HIWARE LZS13B 12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon, Spiral Pattern Bar Cocktail Shaker Spoon Review

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Easy to clean 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Value for money 4.7 
Quality of material 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
  • Superior Quality is used in making.
  • It's versatile and professional in use.
  • Cost-effective.
  • lacks longevity.

HIWARE LZS13B 12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon, Spiral Pattern Bar Cocktail Shaker Spoon Product Description

stainless steel bar spoon from Hiware won’t rust, bend, or absorb flavors thanks to its classic design made of dishwasher-safe 18/10 stainless steel. Twelve inches of spoon length provide ample room for hands, and also reach the bottoms of mixing glasses and highballs to ensure you have an efficient mix. To stir with balance and stability, the stirrer’s end is shaped like a teardrop, and the spoon’s spiral-style shaft is easy to grip even when wet. The bar spoon is a great all-around option for cocktail makers that doesn’t cost a fortune, and should last you a long time.

  • The perfect combination of versatility and professionalism. A cocktail mixing spoon with long, professional, and well balanced features is a definite asset and is extremely desirable. Mixes and blends cocktails effortlessly with just a simple stir, making it easy to create tasty and beautiful.
  • THE MATERIALS ARE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY. With its classy 18/10 stainless steel material, it can be used for a long time without any issues. This product will not bend, rust, or have an unpleasant odor even if it is used for long periods of time. Retains the durability and healthfulness of the product. While it is dishwasher safe, it can also be put in the microwave.
  • Designing is a profession, especially the length of the functional logic. Invert it over a tall glass and the handle will be just the right length to stir drinks. Reached the bottom of any cocktail shaker and mixing glass with ease. in the spoon makes it easier to grasp and will enhance your mixing strength, while the stunning teardrop-shaped design will add visual appeal to your bartending.
  • VIEWS FROM A FUNCTIONAL POINT OF VIEW. The cocktail spoon is ideal for mixing martini, margaritas, whisky, vodka, brandy, whisky, scotch and juices/juice drinks, as well as some beverages like smoothies, milkshakes, and juices. A typical place to find a piano is a bar, cafe, restaurant, bistrot au vin, office, or even a house.
  • WHETHER YOU ARE FOR SALE OR ALL THE CONSUMERS, WE CAN HELP No matter if you'd like to give it to a friend as a souvenir or use it ourselves for entertainment, it's a good investment. What's the best part of this spoon? It adds a little bit of humor to your life. When you're looking for a spoon to get the last bit of mayonnaise or peanut butter out of a jar, look no further. This one is perfect!

Questions & Answers

There is a 12-inch long and slim spoon on the table. I'm not sure how you make your coffee. Normally, espresso is poured into a demi tasse, a very small cup of coffee, and this spoon would not be suitable. If you plan to use a French press for the purpose, it is not recommended to use metal spoons for brewing coffee.
The spoon is all you need! There is no doubt that the picture is misleading. Three spoons were shown in the advertisement from which I ordered! When I found out all but one had been stuck, loose, inside a lightly padded envelope, I was shocked. Transport could have easily bent the piece or caused it to break.
A rough estimate. A 5 ml sample It is really only for stirring with this spoon.
I wish I could click on the mixing glass for 15, but no luck. With 99 you're getting just the mixing glass, but in that case it's a valuable item. decide to fill a mixing glass halfway with ice and water to cover it and head up to the top of the stairwell. After I have chilled the thick walled mixing glass, I strain the water off, adding two parts gin. By swirling the ice through the drink, I am able to move it efficiently The following are some examples of glass stirring rods This is how it looks at 200mm (8 inches) Drink 1/12 Strain into glass of choice, top off with garnish.

Selected User Reviews For HIWARE LZS13B 12 Inches Stainless Steel Mixing Spoon, Spiral Pattern Bar Cocktail Shaker Spoon

The good thing about being single is that I don't have to justify (5/5)

My dream has always been to purchase a 12 inch mixing spoon now I have to invest in some 10 inch glasses to justify the I am lucky to be single since I do not have to justify my unnecessary purchases on things only single people would want.

Charlie Patel - 13/07/2021
'Right' way to do it (4/5)

In many scenarios, such as stirring drinks in a carafe, the rod is the right length to use. A spoon that is not too shallow or too small is something I like. It's good enough to pick up an olive from the jar or a cherry from the A spiral is a good thing. Solder is used to attach the top to the handle It's nothing to worry about, but you can tell when you look closer. In terms of appearance and feel, the spoon is excellent.

Kade Santana - 10/01/2021
This mixing spoon is perfect for cocktails (5/5)

Mixing spoons are thick and long, and are nice and thin. A cocktail mixer that is perfect for mixing drinks. The slender and light material feels sturdy despite its thinness and light weight. I love how easy it is to close an. This is definitely a product I would recommend to others, and I would purchase again if I were in need of In addition to making a great gift, I believe it would also make a great photo frame.

Mckinley Graham - 19/03/2021
A versatile, strong, and stylish product (5/5)

There's no such thing as a kitchen without this spoon! My favorite part of it is how long it is and how deep it can reach in a jar, can, Its stainless steel surface makes it easy and convenient to keep clean. It is also quite strong, so I can handle anything you When I mix up organic peanut butter with it and take out used coffee grounds from my French press, I use it frequently. You can also use it as a baton if you are musically inclined. If you are looking for a spoon for getting that last bit of mayonnaise or peanut butter out of the jar, look no further "This is the spoon you need. ".

Gracie Conley - 10/02/2021
I have never known a "weighted-average" to make such a difference It makes an "end" when you mix with a spoon (4/5)

The past is gone! The days of using everything from teaspoons to chopsticks to mix cocktails are gone! This is not the spoon I would normally buy, but I am glad I tried it out. Lime squeezed from a press?) rolling and tumbling. The bitters add a cooling effect to the Highball, especially when added to it. There is no heirloom quality attached to this product, the only reason I gave it four stars. The utility of it is that it is useful You get what you pay for when you buy A-grade quality.

Edwin Mullen - 05/04/2021
This is incredible! I was glad to hear what other reviewers had to say! Thank you so much for the stainless steel mixing spoon! I am so pleased with it! This is a really well-made product and the price is a great deal (5/5)

To make the purchase was a no-brainer. The spoons I purchased are great and I plan on purchasing more in the future! It is a HIGH quality product that will not disappoint you!.

David Holden - 28/07/2021
Having a long handle makes it easier to use (3/5)

I think it's a good product &amp it does the job I like how it has a handle and A stir can take a long time. It would have been nice to have a thicker, stronger grip. I was able to bend the stainless steel arm easily. The spiral handle does not appeal to me. It may serve some purpose, but I do not know what it is. When it comes to cleaning with a sponge, it is a little tricky. When you hold the spiral handle, it also serves as a saw &amp grinder The sponge is ground to a fine powder. Honestly, I use it to pick up granules and powders My plants would benefit from adding powder. To reach plant pots that are farther back, I needed a long handle. However, it can be used for stirring mixed drinks I used tall ice tea glasses, and it worked just.

Faye Hunter - 11/03/2021
The first time you needed it, you didn't realize That spoon means so much to me! I'd never thought one could make such a difference, but this thing is awesome! As a health professional, I've been trying some new cocktails to celebrate Covid 19 and in honor of the days when I'm working hard and stressed (5/5)

This spoon has helped me elevate some great drinks to the next level. The bar looks great on the bar and is easy to clean.

Khalid Rivera - 22/07/2021