Hiware Cocktail Mixing Glass Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Value for money 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Durability 4.1 
  • Lead free material.
  • Large capacity.
  • Too fragile.

Hiware Cocktail Mixing Glass Product Description

Features a thick, heavy bottom that ensures your mixing experience is as smooth as can be. Made from ultra-clear, lead-free glass. Drinks in this cocktail glass are smooth and can be poured through strainers of average size because the wide mouth and beaker-like spout make pouring easy.

  • - This mixing bowl is made of clear, lead-free glass, and has a weighted bottom to ensure that you get the most from your mixing experience.
  • An easy way to pour cocktails - this cocktail glass has a wide mouth and a beaker-like spout that allows for smooth pouring with a standard.
  • It is extremely durable so you will never have to worry about spilled drinks or cracked glasses. The ability to create libations, strain and serve just like a pro will have you shaking, straining and serving Whiskey, Martinis, Manhattans and Old Fashioneds in no time.
  • Made of 100% lead-free and dishwasher-safe porcelain.
  • You can get in touch with our customer service if you have any questions, and we will get back to you When you are not completely satisfied with the mixing glass, we are happy to refund you 100%.

Questions & Answers

According to the box, it's made in China.
Yes it is.
I don't know, but you can check with Amazon on this.
There are six inches on the top and an 11-inch circumference on the bottom. One inch thick glass covers the bottom of the bottom.

Selected User Reviews For Hiware Cocktail Mixing Glass

Fragile to the point of being extremely fragile (2/5)

In the first place, the product feels very heavy in the hands, and appears to be made of very durable materials. When I used the product for the first time, I found it to be very effective and I was very pleased with it. The second time I used it, I was very careful stirring a glass and saw a hairline crack from the bottom It was a very unhappy purchase for me. Because this was only my second time using the product and it broke only when I used it for its intended purpose, I would either like a new product shipped to me or a refund given its age.

Valery Fernandez - 22/02/2021
What kind of Amazon's Choice is this? (1/5)

The glass is great, but it's delicate, so don't expect it to last for a very long time. Bottoms that are thick, but walls that are very thin and delicate. In less than 3 months of use, mine cracked from the inside in two places. The poor reviews should not be ignored and you should not Is it Amazon's Choice because you're likely to purchase something else in the next few months?.

Gwen Harrington - 21/07/2021
It is cracked (2/5)

The mixing glass has been in our possession for a few months now and we have been It used to be fine, but last time I cleaned it, I noticed a The glass always had a few imperfections such as small air bubbles, but I didn't seem bothered about them primarily because I viewed them as It seems that not, since there would always be a new crack each time we used it. The frame has reached the point where we must discard it. We expect it to break any time.

Angelica McClain - 17/03/2021
There is a good chance Greg would enjoy this (5/5)

Look at this lovely cocktail mixing glass! It feels just as great as it looks! This glass mug is the ideal size for mixing two drinks at the same time, and the weight of the thick bottom makes me less concerned about it tipping Thanks to Greg from How to Drink, now I can be cool.

Aleena Vazquez - 01/05/2021
Almost immediately cracked after using it a half dozen times (3/5)

The glass might look nice enough on the outside, but it had barely a hairline crack after I made half a dozen cocktails in it. Although I could not feel any cracks on either the outside or the inside, I really did not want pieces of glass in the next cocktail, so I tossed it in the recycle bin in favor of a thicker, more expensive It is a good price, but you can get a much sturdier one out there for just a few bucks extra, so you might want to opt for that.

Kylee Austin - 18/01/2021
Despite its attractive appearance, the panel is extremely vulnerable It is a very attractive cocktail mixer, but its delicate design makes it unsuitable for use (2/5)

Because I read other reviews about how fragile it is, I was extremely careful with it. The only time I have put it in a dishwasher is when I wash it by hand. Within two weeks, it developed an odd crack on the inside of the mixer's wall. I am sorry that this happened so quickly, because I thought it was wonderful.

Hudson HILTON - 24/06/2021
What's The New Clear? Pink's The New Clear? There is nothing I dislike about this mixing glass - it works perfectly well In addition to holding ice and liquids, it also looks good (2/5)

There is a pinkish tint to the color of the glass that is distracting and annoying. The class actually looks perfectly clear in the above depiction, but despite the fact that it is not, The truth is, it's not! The weird pink/purple tint will not stop you from stirring up a decent Martini, but I guarantee it will not look well with your Martini glasses and your fancy cut glass decanters that you bought to display your It's still hard for you to picture what this is like if you haven't seen it yourself When you picture the color I'm describing, imagine that it is exactly the color of your grandmother's Depression glass collection. The pink on this isn't quite as much as that, but it's way too.

Valerie Hendricks - 22/06/2021
I'd say that is good enough (4/5)

This is a decent price. I think this is a good idea. Glass looking like a mixing bowl. The cross would have meant a lot to me if Hatched grooves would make for a better grip, but the edges of the grooves are smooth, and don't aid in grip. There is a noticeable difference in weight between the new and the old glass. It is a tad thin on the top and bottom, and not quite as thick and heavy as I'd like. On the other hand, the heavier one that I had was dropped and shattered, so maybe this will work better for me. However, I just don't think it has the heft I am looking for. The glass was well packaged for shipping as well. Pouring beaks that are fairly pointed appear to dribble less than ones that are more rounded. Glasses like this are not so difficult to come by for the price they are.

Emery Christensen - 20/05/2021