a Homekeros weighted mortar and braided spoon you will have one of the vital tools you need for mixing the best drinks.
  • The bar set in this picture offers a lot of flexibility the mixer is great for mixing drinks such as mojitos, daiquiris, and margaritas, and the accessories are great for mixing other drinks such as Manhattans, Old Fashions, and Martinis. Do you want to give someone an awesome gift? We host holiday parties, office parties, weddings, or housewarmings for clients on anniversaries, holidays, Christmas, or New Years. This cocktail glass set from Homekeros is something you won't want to miss.

Selected User Reviews For HOMEKEROS Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Set

Great job, I love The kit comes in a very nice box

Mixing glasses tend to be heavy, which is good. The package arrived at the house while guests were present. A mojito was ordered later at happy hour by two people. The muddler and other equipment are immediately put to good use. We are looking forward to buying at least one more to give as.

Cruz Rosales - 04/03/2021
Set is of good quality and a good price

The set was bought as a gift, and I considered it to be a good value considering the number of items included. The packaging was nice, and the product was of high quality.

Azariah Cardenas - 05/02/2021
This is a beautiful, affordable, and practical piece of furniture

This was exactly what I expected. My device has been in use every day since I got it and I am not unhappy. This bar top does both it looks great on the bar top and it is easy to make the proper cocktails.

Savannah Carson - 10/07/2021
Everything is exactly how it is pictured

Great job, I love There is no difference between the pictures and the real thing. bottom of the muddler is made of plastic, so you won't have to worry about glass chipping or breaking.

Case Lindsey - 02/06/2021