HIC Kitchen Julep Bar Strainer Review

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Value for money 4.0 
Giftable 3.8 
Durability 3.7 
Easy to clean 3.4 
  • Made of rust- and corrosion-resistant stainless steel of the highest quality.
  • Dishwasher-safe and long-lasting
  • It's ideal for using in mixing glasses.
  • Some of the products that were delivered to customers were fragile and broken.

HIC Kitchen Julep Bar Strainer Product Description

A Julep Bar Strainer of HIC’s is a charming and effective way to catch every delicious drop of liquid while keeping ice and flavors in the drink from getting into the final product. As the result of its original invention in the mid-1800s to shield the sensitive teeth of Julep enthusiasts from the cold, crushed ice, the Julep Strainer has gained a place among other traditional cocktail strainers used for straining drinks.

  • A charming and functional way to strain cocktails and beverages from beverages is HIC Kitchen's Julep Bar Strainer.
  • This 18/8 stainless steel pot has no chemical reaction with ingredients, absorbs no odors, and won't transfer taste or smell from one use to another 6. Incorporated with 18/8 stainless steel resists corrosion Size 5 inches.
  • No more watered down drinks with unwanted ingredients pour chilled drinks from a container while keeping ice and muddled herbs, fruits, and spices outside the beverage no more diluted drinks with unwanted bits.
  • Perfect for crafting cocktails like the Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Arnold Palmer, Martini, and Watermelon Mojito, as well as classic cocktails like the Blackberry Martini.
  • This item is dishwasher safe, so it's easy to clean.

Questions & Answers

There is almost an oval shape to the bowl. It's almost over. Dimensions 3" across (at the widest point). There are three lines in total from where the handle intersects with the end.
Standard HIC size.

Selected User Reviews For HIC Kitchen Julep Bar Strainer

The spring strainer eliminates the mess created by springs (5/5)

There are several shakers in our house and we drink cocktails. In the presence of the traditional chrome tumbler w/ the large glass shaker, we have When the strainer is not present (old style), we sometimes have to use a spoon. The tumbler gets a little messy when you fill it up pretty full. A great deal of spillage on the edges. An error in the pilot's computer might be responsible. Compared to a spring strainer, the spoon strainer does a better job of catching spills Simple to use. Much easier to understand! The controls are much easier to see. You can use it for muddled drinks as well as for Juleps to strain mint.

Finley Tyler - 05/06/2021
This Julep Strainer isn't what you see in the image (1/5)

In comparison with the one in the picture, the one I received seemed much cheaper. In this case, there were more lines The following link Go to http//www. The Amazon website. Visit Julep. com/Julep In a strainer Mixing a cocktail The stainless steel- This is a return for steel/dp/B07DJCM88S.

Clayton Clark - 02/03/2021
Is not the same as the picture It appears that the reviews were for a different product the pictures of the strainer do not match those of the reviews (1/5)

The following also applies There are three items with three star ratings, but they are all completely different. It was good to be back. The following also applies There are three items with three star ratings, but they are all completely different.

Derrick Singleton - 14/07/2021
The product may not be as shown in the picture (1/5)

The strainer shown on the seller's website is not the same as the actual product. The shape of this pen is different and it's much smaller compared to the previous one.

Claire Carr - 27/03/2021
The julep strainer has a nice look and fits many types of glasses at the right price (5/5)

This strainer is my go-to more frequently than my Cobbler or Hawthorne strainer. I was able to spend more money on home use, but I could not afford it. What's the reason?.

Keegan Preston - 24/02/2021
It works fine and is pretty straightforward (5/5)

It is a good article. This cleaner is easy to use. The strainer I recommend is this one.

Zane Allison - 09/07/2021
This brand is not as flimsy as some others (5/5)

Other brands may be flimsy, but this one is solid. According to me, there is a definite value here. It has worked well to strain mint as well as other coarse material.

Juan BIBI - 18/02/2021
Here's a recommendation (5/5)

This is a very nice looking and decently made piece for the price.

Alfred Moses - 28/04/2021